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It's getting down to anybody but JOMO. I'll take the pirate junk, the rants & air raid and a load of locking that a$$$'s kid up(James) in the equipment room. Let's do it.
He's leaving a two year gig with millions of dollars in the bank. Who wouldn't be happy with that?
This guy suck$ n if to bits. He should never let the team control him.
We already have his replacement. It is Napier. It will be announced on Monday or Tuesday.
We finally stepped up to ....dragging his yankee a$$ out of there!
Will somebody please drag his yankee a$$ out of there?
Did you read Dr. Bully's post? The basketball fist-a-cuffs were between a man and a child of the same color, on TV and at a game. The insinuation by Dr. Bully is that our QB called Gay a racial slur. Big difference.
With your simple mind, please explain to us what the h3ll would make you think he is going be to a 'challenge' for some coach?
He had an awesome year. It would be nice if the Saints traded up and picked him. He could be the next Drew Brees!
LSUFUSMC, is an old washed up Jarhead sitting at home with no life but this site. I'd kinda feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a moron.
Maybe he'll be able to trade around to be picked by dat team in NOLA
Dude you're just mad because they are about to dominate us as lo g as we have JOMO.
Why wouldn't they. He heaped praise on them.
Are all you girls that are bi tching about our cowbells having shark week? Want some cheese with that whine?