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The problem with ole miss is LSU old problem... They are NOT Alabama. Even if they beat Alabama they aren't. Only Alabama is Alabama if any other team in the nation is to win 7 nc in a row that won't make them Alabama. Wtbs ole miss fans needs to understand it's ok to lose or have a bad season because not everyone has nick saban as a coach or else Womack would be unemployed. Ole miss has their best corner out after making one defensive play against fsu. They lost 3 first round picks two 4 year starters in the secondary almost every key player they lost last year is being replaced by freshman. I can name about 5 off the back. Greg Little, Jaylon and Julius Jones, Myles Hartfield, Deontay Anderson, AJ Brown, Van Jefferson, Dk metcalf before he got hurt, Benito Jones. They are all freshman being asked to step up and play like veterans. And idk what fan base you're a part of don't try and compare them to the guys they're filled in for because these freshman didn't open up with vandy or semo and Texas. Because if they did they'd get stomped by bama 50-0. You all get it it's a definite rebuilding year for this team and rebuilding won't always be pretty just look in the future and see this young team who basically is relying on fresh and soph to contribute big time. This was LSU the past two years
Ole miss is legit they're getting better week in and week out the problem is they are playing more freshman than they have played since Freeze has been there and the 2013 recruiting class had it way easier than these first 4 games
I think Bo has a point here... But then it's not him it's his line that just got pushed around in that game which led to batted passes and sacks and even tfl. It's just like what happening to Tenn. Their line sucks so bad it hurts to watch