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I'm pretty sure you predicted a UGA loss to Florida last year. Would you like to discuss that? Additionally, no, UGA will not be fielding an equally talented team to Bama this season, as the latter has an 83% BCR and the former an 82. Factor in the home-field advantage and how much of the blue chippers are starters with experience, plus returning QB, OL, WR, and RB, and the Dawgs have a pretty tall obstacle to overcome in Tuscaloosa. God only knows what Alabama would do to Florida if they played them, though.
Georgia has some of the toughest, most physical high school football regions in the country. Their draft production speaks for itself year in and year out. To suggest there is some sort of "ratings inflation" that is given to Georgia high school athletes sounds absurd and I would love to hear your basis for that another day, perhaps when the 247 composite is updated. Before I start this breakdown of the offensive side of the ball, let me be clear--talent is not a standalone, independent success guarantee, as we're all aware (cough Kentucky vs Michigan cough). However, a better o-line will be key to UF's 2020 season, so let us begin. It's a holiday Friday and I'm bored. Plus, this subject has interested me for a while since I don't know much about it. I'm basically comparing the offensive roster talent for UGA and Florida and seeing who has an on-paper advantage at each position. Starting off with the OL: 1) Florida has six 4-star offensive lineman on their roster currently. Just one, Richard Gouraige, is a top 100 recruit. 3 of the Florida OL blue chippers are underclassmen, 3 are upperclassmen. In comparison, UGA has three 5-star OL and eight 4 stars on their roster currently. Seven of the eleven were top 100 recruits. 4 are upperclassmen, seven are underclassmen. On paper, one would give the advantage to UGA, but the caveat here is that they only bring back one returning starter. Combine this with the lack of spring practice and I would count this position group matchup as an even split. Next up: tight ends. Florida has three 4 star TEs on their roster. Keon Zippere was just outside the top 100 (#104), but since he was the #2 TE in the 2019 class we might as well put him in that top 100 range anyway. UGA has two 4 star TEs and one 5 star. Only the 5 star (Washington) ranked in the top 100. Kyle Pitts' exception 2019 season and the dearth of returning experience plus past underwhelming performances at the position for UGA gives the Gators a significant advantage at this position group. Next up: RBs. Oh dear. Florida has two 4 stars and the former 5 star Lorenzo Lingard. The latter is the only former top 100 recruit on the roster. UGA has four 4 stars and 1 former 5 star. 3 of the 5 were former top 100 recruits. I'm assuming both Lingard and White fully recover from their past injuries and live up to their respective recruiting projections. Given Florida's absolute dearth of depth at the position and UGA's usual offensive centering around it, the Dawgs win this battle pretty easily. Next up: wide receivers. Florida has just two former 4 stars at the position: Grimes and Copeland. Both were former top 100 recruits and both are upperclassmen. Georgia has nine former 4 stars and two former 5 stars at the position. Six of the eleven were ranked as top 100 recruits. This is where I'm heavily factoring in age, experience, and past production. Although Florida seems dangerously thin (which they are to a degree), there are a few things to take into account: the only truly consistent, experienced targets UGA is bringing back are Pickens and Blaylock. The rest are either inexperienced youngsters or injury-hampered players who haven't been able to string it together yet. (a la Bush or Robertson). Factor in the fact that Pitts was the leading receiver for Florida last year and Toney has certainly lived up to a 4 star ranking, IMO Florida wins this group heading into the season. I'm skipping QBs because both of the starters were former 3-stars, there's literally no rotation unless Mullen or Smart are awkwardly inserting Jones or Fields, and that position is too hotly debated for me to have a steady opinion on it. The offensive side of the ball is done and we have the OL as a draw, Florida with the edge at TE and WR, and UGA with a resounding edge at RB. If this piqued your interest enough, I can post the defensive side of the ball as well.
You are correct and I was wrong. His visit to Alabama occurred on the Junior Day, to which his whole family went. He attended UGA's Junior Day without his mother. My apologies.
