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I just hope if they do have a good season again, that Barnhart gets off his ass and starts helping recruit some bigger NIL deals with some of the corporate folks around. His dislike of the NIL is going to really hurt recruiting at UK and possibly cost them a good coach! There's too many big time potential corporate sponsors around these parts with the presence of the car companies and Amazon, not to mention Kroger's and such that all can be recruited to help UK recruit some big time players with good NIL deals. But Barnhart refuses to help recruit them because he don't like the idea of NIL.
The big issue with Stoops is: Barnhart's unwillingness to court or even help the coaches court big time NIL deals for his players. It's going to kill their recruiting if Barnhart don't grow up and smell the roses! He doesn't like the NIL. Well, too bad. Get with the program or get out! Or, he could lose Stoops to a more open program. Stoops has complained about this problem in the past with the AD!