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You probably love getting an atm. LMAO!!!
I think Dumbo Fisher would be better off concerning himself with his own problems at FSU.
Funny how Coach Saban was a lot more classy with his comments than Dumbo Fisher. I would tell Dumbo it's also illegal to rape women and steal from grocery stores. Maybe he needs to worry more about FSU and their problems.
Hope to see Del Rio back out there for the Gators.
Hey jertel80, I could not agree more. Vereen is good no doubt but he is no Derek Barnett.
This guy is great. I look forward to him each week now.
I'm not crying about anything but I am disappointed in Saban on this one. He basically trashes Blake Barnett for transferring then has Tim Williams sit out the first half of a game he wasn't even needed in. These athletes at ALL schools take for granted the opportunities they have been given.
LSU owns nothing. Not even a real coach at this point. LSU is not in the same conversation with Alabama or Ole Miss. Beating up a very young Mizzou team at home is hardly a big win.
Hey bryanchip you are absolutely correct about the inability to get a first down after the interception. DeBord seems clueless to me at this point in the game. He handed off to Kamara three straight times and punted. You MUST win the game right there with some creative play calling to get the first down and force UGA to burn up their last two timeouts. Where in the heck was Ethan Wolf all day?
Hang on hotrod. Maybe it would help if you actually read what I wrote. I didn't say anything about catching up to the West. I said the the future is bright in the East. You say "talk to us after you've played Bama and Ole Miss and LSU". Who in the hell has LSU beaten in forever that was relevant??? Talk to whom? LSU? Man give me a break. You say "head and neck over the East"? Maybe you should get YOUR head and neck out of your ass if you think anyone needs to talk to LSU. LMAO!!!
For years all we've heard is how weak the East is. This game proves that the future is bright in the East. Neither team deserved to lose this one. Classic college football game!
No one talking smack here. I know how to count my blessings lol. Games like this are why we all love college football. Regardless of who you root for we've all had games like this go for and against us.
No way man. UGA has probably the best future of any team right now. Sports of any kind comes in cycles. What I mean is if Eason is anything other than a freshman he never double clutches that ball in the endzone. He will only get better and he is pretty darn great right now.
Now hang on man he's referring to the classic call when UGA beat us in Knoxville many years ago. I like to think we are better people than to call collegiate athletes names. You really make yourself look uneducated and immature.
Classic college football game!!! Neither team deserved to lose.
I really wish he would have waited until the end of the season to transfer. I'm not a Saban hater but for him to preach about quitting something is hypocritical at best. That speech from a guy who has never been loyal to any team except Alabama. Hate me if you will Bama fans but he shouldn't have knocked this kid the way he did.
The Dogs and Vols always slobberknock it out regardless of their records or rankings. Should be another good one.
I think he would have benefited much more by staying at Alabama until the end of the season. I would love to know who advised him to transfer four games into the season? I wish him well but this is awful timing.
SevenT = seven times his mom has called him up from her basement to supper. What a complete idiot.
Awesome story. Great to see good people giving back.
LSU fans are delusional. I'm a Tennessee fan and I will tell you LSU simply does not have the storied history that Alabama does. So no I do not think he would have been near as successful had he stayed at LSU. LSU will always be known best for letting Saban get away. They were just a step along Saban's way but you are simply out of your idiotic minds to believe he would ever return.
Yeah but much more successful in Alabama !!! LMFAO!!! That's my point!!!
I would love to see Luke Del Rio return and win against Vandy. Austin Appleby is a classless punk that serves a much better purpose holding a clipboard.
Neuheisal has lost his mind. Nick Saban is bigger than Santa Clause in the state of Alabama and is going nowhere.
Hey man Etling left Purdue not Cam Cameron.
I truly have nothing against Florida or their football program, but this just proves what a man of very little character that Austin Appleby is. No one can take away the last 11 years from Florida but to get your ass kicked like he did especially in the third quarter and still show no respect for Tennessee is classless at best. I would like to remind this punk that without an unfortunate injury to Luke Del Rio he would have been nothing more than a spectator.
No I'm just not pretending that Tennessee is near as good as many of you think they are. What have you seen that makes you think they are that good? Please enlighten me?
donBigote so you're telling me you see improvement in Tennessee after three games?