Georgia fan since the days of Stafford. The NCAA cheated Gurley out of the 2014 Heisman Trophy. The 4 missed calls in the NCG didn't affect it, I guess. I still admire Alabama. Banana is the artificial flavor of the devil. I hate Auburn, and so do all true UGA fans.
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"Doesn't matter who's starting at QB, it's not like our D can stop either one."
They're ahead because they have more scholarships available than us, and they'll presumably take advantage of that. TAMU has pretty much used up the majority of their slots. Georgia only has 20-22, Alabama has up to 25.
Next year's class is extraordinarily stacked. Perhaps they want room for that one.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if Saban lands Kayvon Thibodeaux now that Nolan appears locked in to UGA. *knock on wood*
Can we make that picture into a mural at Neyland?
It is a factor. If you don't want to get hurt, you want to avoid a slew of snaps. Some positions play a higher volume of snaps at dangerous positions compared to others. Hot Rod probably has no issue playing in one more game compared to say, Damien Harris. Is that the "swing" factor? No, but I think it's definitely taken into consideration. I think people need to realize how much these players are bringing to a school in terms of indirect revenue, publicity, etc. If they turn out well, they're effectively a gift that keeps on giving. Look at what Kenyan Drake and Amarai Cooper did for Alabama last week, and what Chubb has done for Georgia the past few as well. They shouldn't be "bound" to their school. They're bound to providing for those that helped them get there.
I guess that trip is made more for Jake Fromm, Cade Mays, Charlie Woerner, and Big Country Cleveland.
No, because of scholarship room. Alabama has room for 25, but UGA will probably cap at 20-22. If we could get the highest average recruit ranking, that'd be nice.
BIG news. One of the most explosive athletes of the modern recruiting era.
Big win. Getting Dean would be amazing. Sanders seems like an Alabama lock at this point.
If it's a serious question, then no, he didn't. First I've heard of it, and I can't find anything on it.
I doubt Fromm or Swift get the touches essential for "Heisman numbers".
I said "usually" for a reason. There are definite exceptions to the rule every year. Look at Josh Allen, Josh Jacobs, Lamar Jackson, Deandre Baker, etc. That being said, Kyler was a 5 star, Tua was a 5 star, Fromm was a high 4 star, Swift was a 5 star, Najee Harris was a 5 star, Mack Wilson and Dylan Moses were 5 stars, Roquan Smith was a high 4 star, Chubb and Michel were 5 stars, etc, etc. The exceptions exist, but the correlation stands tall.
I hate for Sony and Isaiah's team to lose, but it's rather satisfying to see Gronk miss the tackle.
Kirby won the 2017 SEC Championship, idiot.
I just feel like you're insinuating that Saban's coaching skills are relatively mediocre, when I feel like the numbers and consistency show that one more NC could cement his status as the GOAT. If you're saying there's multiple coaches out there who could do just as good a job at a blue-blood program, why hasn't it happened?
Before Saban arrived at Alabama, I think there were plenty of programs with the same name-brand attractiveness as Alabama, but they're still trying to catch up. Saban's only been coaching at Alabama what, 11 seasons?
Whelp, that's a bunch of fat BS. Richt was fired for a lack of recruiting effort, unmotivated team spirit, losing to subpar teams, and sketchy in-game calls. Smart comes in, revolutionizes the recruiting landscape, sets a record for the most 5 stars ever signed, obliterates the SEC East two years in a row, produces two 1,000 yard rushers in one season, beats the Heisman winner in the Rose Bowl, comes one play from winning an NC in his second year with a true freshman QB, has 6 players drafted, (a record 3 in the 1st round for UGA), 3 of which are regular starters already and one in running for ROTY, and this year he comes a play away from beating the greatest college football team in history despite losing 7 defensive starters, the best RB tandem in CFB history, one of the best left tackles in the nation, etc., etc. That's so far beyond what Richt did that you're already whining about only making the Sugar Bowl as an 11 point favorite (knock on wood).
God, some people have no life but that of trying to destroy others'.
Nah, it usually reveals itself pretty clearly on the field, year in and year out.