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Sarge, I live on Ono Island. There's no trailers out here, duffus.
And our SD should have done the same thing. JONOMO should have been sent packing.
Try to get fresh with a post every now and then. You're as stale as 20 day old bunny bread.
Thanks Sarge. That's one great opinion in regards to the post.
LSU 30 LSUSMC blows Joe's wanker
Liberty Bowl would draw the biggest crowd unless people get shot on the way to the game.
Good luck with that. Auburn is an 8-4 team normally. He'll never go there. Oh wait, Cam did for $180k so maybe there is a chance.
Yup. Happens every time. He'll play that same song with Lane however many times it takes to get a better contract now and then next year and the year after until either Lane dips his wanker in the wrong tang or gets that 10 year 100 million guarantee he wants.
Dude, Texas Bowl????? They'll be disappointed with our fans, all 2000 family members.
We can only wish ..he needs to be kicked out to 82 and told adios my friend. Bye, bye.
Hey numbnutts, they actually may travel better than anyone else. I can see memphrica sending thousands to Dallas.
That was the play of the game. And the game was full of crazy plays.
It might be the night Saban will ever coach another game. The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.
If you don't think Matt Luke knew it would happen if the opportunity presented itself, you are clueless. There is no doubt it was big talk among the players that touched the ball and maybe everyone including all the coaches. The fan base applauded the act last time. They loved it. But guess what, karma is a by tch.
There you go again thinking there's no way to lose. Pride will tumble down the tiggers today.
And you probably have O down. Or go down on O. Whichever, knucklehead.
You actually know nothing about Dak's first two years of playing time. We all thought he should have played more time long before Dan finally let him in.
Obviously, a lot more than you. The Rising Sun empire expired due to pride.
You idiot, Dak split time for the first two years he play. You are the idiot here, again.
Sarge, there's plenty of us that want JOMO, knucklehead.
Will it may have actually saved JOMO's coaching job. That's pretty major.
Was there really any other decision? They were thinking about going for 2.
Its the Ole Miss culture. Metcalf did it two years ago. Nothing happened. Karma is a byt ch.