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Lucky for Mizzou, as the article mentioned, Barry Odom seems to be the "reverse Kevin Sumlin," in that he starts the season poorly but finishes strong and goes to bowl games.
I agree. I don't think he did any of it. The high school allegations are likely the exaggerated and/or completely made up and I don't think he was the one who made the calls to the escort service. However, like you said, his credibility is shot because of his irresponsibility as Old Miss head coach.
Somehow, I think Texas A&M will win more than one conference game.
Don't they donate the losers' shirts to African charities?
As an Aggie, I find disgusting, though not as much as the Alabama fan's sign about females who attend Ole Miss (my sister's alma mater).
Really, EKingGill88? BulldogBuck55 was merely stating that he thinks the two teams are evenly matched. And yes, MS State has had a blowout win-- Northwestern State. They do have one loss-- to LeonardSU-- but they almost won and they beat Auburn. I think our defense will struggle against their quarterback-- I'm not even sure why SDS thinks it's a tough call whose QB is better. SO glad that guy is leaving after this year! And Coozie has a point-- many ppl thought we looked really good last year up until this point. Obviously this year we won't get blown out like last year, but I think 55 is absolutely right about it being a very good game.
As much as I would love to see Texas A&M win by 3 touchdowns, I'm afraid our game against Mississippi State will be a good deal closer. I also think y'alls game against Florida is going to be close, but if y'all win then I'm picking y'all to win the west.