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Receivers: too many dropped balls. Bo Nix: out of control scrambling, poor passing touch (bullets on screens, over wrong shoulder), etc. And overall, just poor situational awareness & decision making skills. He still resembles an incoming freshman instead of a mid season junior.
You were just beaten by a much better team & QB, Bo. Dropped passes. Poorly thrown passes; out of control scrambling, risking twenty plus yard sacks. Not waiting for plays to develop. Why not give Dematrius Davis & other receivers some playing time?
Auburn should consider giving Dematrius Davis a chance when Bo starts panicking & making boneheaded plays. He far more mobile than T.J. and could cause more problems for the Dawgs defense.
Bryce Young is an elite QB disquised as a game manager. So its easy to take his skill set for granted. He's far more elusive than Tua or Mac; and a better passer than Jalen. I just wish he would run more but he always seems to find an open receiver & opts to pass instead.
Bo definitely had passes dropped Saturday. But career wise at Auburn, there's not a large difference between dropped & poorly thrown passes.
Dropped passes.... fire the coach. Poorly thrown's job secure.
Bo's 2nd half passing stats:10 of 22 for 86 yards.
Hopefully things work out for him. He was not treated fairly at Auburn.
Something is not quite right with Tebow. Hopefully its not CTE.
What I like about Saban is you have to earn the starting position & if you don't produce he will bench you, quickly And then there's Auburn & Bo Nix.....
I have concerns about Tebow. CTE related concerns!
Mac Jones had a DUI & was suspended for one game. No problem!
You are right, "he was signed not drafted." My point was he will have a chance to show his skills in practice & has a decent chance to be the 3rd string QB.
The Eagles drafted Newman as a unrestricted free agent. "Newman has a better-than-average shot with the Eagles, who only employ Jalen Hurts and Joe Flacco at the position, and certainly need a third QB. The team didn’t select a quarterback among its nine draft picks."
Bama has been down this road before. Deshaun Watson. Trevor Lawrence. And now Justin Fields.
Some job insecurity is what Bo needs. If there is not a significant & consistent improvement, he should be benched.
Kirby smart doesn't miss Fields. Nor is he concerned about facing Trevor or Mac Jones in the playoffs. He's confident of winning the NC with the formidable Stetson Bennet
"We think he’s going to have a really good year.” I kinda feel sorry for Bo. He's trying to meet elite level expectations with a mid tier skill set. Mediocre arm strength & accuracy. Mobile but doesn't use it to his advantage. Lacks leadership qualities as shown in his boneheaded "spike" Saturday. At times, he looks scared and lacks confidence. Elite level players skills are apparent even when they are on bad teams. I haven't seen seen ONE Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields play where you saw "wow" from Bo.
Two of Daniels 12 game stats at USC 15 Td's-11 Int's...........Minus 155 yards rushing.
Mac Jones is on borrowed time before Saban benches him. Legacy "politics" will ensure that Bo Nix is the starter, regardless of performance.
"So while critical players such as Bo Nix" Nix is good but 2nd tier.
Mac"Pick-6" Jones is on borrowed time as Bama's starting QB. He is good but not elite. So its just a matter of when Saban benches him.
Mac Jones is a starter destined to be a back up. Unlike Bo Nix, "politics" won't ensure him a starting job for the season. So its just a matter of when Saban benches him.
Mac Jones is over rated. If the season is completed, which is doubtful, Saban will bench him before its over. Bo Nix is very over rated. However, "politics" will allow him to remain the starter , regardless of how he performs.
To play or not to play? The decisions are based on the conflicting advice of "medical experts." The problem is neither side is willing to disclose the documents that led to their respective decisions. So the fans are left to debate the issue based on "expert" advice of Dr Trevor Lawrence, Dr Nick Saban, Dr Ryan Day & endless Dr Sportswriters. Why the reluctance to put evidence on the table so fans can make an INFORMED decision?
Very enlightening information. "Are 3 SEC football players dying acceptable numbers for playing football this Fall?" Sadly, its probably going to take a players death for the $$$ addicts to stop the money train.