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I'm not sure if I've ever read so many words in succession that were devoid of rational thought.
As an impartial third party, I would say that if he has been ruled as innocent of any wrong-doing then he should have the opportunity to rejoin the team with conditions.
Unless you're a Tennessee fan. I was a TN fan when I was a kid. Went to a game in Lexington when I was 7 when TN still had the streak going (this was '95). I remember that after the game finished, a grown man spit on me because I was decked out in orange. We went out to my dad's Jeep and found that his TN tire cover had been slashed open. We never went back.
Interesting comment from a program with a 499-557-36 record.
"I guess I'm just a conspiracy theorist." No kidding, sunshine.
I bet 1980 feels like stepping in a time machine doesn't it?
Then take it from a Longhorn: If you assume the talent level was equal since Kirby used his own recruits and Pruitt used Kirby's recruits.... Pruitt's defenses were statistically better.
You have a point. All they had to do was let Kentucky snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like much of the last three decades.
I guess they need to be able to beat one team from the SEC. Can't lower the bar any further than that!
The goofy-lookin' gator is dead wrong here. They're more like Sewanee's practice squads.
And to think, the Vols had him within their grasp as a potential hire. Tennessee's going to keep doing Tennessee things, I guess.
The answer: no. They couldn't avoid a 0-2 start. They'll probably go 1-11 this year. Chatt might be their only possible victory this season and after Ga. St., that's not a given either.
Dude, I was raised on TN football and can still remember seeing Peyton play in person in 1996 against Vanderbilt. I was at the Air Force game for Inky's injury in 2005. I still remember the national title game for the '98 season. I was watching Hey Arnold at half time. Sooner or later, you have to decide whether or not it's worth getting bent out of shape over. I decided that the powers that be didn't really care, so why should I? I live in Austin now and proudly support the Longhorns seeing as how they're the reason I have a Masters degree.
I'm 30 years old, grew up a Tennessee fan, and dropped them like a bad habit after Dooley's Kentucky loss. Ultimately, we are judged based on our competency. The result? The Matthew Principle: To those who have everything, more will be given and from those who have nothing, everything will be taken. That more or less describes the SEC for the last fifteen years.