#TB12GOAT. Fire Coley, please. The M10 Wolverine was underrated regardless of its open-top turret. Kirby dances better than Mullen.

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I don't think the WLOCP was "largely decided" by officiating. That's a lazy take.
Is this a joke? Chicken Fried? Toes? As She's Walking Away? Knee Deep?
Man, if we're that bad, then how lousy does that make UF?
"but each time that Georgia’s national title hopes ended the past two years, it was because of the late struggles of the Georgia secondary after it had played extremely well for most of the game." Debatable. The offense is equally to blame as well as the front 7 for failing to contain Hurts on the ground.
Adam, what do you think about a) Lebron's sock-clad cheerleading and b) Harden's "stellar" stat lines like 10-32 from the field and 20-20 from the line? Greatest scorer of our generation?
I like him, and I think he's a perfect fit for LSU, just like Kirby at UGA. I guess the enemy of your common enemy makes them your friend, so this matchup doesn't really have a lot of hate involved. If we can't get the job done, then I'll be happy for them if they can go all the way. Of course, I'd rather them not.
This is the gayest sports article I've ever read.
Feels great to surpass Big Brother for a change.
We're just spoiled at this point. Once the season ends we'll look back and be like "holy cow, that was a good football team".
It's simple: the black magic of Jordyn-Hare Stadium in November. Somebody sold their soul for it.
Nice video, but should posting highlights against Arkansas really be allowed at this point?
Not how it works, Ric. Gotta beat the man to be the man.
Whatever. Keep telling yourself that. A NY6 bid after losing the top 5 pass catchers and the team's #1 WR for the last 1/3 of the season is pretty dang successful.
This is basically LSU's 2017 season. Returning veterans, exciting freshmen, a QB that's captured the heart of the fanbase, etc. I hope we rip that joyous feeling right out of their hearts and grind in the dirt. Just like Saban did to us.
Dunno, but we'd better scout the crap out of him.
Maybe as a makeup for last year, assuming he wasn't a finalist. He might've been though.
I'm curious as to what our 4th quarter total scoring margin is this year--I feel like the UF, AU, and TAMU games were disappointing mostly in the regard that we couldn't do anything on offense or defense for most of the 4th quarter.
The secondary looked bad last year because D'andre Walker got injured and the pass rush went to the sideline with him. UGA has struggled to generate an elite kind of pass rush the past two years (partly due to the successful defensive philosophy they implement). Baker was sacked like 5 times in the Rose Bowl. We'll need a similar performance from the likes of Clark, Ojulari, and Smith Jr on Saturday.
Alabama has made the playoff without winning their conference once. Winning the SEC is still the most direct path to the playoff for any team in the country. Going undefeated in the SEC regular season is the most direct outside of winning a conference as a 1-loss team, and it still beats some of those paths due to a tougher schedule.
No, I'm saying that Trask should be ahead of Fromm in this ranking, which is a QB power ranking of this season. If we were ranking them by something like "who's the best overall QBs in the SEC beyond just this season?", then Fromm obviously stays ahead because of his record, stats, and the fact that he didn't lose a starting job to Feleipe Franks. But for this season ranking, Trask is a pretty clear choice for #3 on the list.
He lost more five stars than Mullen has ever signed. But stars don't matter, just the scores, right? Smart isn't a dunce, and neither is Mullen, but Mullen definitely isn't a better head coach than Smart.
Interestingly, though, Brady has been dealing with a multitude of injuries on one side of the ball, while the other side has been performing at an elite level. Sound familiar?
This year it would've been Diggs and Moses, and maybe McKinney. Now it's just Diggs. Next year or the one after it'll be probably Surtain, Moses.
Vandy's on some obscure Reddit thread discussing quantum physics.
"Geaux" edits? My God, not even we got this kind of recruiting momentum from 2017. Geez, LSU, go take some of Clemson's 5 stars.