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Good grief I hate to say it, but this is exactly what I was saying in the previous article about Nix. As this guy says Alabama gets the calls because they are expected to be right....but that does not mean the calls are always right which puts the rest of the SEC and others at a disadvantage, whether the Alabama folks say it does or not!
Yes, it's just something teams not called "Alabama" have to deal with. I recall 2 such instances in the Alabama/A&M game where Alabama got all the benefit of the doubt. In one, time clearly ran out in the quarter before Alabama got a play off, but the refs let the play continue. The other was a touchdown that was allowed to stand even though Alabama's whole offensive line wasn't set. In one case, the announcers joked that a call that should have gone against Alabama was not called because it wasn't "egregious" enough. I think they actually tripped over the truth of what most of the SEC sees. Now Alabama fans, don't get me wrong on this. You have earned the least that's what you tell everyone all the time. You have a great team and it requires a herculean feat just to compete with you guys. Teams in the B12 are still complaining about tu and the calls they always get, even now. The only difference is they need a lot more of those gift calls these days.
Wow. This story get so much play it's worth 2 spots in the headlines...
Which is why the "non Power 5 schools" are surprisingly a lot of the Power 5 guys, especially early in the season....They've got all these also ran guys who have some skills but not enough to complete with other players on their own teams on a consistent basis.
I can't believe this....I actually agree with horns down. Mark it down. BTW, wouldn't the White Sox have to win 3 in a row against the Astros to have a shot at the ALCS or am I missing something? Secondly, can anyone state the oldest unwritten rule in Baseball? I hear LaRussa knows it by heart.
It would save a lot of time and bodies just to make the SEC championship game the NC game. What's the use of giving the "also rans" any pub?
With all the obvious also rans out there (My Ags included), why don't we just cancel the CFP and make the SEC Championship game the national title game....there is no use having 2 is there?
Must be the new thing in college football...I did notice a couple of times that happened in the A&M/MSU game by MSU players...once the MSU player got a flag thrown on the A&M player...the other time, not. It seems to happen more on punt and kickoff returns where the kicking team players actively look for chances to set up the receiving team player for a "push in the back" call.
Yes, as a beautiful shooting star streaks across the sky over College Station and burns out into nothingness, so does the Aggie season....yes, there was a brilliant meteorite across the area's sky about 30 minutes after the game. Btw, it seems that any school not named Alabama or Georgia really are mediocre this year. Should be a great game between those two.
It is actually a 7 day bender...he just looks better than most after 3 days....
I'm surprised especially given the Aggie presence on here that UT rr ally r ones belong to Tennessee. The small secular school in Austin is and forever will be t.u.
Hey, Aggies have always referred to the little secular school in Austin as tu...We still haven't figured out a good moniker for Tennessee.....
Please show a little disrespect...the little secular school over in Austin is tu.....
Can't believe he missed 74-72 A&M over LSU in 7 overtimes. Unless the rules change, I can't see that one ever being anyone.
Ok, Bama Fans, don't misunderstand, but A&M is beginning to look a lot like the Alabama teams just a few years ago under Saban where he made his teams to be all around good to great in all facets of the game. His teams weren't known for great qb led offenses. They were just great all around teams who eventually wore down their opponents....pretty much what was just attributed to A&M. Now to be a national championship contender, these days, you have to have great offenses and a good enough defense. Maybe A&M is getting there....