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"He has a right to his opinion, just like we all have the right to ours." I agree & think the situation may be a little overblown. In the real world ,however, if you're a high profile NFL player, speaking your opinion can get you unemployed quickly, especially a 5th round pick.
Tarkenton was legit & inducted into NFL Hall of Fame 1987. It is astounding his style of play was allowed in the late 50's at UGA & later as a pro.I still enjoy watching video of Fran "scrambling."
Kirby was too reluctant to bench Fromm when he was performing poorly; Auburn, LSU, etc. At times,it seemed like Kirby was trying to protect Fromm from competition. The way Fields was used made no sense. Stubbornness & favoritism may have cost UGA a national championship.
Fromm did "outperform both Tua & Jalen in head to head matchups" in the FIRST HALVES of both games. In the SECOND Halves (four quarters & one OT) GA scored a total of 17 points. And in those games Fromm "had weapons to throw to." He choked!! With an A grade QB UGA would have one NC & possibly two.
I almost feel sympathy for Fromm. He has been over-hyped by some media & fans. They view him as equal to Burrows, Lawrence, Fields, but he is not at their level in so many ways: arm strength, accuracy, mobility, field vision, etc. Consequently, no matter how hard he tries, he can never live up to the unrealistic expectations.
Who do you think Clemson would prefer playing, OSU or LSU? Both Clemson & OSU know this game is for the NC. LSU- OU are playing for runner-ups; both are just at a lower level. And don't overestimate LSU's win over UGA; all those missed throws & dropped balls! Replace Jake Fromm with Justin Fields & UGA wins.
I'm actually pleased Clemson is next up & confident Ohio State will prevail. And afterwards, if & I repeat if, LSU beats Oklahoma, you will "clearly" see the difference between a clydesdale and a burro.
This Joe Burro love fest is nauseating. Justin Fields was benched earlier in 2nd halves & consequently had far less pass / run plays to pad his stats than Burro. That said, Burro has had a great season, thus far, and I congratulate him. However, the playoffs will clearly demonstrate Fields is the better QB.
Joe Burrows was allowed to "pad" his stats. Justin Fields is a better QB.
Auburn fans have my sympathy. Three more years with Jake Fromm 2.0 as a starting QB.
I like Fromm but he has reached his ceiling. Compare his ability to extend plays with his feet & arm strength with Burrows, Lawrence & Fields. They are just at a different level. Can he actually throw a football 50 yards? And the ball velocity seems soooo slow. Turn pro Jake & good luck. ps.....If Jake returns, please stop calling those ridiculous read options; no one is stupid enough to believe he will keep the ball & run.
It doesn't cause problems with NCAA basketball. After one year they're eligible to turn pro. As for "tying up scholarships" they are not guaranteed. It has to be renewed each year.