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I assume that President Trump’s Wuhan virus cocktail medication has already arrived in Tuscaloosa. Coach Saban even if from a different commanding position and the Crimson Tide will be ready to play. It’s going to be a great game.
Golding is on the hot seat. Nice guy but not up to the Alabama standard of coaching ability. Excellent recruiter however. Bama’s defense is third class and has forgotten how to tackle. If we have to score 50+ points to win a game we are in worst shape than I thought. Roll Tide..
The DL run play and tackling fundamentals continue to be a weakness for the Tide and well below championship level. I expect Coach Saban to direct direction of the D in some fashion. It is clear that Golding can’t do it. We have regressed D progressively over the last three years to a level of mid SEC.
Since the Alabama @ Lsu is shortly after President is re-elected he may wish to attend for a second consecutive year.
I totally agree. Jalen represented the University of Alabama and OU in a first class manner and was exciting to watch play. He is a winner and I hope successful as an Eagle.
The SEC needs players like Chase to play this season especially. He is a tremendous talent that I looked forward to seeing play again on the field again Nov 14th.
LSUSMC is spot on. Trying to make a fall season is the best avenue and Sankey & the SEC schools know. A spring season and trying to play 20+ games over 10-12 months is nonsensical.
I also have to hand it to Sankey. He has the strongest hand (SEC) and leadership in the SEC/ACC/B12 triad. The three conferences have an opportunity TV wise, recruiting etc to leap ahead of all others IF they do it risk. It is a risk/reward situation.
The Auburn game is one of the most important in history for Alabama. Lsu needs to win out and be SEC champion. Alabama beats AU convincingly and grabs the CFP #4 slot. While not within its control the Tide is a player. Geaux Tigers and Roll Tide. See you again Bayou Bengals!!
Bo has great potential. He is not a freshman SEC QB starter. It will take another 8-12 games and tutoring to get him to get him to a top tier SEC QB but he will get there. He is not naturally built to fit the Malzahn offense model but the talent to win big is there.
Agreed. Auburn’s D is currently playing the best in the SEC. Lsu and Alabama have D work to do. Both are giving the young guys a lot of development playing time that will begin to payoff in the next 2-3 games. Their learning process produces some ugly D and allows meaningless scores in 4Q but depth is definitely needed.
I agree. The Malzahn situation muddies the water however. The Auburn money people want him gone, but continue to wonder how to do it to save a few million bucks.
I like bargains and Coach Saban at Alabama is the bargain I have seen.
Good point, but AL will probably be in CFP, GA in Sugar. The only other SEC teams that would beat UCF are Lsu plus possibly TA&M & KY playing on one of their good days. FL would collapse if they got behind.
Alabama Defense growing up and very good but not quite great, Offense is the real deal. Lsu offense not growing up and not good, but Defense is very good. Alabama team and fans, especially we oil folk, has always loved and looked forward to playing night games v Lsu in Tiger Stadium as do I. It is a special tailgate event with friends and the stadium field is spectacular with great lighting. My personal Red Stick record is 14-2. Alabama and Lsu needed a good measure against a very good team and each got it. Both can win out. Roll Tide.
Agree. This game has high interest as a win means so much for the winner and a loss so much for the loser. A&M physically can compete with Auburn at line of scrimmage. Mond is better than Stidham. A&M 27 - Au 24.
But a big time winner! All have choices. Most prefer first class.
The Tide secondary is a work in progress but the progress in three weeks is impressive. Coach Saban makes a difference.
Jimbo is bringing a competitive winning culture i.e. toughness on both sides of the ball. He is 2-3 years away from matching Lsu, Ga and Alabama physically but surrounding state of Texas talent is THERE. Texas A&M will be the preeminent team in the state of Texas but must step it up for the SEC WD success. UT is currently equivalent to Vanderbilt if in the SEC so the Aggies have a near term advantage. Go get it!
Ain’t going to happen. The Tide physically stacks up well v the Aggies, but the Aggie large body OL will take adjusting to. Speed will spell the difference. The Tide progress in the secondary per and by the head coach is remarkable. The O cannot be stopped by any team in the SEC. If not stopped in the best conference D then where? Roll Tide.
Coin toss notwithstanding, tossing the football by each will be entertaining to watch. Will Alabama try to protect their infant secondary by trying to rob the clock or aggressively push the scoreboard early and often. Will Lville throw 50 passes? I think it will be Alabama 10+ point game management outscore offense verses Louisville sling it and ring it often offense. I would bet over. This is going to be a fun game to watch early with Bama dominating the 4th quarter.
Big Bama offense is needed early to buy time for secondary to develop. Since Louisville and Ark St will throw it 40-50 times it will be interesting to see if Bama tries to drain the clock rushing with a dominant OL & good RBs or allow Tua to develop the passing game with some of the best receivers in the country. Hurts is a proven winner and can lead victory against most. In games against the 3-4 best teams in the country Tua’s added dimension is required to win them.
Texas A&M has been a sleeping giant. A&M and the SEC are great for each other. All the pieces are there but in the past had no one to put them all together. Jimbo is best equipped to do so and make the Aggies a contender, year in and year out, because he has done it. Focus is the key and if the A&M big donors and politicians will fulliy support him without trying to distract him from coaching and recruiting, the SEC West will produce another powerhouse. It will be interesting to watch.
With Lsu’s outstanding talent across the board on both sides of the ball, he may be the leader to coalesce the team into the top tier. Coaching contribution is the serious question. Lsu is the SEC’s most interesting team to watch this year. An early big win can propell them against a challenging schedule that offers more opportunity than despair. I lean toward a 9-2 season.
President Trump was not my first choice, but his principles, commitment and determination have made me believe he is personally responsible for reversing the downward slide of our country, domestically and globally. In Atlanta CFPC, AL-GA, the crowd roared when he stepped on the field. Like the SEC, he is a winner.
Allow UCF the joy in their world as fantasy nearby instills. Unfortunately for them, their joy and fantasy does not extend beyond their city limits. Alabama’s has a bit more reach.
I agree with Cowherd that CFP teams should not exceed four; but require each team to play a a minimum of 11 games from a pool of its conference AND other Big 5 conferences/selective independents (e.g. ND). This 1. handles rivals from different conferences, 2. leaves a slot free to schedule a FCS team for their financial support, 3. increases interest in the regular season, and 4. provides committee with a deeper competitive comparison pool for selections. For scheduling maybe you start with 10 games and move to 11 after 3-4 years.