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Is this unfortunate? Yes. Was it expected? Yes. Leach is a very smart man. An attorney and mad scientist. He's also a strict system guy. No one play is bigger than the system. Bill Walsh was the first guy in modern day football that was strict like this. If Jerry Rice disagreed with the west coast offense, Walsh would not cater to him. He'd say, "head over to the sideline. When you decide you want to be part of this team and run within the system, you're welcome to come back." Leach is no Walsh but he has similar core values. Hill is a one man team. He wants all the spot light. There was an incident where he challenged Leach in front of part of the team. How do you think that would end for a guy who teaches a class on "the art of war". Hill was suspended for a game and never really could come to terms with the fact that he wasn't going to be catered to. He's a phenomenal talent but his stock with the NFL just went in the dumpster. He's got a lot of image repair to do. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. He doesn't have TO talent. He's a good fit for the CFL. Leach is rebuilding. This just frees up a scholarship.
He’s obviously a tough, tough kid. Not a true passing QB but there’s a system out there that he will fit in. Nothing but respect for him. He earned it with the helicopter and never lost it. Best of luck and I’ll be cheering for him where ever he lands.
you won the game fair and square. Your defense played very well. Only props to them. I was at the game and they had Miss State confused.
Kylin Hill will make an appearance here soon. He's a freak.
Great points on a question that needed to be answered. Watching Miss State over the past four years, it's clear that they didn't have a QB that could get the ball to the receivers. Yes, they didn't have a system but as much as we all loved Nick Fitz, he was not a passer. Very happy for Mitchell. He dropped a TD right in his bread basket that would have been key to beating Florida and Dan Mullen two years ago. He more than made up for that Saturday. His future will be bright with many more big days to come.
I think the defense is the biggest weakness. Transfers and losses due to graduation make it impossible to know what's really there. Couple that with a new system and I think it's going to be a long year on that side of the ball.
you must have a crystal ball or you are just irritated because it's going to be a tough year down in the bayou.
he did basically agree. Picking a win against Kentucky and a loss against Arkansas were the only real things to ponder here. The rest are more cut and dried. Ole Miss would be the unknown every year.
Junebaby01. Kirby gets arguably the best recruits and gets less out of them than anyone. You should be so proud.
Obviously you’ve never been to the Dude. It’s like no other in college baseball. Understandably since the Vols don’t field a team.
@KeithVarner Very well written article. Insightful and including facts. Thanks for a job well done. I can tell you know your sh*t based on the article.
Thank you for pulling these together. The more I read, the more excited I get. I see that gave the hire a B- Interesting. What candidate would have been better? As a fan of Mississippi State, I think it's fair to say it's a 2nd tier program that can't recruit with the likes of Alabama, Georgia, Florida (most of the SEC). To compete, with 3 and 4 star talent, you need a disruptor. You need a Mike Leach.... I'm betting on Leach to win some games against the big boys.
I'm going to side with Irenaus on this one. The Minshews could vouch for him. It definitely was known.. whether it mattered or not, who cares? let's just believe it did matter. I like it better that way. I'm so jacked up for the Pirate to bring the Air Raid to StarkVegas
Agreed. He is that guy. Own it. You coat your team a tie and a chance to win the game. Own it.
It wasn’t a split second. It was premeditated. Yes it’s time to move on but that starts with owning it
It's obvious that Glenn Sattell didn't watch this game. Stevens was unremarkable and Abeline Christian hung around most of the game. The final score didn't reflect the game. Glenn, I know you can't watch all games but this is a weak effort.
My momma told me there’d be days like this... and also seasons like this. Do you fire Joe? I am a firm no. 1) who else are you going to get 2) I think it takes time to put a system in 3) i like the guy K-State beating Oklahoma says something too....
Reports say KT not part of the cheating. Don’t throw shade at a kid until the facts are out. Reports also say he is transferring. He’s not a passer. Great athlete but not a passer. Thanks for your efforts and best of luck at the next stop. He’s earned the right to transfer and get a shot somewhere.
8-4... but not how you might think... Dawgs lose one they were supposed to win (maybe Kentucky) and win one they were supposed to lose (maybe A&M)