Dan Mullen thinks Keith Urban is a true country singer.

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Who exactly isn't overrated, if not the teams that were doing fine before they played Georgia?
Good Lord, what level of delusional clickbait hunting has the media reached?
He sure would love to get some media bulletin board material saying as much.
Florida has had the opposite problem this year, it seems.
This article reads in a manner poorly copied after writers like Rick Bragg and Lewis Grizzard. The story is good, but it seems to have been hastily slapped out for publication with little review.
Not surprised the same guy who went 0-5 last week is picking LSU and Arkansas to cover these respective spreads on the road.
There is no world in which UGA runs for 400 yards on Bama. If they break 275-300 then that would probably mean they won handily.
The irony of an Auburn fan trying to judge any other fanbases's character is hilarious.
As long as he doesn't look at UGA Twitter and message boards, lol.
Kentucky fans are the Canadians of the SEC outside of basketball.
Absolutely true. Awesome school, awesome fans (dang near a cult out there), cool town, loud stadium, and I can't think of any reason whatsoever someone would be scared to play there. TAMU just does not win big games at Kyle Field.
It's really weird that UGA has been so decidedly mediocre in running the ball yet has been near-perfect in pass protection.
Tykee Smith won't start over Brini and I doubt he sees serious minutes. Kirby noted yesterday he and Darnell still aren't quite 100%, and Brini was pretty much neck and neck with Smith at STAR in fall camp anyway.
I doubt Darnell will be a massive part of the offensive gameplan. It's his first action of the year.
I mean, I hope he has all the success in the world.
He's playing at a mid-tier Big 12 school on backup channels. Laughable that you think he wouldn't get on the field immediately at RBU with his ability.
Sucks to think where that kid could be today if he had his head screwed on straight and could've kept with his LOI to UGA.
If Stetson is the starter for next season we are absolutely screwed. Outstanding defensive performance all the way down the depth chart. JT looked fantastic and it was great to get him rest to continue healing that oblique injury. O-line still lacking push, and none of the RBs look particularly impressive. This team would truly be complete (once healthy) if they had an all-SEC, Najee Harris/D'andre Swift type of back.
Yeah, he burned all 3 of his timeouts with 12 minutes left in the first quarter.
Mizzou and Vandy's are in a gutter all by themselves when it comes to uniforms.