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Thankfully your garbage blog posts don't dicate what an entire college football fanbase's opinion is.
Shrewd point. The o-line is by far the biggest thing that needs focusing on before the season starts. IF that turns into a weakness, then it won't matter who's catching the ball. 2016 proved that.
Yep. Feels like the tipping point that every team needs is the Devonta Smith, Deshaun Watson, or for Georgia...what George Pickens could've been this year or what we're hoping Burton and Zeus can be.
He looked fine for someone coming off an injury and who's had just 15 college football practices so far in his career. A transfer CB besides Tykee has always been a probability.
Pretty stupid analysis of Beck and Vandagriff, but ok.
I think people are glossing over just how much they have to reconfigure in the secondary and on the o-line, both of which didn't really light up the world on G-day. Not that a glorified vanilla scrimmage is something to draw conclusions from, but still, with all those receivers out, you'd hope the DBs would do a little better.
I would much rather Vandagriff beat out Beck. He's younger and his ceiling and talent level is significantly higher.
Newman's "best" isn't first-round material, or at least his "best" that we saw at WF. The whole point was that it was hoped better talent would allow him to elevate his play at UGA for the benefit of all parties involved.
SDS passive agressively coming to their fellow "reporter"'s aid when they can't even get one of their own guys into a bland, dime a dozen SEC press conference.
SEC Champions, SEC East 3-peat, CFP semifinal win, two NY6 wins. It sure didn't land us offering cash in McDonalds bags to recruits, having half our starting D transfer, or waving around a garbage can on the sideline for motivation.
There's a reason they literally never publish a BREAKING NEWS story when or before the actual investigative sites like 247 and ESPN do.
Is it burglary if it's drugs stolen from a cartel?
"I like Starkville" /wistfully thinking about Wazzu.
I really didn't need to learn about your creepy focusing, but ok.
Toney has ankles and ACLs of magical capabilities.
Really don't know what I think of Jones at this point. His game film is pretty dang solid if somewhat boring at times, but he just looked really off at his pro-day and he is nowhere near as athletic as some of the other guys.
You'll have to get used to him. He has episodes on a regular basis.
I heard Milroe is already looking like the clear no. 2 ahead of Tyson.