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I'd love that too, and watch TAMU spiral out of control. Suddenly that high flying passing game is traded in for the Bo Schembechler 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense. LOVE IT! Please send Les to TAMU!
Yes there are a lot of vacancies out there and NONE of them are stepping up saying they want Les Miles. Les is never in the conversation from any NFL team looking for a coach, NEVER. They know how he is and unless you watch a lot of LSU games and follow LSU players in the pros you wouldn't know that he doesn't really coach much beyond the very basics.
Les got lucky in 2007. Dont forget he played lowly Kentucky and Arky to triple overtime losses and it took late seasons losses by WVA and Penn State to pole vault 9-2 LSU into the BCS title game. Les SUX.
The Chief left because he got sick of his defense having to bail out Les' lack of offense. For years Chavis' D would play 45 minutes of a 60 minute game. Without Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu Les probably would have been gone years ago and none of you jaw droppers over Les would be crying about it. Les is trying to revive the Bo Schembechler model of offense and it's just not working.
Ripov nailed it... Les is a nice man, terrible coach. On a per capital basis the State of Louisiana produces more NFL talent than another other state and by a longshot too. Bamacoastie - Look inside your beloved Crimson Tide and see all the Louisiana five star recruits you get. Les cannot develop a QB or much of any other talent for that matter. Watch the interviews with former Tigers as they return to Baton Rouge on NFL bye weeks and listen to them talk about the difference in playing in the NFL vs. the SEC. It ALWAYS comes down to the coaching and game day prep, not the speed, not the strength, its the coaching and strategy that they always say is the difference. All because they don't get that from Les. Look at Danielle Hunter at the Vikings. He was a three year player at LSU, two year starter. The Vikings comment about him was how excited they were to him so late in the draft because he's a raw talented physical specimen but was totally un-coached. At no point in his college career had he been coached on any of the basic pass rushing moves and techniques, he accomplished everything just from being purely physical and out muscling the offensive line. Now with some coaching he's a beast. Thats all on Les. He just doesn't cut it.
Stupid on Joe Alleva's part to keep giving Les so many contract extensions. I was suspicious of him during his introductory press conference, he struck me as a father figure coach, and not a champion. I started hating him after his 2nd game at LSU when he blew a 21-0 halftime lead to lose to TN 30-27. I watched as he took his foot off the gas in the 2nd half and stood around literally picking his nose and staring at the scoreboard in bewilderment. I knew then Les would drag LSU down into the mire of mediocrity and he's done just that. His team did win a national title in 2007 based purely on some good luck with higher ranked teams loosing in the last week and some outstanding future NFL Louisiana born talent. His team went to another BCS title game based on more luck - a 9-6 victory over Alabama where Alabama missed four field goals. His QB and many of his seniors spent the night out at the Casinos in New Orleans the night before the BCS title game and the next day Les his anemic offense never crossed the 50 yard line in rematch with Alabama. Great Coaching Les. Its been all downhill since then. Being the players friend, fist bumping them on the sideline, not disciplining them and allowing such sloppy play does not make you a great coach. Sing all the songs you want arm in arm with your football team but that won't bring another title to LSU.
Good for Nick. It's this kind of thing that separates big time coaches like Nick Saban from the good ole boy dips like Les Miles. Les would be up there smiling, cracking a couple of dumb jokes, rambling saying weird incoherent disconnected clauses and phrases, and repeating "quality opponent" and "a want to win" over and over again. Then LSU would be lucky to come from behind at the last second to beat a team they should have steam rolled.
Black thug hitting a white kid with a deadly weapon. Hate crime? Or just typical behavior from the lowest form of humanity.
Go for June Jones!!! He quit on SMU three years ago so he's probably ready to coach again.
Brandon Harris was not given a fair chance at starting. He came in against Miss St and NMS and performed very very well. He is being blamed for a bad game against Auburn yet he played much better than Jennings did. He drove the offense down the field for the only touchdown of the game and had a shot at another but Les' poor clock management issues won out and we left a timeout on the board before halftime. Les' bad coaching is at fault for not developing Harris more. I hope the kid doesn't transfer to a school with a better passing program.
There is no way that neanderthal Dillon Day wrote that letter and every stomp he made was intentional. He has a history of this type of cheap shot, thuggish, scum bag behavior and he should be expelled from the team. He's the new Andomican Suh and I can't wait to see the Auburn D line take shots at his knees. Dillon Day is dead man walking.