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A lot of fighting about how his career should be perceived, but double digit years as a starting QB with 2 Super Bowl Rings ain't half bad. Props to him for some beautiful meme-material faces as well.
Ok, calm down. I understand Clemson's side of the argument. They've done what they can for the most part and they've played all the teams in the ACC as one would expect--blowouts. If Clemson was plopped into the SEC next year I would probably tab them as the favorites since their interior D-line should be noticeably improved and very little of their offensive production leaves.
I think Alabama's defense will have to take a huge step back to the 2011/2016 levels in order for a game-manager offense to suffice. That being said, the surrounding skill weapons and new offensive style of play pretty much guarantees way more production even with a game manager still playing QB than in 2011-2015. The question is whether or not the defense can do enough, which is something I'd be inclined to trust Saban to take care of.
I think most UGA fans are taking a wait-and-see approach with regards to Newman. It's basically the argument of "played in the ACC" vs. "surrounded by Wake Forest talent". Mac Jones threw two pick sixes against his highest quality defense in Auburn, so I wouldn't expect him to be the Second Coming of Tua, as do most Alabama fans from what I can tell.
Just seems like he's never fully rebounded from those hamstring injuries.
He got injured and all he played in 2019 were 3 games. Gatorgrad was referencing his brief 2019 action. If Franks plays as well as he did in late 2018 at Arkansas this next season, I will certainly eat my crow willingly. Until then, I'm confident enough to predict that he will not play well. As for comparing Newman and Franks, a) Newman's stats are better in most of the areas, and b) I never said Newman was an all-star move nor that he would blow the doors of anybody. He was the best transfer available and at this point we don't even know if he'll be starting yet.
I printed it off but it was so light that it floated away.
"Georgia has too many good receivers to not push the ball down the field." Comparing our receiver corps to that of LSU, Alabama, Clemson, OSU, or Florida is laughable at this point. We have Pickens, Blaylock (coming off ACL surgery), and that's pretty much it in terms of proven commodities. The toolbox has been upgraded, yes, but positions with the kind of struggles UGA had with the WRs last year don't just upgrade overnight. It'll take time for a) Blaylock to get healthy and b) for the freshmen to get integrated.
It's not equal because Bama returns its coordinators and its star running back.
So you're saying his stats will probably be better, but that he'll overall be about as good as Fromm?
In 2019 he threw 5 TDs and 3 interceptions. That was with one of the best WR corps in the SEC against Miami, UT Martin, and Kentucky. You really think he'll improve on that at Arkansas?
Stay butthurt, but saying Fromm's play against UF won't be one of the many highlights of his career is like saying Burrow only performed well against UGA because of the superiority of his wideouts and some sorry turnovers by UGA's offense.
I think Orgeron is in the top 5 of current, active head coaches right now, and just like everybody has a margin of error that would push him out if his production dips. Since he hasn't been at LSU very long and he's really only produced in a quality manner for 2 of his 6 head coaching seasons, his margin is smaller than Dabo or Saban's.
Regardless of the relevance of Boxter's comment, Fromm's stats against Florida are exceptional and in the last two games he was the clutchest player on the field, converting a multitude of crucial 3rd downs to either extend the lead or put the game away. That's a foolish take with little basis to say that he was just another guy on the field who shouldn't have at least the 2018 and 2019 games attributed to him.
That boy pulled a Myles Garrett and picked up the stool, ready to start swingin' for the fences.
You mean one butthurt coach whose first full class went from the top 10 to the 14th because of all the preseason departures/JUCO routes?
That's the weirdest twist on a total troll remark I've heard in a while.
I agree that Newman will probably generate a lot more turnovers than we're used to (Fromm spoiled us for 3 years in that regard), but I think Franks still throws more due to a) playing from behind a lot in SEC games and b) playing without the supporting cast he had at UF. Franks had a 5-3 TD-INT ratio in 2019 and a horrible game against Miami and a subpar performance against Kentucky. Good for him for getting some quick stat-padding against UT Martin for those 700 yards in 3 games.
Peterson is gone but that's actually a pretty good list. I guess I got caught up in the hype. I think I would rank him above Kirby to prevent jinxing.
PFF is weird. We're replacing four starters from the best pass-pro o-line in America as well as our top two RBs, our starting QB, and our All-SEC safety and DT. Go give TAMU some hype or something.
Better? Um...TBA please. If the QB stats improve next year, then it won't be solely because of Newman's play, same as Fromm's regression doesn't fully lie on his shoulders. I'm excited about Newman, but he's probably thanking his lucky stars he'll at least have the likes of Rosemy, Washington, and Burton to nip at the heels or surpass the likes of Simmons and Landers.
Newman: 61% completion percentage, 2868 yards, 26 TDs, 11 INTs, 7.9 YPA, 145.4 rating, 574 yards w/ 3.2 YPC & 6 TDs. Franks: 58.4% completion percentage, 2457 yards, 24 TDs, 6 INTs, 7.6 YPA, 143.3 rating, 350 rushing yards w/ 3.2 YPC & 7 TDs. Newman is actually slightly better in every category, and guess what? I never said he was a gamebreaker or anything. As for his common opponents, I could argue that he did so on a team with Wake Forest's talent level while Franks had the likes of Perine, Jefferson, etc., to help him out. I'm pretty reserved about Newman's potential, but I know two things: he has better stats than Franks and was pursued as a graduate transfer by more programs, and I've watched Franks play, and he's not the kind of guy who's going to fix Arkansas' INT problems. Both were pretty much the best guys available for their respective new teams, and both have their limitations and less than impressive stats. But Newman's stats are better as were the teams that went after him. Time will tell who's better, and I'm not going to be hyping up either one before then,
Huge commitment that a) immediately becomes the #1 priority until he signs, and b) can lay the groundwork for a very important 2021 class that must replace the phenomenal depth gained from the 2017/18 classes.
a) Commit to UGA because they do a great job of producing NFL guys at your position b) Commit to UGA because there's an opportunity to elevate the standard of play at a position where they lack proper personnel. c) Win d) Play for Kirby Smart the coach, not Kirby Smart the post-practice presser.