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Shut up Gruden. All you have to do is drop a quick tweet saying you are not interested in coaching jobs anymore. Instead, we have to hear endless BS from stupid people about hiring you. TN fans had to go through this three times now.
Weinke didn't play in the 1999 Fiesta Bowl champ game that TN won. That's one reason why TN won it. Truth.
displayed power and grace... Twitter is nothing but a street corner for aholes.
Fulmer's coaching record consists of beating the lesser half of the SEC and a weak OOC schedule. Fulmer lost the same two or three games every year and then usually lost a bowl game. TN football won't be fixed by Phil Fulmer because he will hire a Phil Fulmer like coach. Rocky Top will be a sad place for at least two more years.
The idea that a coach has to be from the family is an outdated idea. But Tennessee's biggest problem is how it lives too much in the past. Look who the new AD is. Alabama learned this, spent money bringing in a good coach from wherever and look what happened.
Whoever the new coach is, the best case scenario is they do what Fulmer did every year. Lose the same games, go to the Who Cares Bowl and lose that. If that makes you happy. Anyone that wants to actually compete with AL, FL and GA will have to wait.
All Phil Fulmer will do is hire a Phil Fulmer coach. A boring coach with no imagination whatsoever when it comes to offense. A coach that loses the same three games every year, goes to the Who Cares Bowl and loses that.
No Coach wants to come to TN and have to pledge intelligence to Phil Fulmer.
Don't blame him for avoiding this dumpster fire. Or, anyone else.
Vol Twitter is more embarrassing than anything else. Show us some more tweets with two likes now.
Phil Fulmer is a scumbag. He only cares about himself. Go ask Johnny Majors. Fulmer is the reason TN football fell behind the rest of the SEC. Fulmer's career is based on beating the (then) weaker half of the SEC and losing the same two or three games every year. Then, going to the Who Care Bowl and losing that. If the new TN coach has to be Fulmer lackey then TN football is now officially Kentucky football and never coming back. Thanks to scumbag Fulmer.
He means the "best option" as far as being a media circus, thus content for Paul Finebaum. Who, has been as wrong about what is going on as everyone is. And this BS about "Tennessee fans remain split on Kiffin". No. No one that has an IQ above room tempature wants anything to do with Kiffin. Better to give the HC job to a GA already on the UT campus.
Anyone stupid enough to believe the Jon Gruden thing deserves what they get. And, it won't be much.
Just more proof we have some of the dumbest people among us. Call Bill Battle while you are at it. Start another hashtag now.
So in addition to bad coaching hires, TN can't hire a decent AD either. What a mess.
Many don't want an Urban Meyer flunky here. Some just used the Penn State thing as an excuse.
Report: What the media uses when they have no facts, but they really want the headline.
At this point, it's the only thing that we put out the dumpster fire. At least he isn't an Urban Meyer flunky or someone else connected to Alabama.
So, like TN isn't enough of a laughing stock right now. Why not just bring Butch Jones back and call him Coach of Life? What's the difference? The stupid just keeps piling up.
Phil Fulmer ruined TN football. His whole career is beating the bottom half of the SEC and a weak OOC schedule. Then losing the same three games every year. He lucked into the NC in 98 and thought that made him TN Coach For Life, so he just coasted after that, While Fulmer hanged around too long, TN fell way behind the other top schools.
Twitter isn't in charge of anything. They like to think that they are but Twitter is just a lynch mob. A small group of idiots. They suffer from delusion of grandeur. Twitter is the worst thing the internet ever invented.
You have to be stupid enough to have believed the Gruden nonsense to even say the word "Kiffin". And as we see, there is a lot of that around.
The next TN coach is Tee Martin, if he wants it. He might have NFL aspirations for all I know, and USC is a better place to be for that. Two NFL teams in LA now. If Tee Martin takes the TN job, he can dictate the terms. TN needs him to put out this dumpster fire. And, I would rather have a younger coach who is a OC or DC now, instead of a head coach that has already failed somewhere else. A younger coach will be able to relate to the players better.
You have to be dumb enough to have believed the Jon Gruden nonsense, to actually say the name "Kiffin" now. There is no limit to your dumb.