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Sounds like Sunseri all over again. We all know how that went for Tennessee.
Awfully brave to assume the Vols will get in field goal range this season.....
“One of the best staffs in the entire country” *brings half his UCF staff* I think not.
I've been saying that Tennessee is the new Nebraska. Well.... isn't this ironic?
I used to think Tennessee was the new Nebraska. Now they’re the new SMU.
This is definitely a Tennessee move: find a person less qualified than Pruitt.
Better than you since 1998: Texas: 199-84 Tennessee: 168-109
Tennessee is probably better off hiring the coach at Army so he can run the triple option. Might be the only way to start winning again.
Not sure why a kid would want to go to Tennessee right now
Not sure you should be complaining about his record. Mr. 8-8 would be a step up from 3-7.
Honestly, I think Tennessee finds a way to lose this game. I'm not sure how and I'm not sure of the score.... but I don't see Tennessee pulling this one off.
When was the last time Mizzou won a natty? I'll wait.
Tennessee definitely doesn't have the stones to fire Pruitt and chase Freeze. That's why they're mediocre at best in this era.
Tennessee's been irrelevant since they won their natty in the '98 season. They'll probably continue being irrelevant.
I'm not sure if I've ever read so many words in succession that were devoid of rational thought.
As an impartial third party, I would say that if he has been ruled as innocent of any wrong-doing then he should have the opportunity to rejoin the team with conditions.
Unless you're a Tennessee fan. I was a TN fan when I was a kid. Went to a game in Lexington when I was 7 when TN still had the streak going (this was '95). I remember that after the game finished, a grown man spit on me because I was decked out in orange. We went out to my dad's Jeep and found that his TN tire cover had been slashed open. We never went back.
Interesting comment from a program with a 499-557-36 record.
"I guess I'm just a conspiracy theorist." No kidding, sunshine.
I bet 1980 feels like stepping in a time machine doesn't it?
Then take it from a Longhorn: If you assume the talent level was equal since Kirby used his own recruits and Pruitt used Kirby's recruits.... Pruitt's defenses were statistically better.
You have a point. All they had to do was let Kentucky snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like much of the last three decades.