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Coaches don't have a 1 year waiting period, why should players? They have a very finite period of time allotted to them - let them transfer without penalty.
Yup, a coach insisting the officials put a second back on the clock after time had expired. Never, ever seen that in football before. Who does Gus think he is, Nick Saban?
"It does not represent who I am" I call BS. It totally represents who you are because, you know, you DID it! You thought about it, you planned it, and you DID it and cost your team. Unbelievably selfish, stupid act.
With ND an ACC member in every single sport except football how is it that ACC ref's are perceived to be "neutral" in this game? One of those "injuries" happened literally right in front of an official yet his flag stayed firmly tucked inside his waistband. So now ND has played the *one* tough contents on their schedule, and lost, and will continue with their ridiculously easy schedule while still somehow ranked in the top 10. I wish them and their Drama team nothing but best of luck in their quest to win an Emmy.
Wow. Great recruiter, terrible clock manager. Not sure of the wisdom of firing him mid-season, though.
Some great matchups that first weekend. I'll be watching the AU vs Clemson, for sure, as my sister and I are both Tigers (one from each) but will be jumping back over to that SoCal vs Tide game, too. Oh, and nice to see Michigan really stretching themselves with Hawaii there. WTH?
I don't understand your name. Why would God create wonderful, delicious figs yet hate them?
No. In many parts of Texas calling TAM "Texas" will get your butt kicked. If the OP doesn't know the difference then why should I care about his "opinions" on football? I suppose everyone thinks Florida and Florida State are interchangeable as well?
How, exactly, is Texas going to beat Auburn when they don't even play each other?
Wait, people are seriously paying ~$60K to go to *Miami*? Did anyone else have their eyes opened by some of the relative costs here? I get Stanford and Vanderbilt, for example, being on the high side - they are really good schools. What are TCU and Baylor serving up that make them $60K schools? And, again, $60K for U of Miami?????
Well the list above shows 2 corner's and a safety and then Tim Irvin can play lots of places but odds are he's going in the secondary as well (I'd guess safety). Keep in mind that HS positions don't mean the kid is going to play the same position in NCAA.
Punctuation. It can be your friend. Really.
The "O" in Oregon has always stood for "Overrated". Glad to get that nonsense out of the way early this year and not have to be bothered with them anymore. Really, if they focused more on playing football and less on posing in the mirror in their 12,783 different (all hideous) uniform combo's maybe they'd actually accomplish something.
Texas? Aren't they that team that plays in a conference that doesn't have enough teams to even have a championship game? But congrats on beating North Texas, so you got that going for you.
My kneejerk reaction is to revoke his probation and throw his sorry butt in jail but that would just needlessly cost the taxpayers of Alabama more money for this dbag. Find a way to garnish whatever wages he has, put liens on any properties . . . the usual stuff for deadbeats. Or, I don't know, make him wear an Oregon Ducks mascot uniform while policing garbage near Interstates. It doesn't help with the money but it creates a nice visual image in my mind. :)
Mr or Ms. Editor - might want to correct the references; pretty sure "Georgia Bulldogs" players to watch and "Keys for Georgia" should be referencing Auburn instead. I know with a tight deadline to get these stories out there's a lot of cutting and pasting, no doubt, but those 2 errors really stand out in a story about headlined "Everything you need to know about San Jose State and Auburn".
I believe you mean either "mistakes of grammar" or "grammatical mistakes" as the word grammar is a noun and therefore can not be used as a modifier of another noun (mistakes). I'm recalling a phrase about stones and glass houses . . .
I agree with trippnorris that FSU and GT would be better - and more traditional rivalries than Oregon. Besides - 1) hate that Pacific coast time zone and what it does to game times and 2) those hideous Oregon uni's hurt my eyes. Actually I've kind of liked the home & home they've been doing off and on with Clemson that's just been renewed and would be pretty happy to see that as AU's non-conference "permanent" rivalry.