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Pretty vile of you to try and turn this despicable event into a p*ssing contest.
It's not a sports bra. It has a GPS data tracker on the back.
And he just ran a laser timed sub 4.3 forty at a private combine.
I would be shocked if Stokes slips past the 3rd round. He's not really a sleeper guy right now.
Dominick Blaylock was not "2019's leading receiver" for UGA. I believe he was 4th in receiving yards his freshman year. Florida could probably be a bit higher. There's still talent in that cupboard. Hopefully it goes to waste until they reach the NFL.
Looks like an average SEC schedule plus a feature OOC opponent. You've got your cupcakes Oregon State & Vandy, your rivalry vs Cal, your marquee P5 matchup vs Kansas State, and then a nice healthy slate of 8 teams which still probably don't equate to playing a combination of LSU, Alabama, UGA, Florida, TAMU, and Auburn.
The Sherman curse is real. The three nights that Atlanta burned symbolized the only three championships (1942 & 1980 UGA, 1995 Braves) that the state would be allowed. Only until someone rises and breaks the curse for one team in this new millenia (who better than the state's son Kirby?) can the others cast off the chains and reach the promised land again. But gee, what a loser for just giving up like that. Warm-weather brat.
Who was ever actually scared to play Kellen Mond in college?
That's a delusional comparison and an insult to the Evil Genius.
I think UF wants him to shut up for once and win another 10 games or so and they'll be perfectly satisfied. If he keeps running his mouth and has the expected regression from all the production lost (and keeps lagging in recruiting), then I think real rumblings will start showing up during the 2022 season. Again, I still think that would take continued media goof-ups, less than 10 wins, and another mediocre signing class.
Love the Greek house signs that welcome the Auburn students "back home to where you couldn't get in".
I love few things more than watching Cousin Eddie be a general idiot, but to suggest he's all of a sudden in a "win or walk" year is about as absurd as the idiots who think Kirby is at a "natty or bust" job security level. Back in 2017 there were Gayturd fans who would've given their right arms just to show up in a NY6 bowl and would've gladly accepted a 30 point blowout from a weak Big 12 team in return. If Dan does leave after this season then it's probably because he gets an opportunity to test the NFL waters as an OC.
I was not aware that long ago a minstrel show with blackface played this song at a county fair. Thank God we will never hear it played ever again in the light of day or else I don't know what I'd do for fear of my life.
Can't graduate if you transfer, Cousin Eddie. Maybe that's why he's so infatuated with the portal.
If it is drugs/grades then that's a little surprising and just sucks. Kid seemed to be a wholesome Momma's boy in the recruiting articles when he was back at Marietta.
Why? There's really no downside to it. It would suck beyond comparison for someone like Clemson or Alabama to get him and if he works out, torch us with him. If we sign him and he ends up loping off to JUCO or wherever, no harm done, really. We have at least 3 open spots right now.
Spring semester has started. Highly unlikely any transfer would start attending/enrolling right now.
Really sucks how this guy's career has been hampered by injuries. Glad he's got his degree from a strong institution and here's hoping he can get on track to the league at his next stop.