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AL is 2 plays away from being CFP #1. Things could fall right where their back in. This year. You never know. Mail in your ballot
Here’s an idea. Let’s let Utah and the Ducks play for the NC? Why not? JUST MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT
The SEC has dominated the 8 CFP so far. Out of 16 teams in the final, 11 are SEC teams. Rest of the country has SEC fatigue. Now does everyone see media bias? The SEC should have at Least 2 teams in, probably 3.
Hey, St. Louis. That’s all that needs to be said. Oh, wait a minute, we have to claim Memphis. Checkmate
Now, show us how to blow it and lose to ATM
Thanks for your service. But…….good luck.
TN is the 1 team GA doesn’t want to see again until 2023 at Neyland. You know and so do i
The West is down, can’t moared to the past 5 years, other than GA. Not anymore. GA will beat LSU like red headed step child. In Atlanta, a ‘neutral field’. Bag of ballots
Doesn’t matter. TN needs ATM to beat LSU. After that, wouldn’t matter if LSU wins Conference Championship. No 3 loss team will get in, nor should they. He’ll, at this point, NO 2 loss team should get in. Period.
No worries but, ya know, MI schedule is weaker than a wet paper bag.