"Are you now denying the massacre that took place in Tulsa Oklahoma?" Where in the name of God do you think that I'm somehow denying the horrible actions of largely white Democrats 60 years ago, and how on earth is that pertinent to the deplorable actions of a bunch of undisciplined thugs and white college kids disrupting and ruining peaceful protesting based on a legitimate cause? George Floyd's death was a horrible, repugnant tragedy, and now every educated liberal elite has jumped on it like a hyena to dry to berate the entire country into tearing up their history, heritage, and neighbor's livelihoods in the name of an obscure, demented standard of justice where all are guilty unless they explicitly act WITH the screaming hordes. Never mind the fact that the majority of Native Americans don't mind tribal team mascots--we educated urban white liberals of the Atlantic and NYT know what's good for them and our new virtue-signaling scrabble for piety and wokeness shall be to berate an NFL team into changing its mascot, or boycotting the most popular syrup brand amongst African-Americans! Get a life, you idiot. There's a heckuva lot of dumb Trumpers out there, but I'm not one of them, and I'm even more so not some dumb Democratic Pharisee.
I'm pretty sure ND would take that Mid-American schedule in a heartbeat.
Some good news--in late March the percentage of positive COVID tests was approx. 20%. Now it's less than 10%. A resurgence is most certainly happening, but it appears so far we have not been smacked back into the March/April misery. The next two weeks' data of deaths will be important as well.
Conservatives weren't the ones milling together by the thousands in the streets for days looting, burning, and tearing apart cities.
He went on an standalone visit to Alabama with his mom, who didn't visit UGA, and she loved it. I also specified that a big factor Turner cited was the Tide's NFL resume, so I'm not sure where you're going with that. Congrats on the commit and learn to read.
How many of the o-linemen are top 250 guys though?
Walker and Carter, yes, but very young. If he keeps finding diamonds in the rough like Davis, then yippee. Norton hasn't really materialized yet and Stackhouse is also young. Mostly thinking about the 2017-18 classes with regards to both the DL and WR recruiting.
Mullen didn't even catch up to Auburn or TAMU at MSU, let alone Bama. Get a life.
Dear God, it feels like nobody would be more pleased with the lack of a season than Finebaum.
Ole' devil Sherman's curse seems bound with us forever on that one.
But has Mullen recruited in a balanced manner? Kirby did not in his 2017 and 2018 classes, which sorely lacked impact pass catchers, and it burned us badly. I question whether or not Mullen has achieved a better scale of balance across his roster yet with regard to blue chips, particularly at the o-line and RB positions. Kirby still hasn't raised his DL recruiting to the standard of say, his OL or DB recruiting.
Maybe, but heaven knows what would've happened to the economy if at least partial reopening hadn't occurred in May.
I think as long as the death rate either stays the same or keeps dropping that's a good sign. Seems like the youngsters are starting to get more broadly tested (I know that's not a wholesale explanation).
It can be common for recruits to receive a slight rankings bump after being either offered by or committing to a blue chip program as it gives them the credibility of an elite head coach who's decided they're worth a scholarship offer. If Kirby or Saban offer a 3-star, then he's probably a bit better than some of the internet hacks give him credit for. Hence why he may rise after committing to a school like Bama.
No visits hurt us with this one. Bama apparently knocked it out of the park with his mom on their unofficial, and she never saw UGA. That being said, he specifically cited the Tide's impressive resume of trophies and draft picks as something that put them in the lead.
Apparently the reason for del Rio's exclusion despite a stellar showing is that the Elite 11 staff's in-house rankings (AKA the ones above) were based 25% off their showing at the camp and 75% of their junior film/previous camp showings. IMO that still doesn't quite justify a) del Rio's exclusion and b) Williams' being named as MVP considering his junior completion % was pretty bad.
Get some liability waivers signed and keep chugging, goddangit.
So he's not charged, but is expelled. Sounds about right for the college standard of justice.
Thou shalt cross-check thy calendar with the legal timeline from our most holy patron Lords & Protectors of the NCAA at all times.
11 3 & outs probably helped that near-comeback as well.
Wow, 2 TDs at home! Incredible!
You named two returning players. I only made my comment because unless I'm mistaken, LSU has to replace all or the majority of their starting LBs.
David's back, y'all. In all seriousness, I think that while Bama's offense may be harder to stop for opposing defenses due to a quality offensive line and much more punishing rushing attack, I doubt their stats, be it offensive yards or points, will eclipse last year's due to what will probably be a slower tempo, more clock-eating style of play. More 9-play, suck-it-up-we'll-score-eventually drives, rather than a 1-play, 75-yard Ruggs TD catch.
Very confusing given the dearth of experience at that position on LSU's roster.