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No buyout required. He's as gone as Gus's but Gus is getting 48 Mil. Haha
We only need like 20 people putting up $50k to get rid of him.
It's not like y'all can afford to pay more. Weren't y'all thinking about bankruptcy 2 years ago?
Dude, this idiot Wass a band member. He's watched a bunch of football but while sweating his arse off. He sweated off brain cells out too. He thinks the Mizo protest was a positive. Total loser
Ante up! You are correct! They are both idiots. Throw Johomo in and you got a hat trick.
I'm no JoMo, I was saying that the whole time. I don't get it.
Cousin Eddie can't win the big game. If LSU is real, he won't win with his coached-up 3 stars.
I wish SDS would let me change my screen name. Anyway both of you are right. He needs to go and take Shoop with him. I hope we don't stuck with him like I have with this name. I wanted to believe but he can't prepare his team for game day.
Please take the job and take Shoop with you.
Bob Tyler was the Coach when I was there and JoMo needs to go. His coaching was definitely Croomish.
Who are you? KT's mom? He's not playing because our freshman is the best player on the team. With that being said, Shoop needs to go, along with me. Coaching is our problem, not players.
The other side is that she was representing the USA while hating on it. She should have taken hear free speech to a different platform. It's that simple. The rest of us would be fine with it.