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The two key words in your post were "first" and "year" how many first year head coaches just dominate?...none in the SEC
Big deal Nick Saban and the tide only won like six games the whole season. In other words why even recognize Saban's first year. Most first year head coaches don't win much their year. Of course UGA beat Bama in 2007 but what about 2009, 2012 and 2015??!!
2007 ha! that was many years ago. Did we win an SEC title that year?
Here are the cold hard facts about Mark Richt's tenure at UGA. He has not won the SEC east in 3 years He has not won the SEC in ten years UGA has not won a national championship since the 1980s Mark Richt has never beaten Bama since the Saban era Heck any coach who's been coaching for a big football program like UGA and looses big games time after time needs to go. Lastly since 2008 his record against ranked opponents is 9-23 which is pitiful.
I completely agree with you dawgman we have always had talent at UGA we just don't have the coaching. What's sad is that some fans are happy with wining 8 games a year as long as we keep Mark Richt. In my opinion Richt needs a pay cut he makes way too much and underachieves ever year.