#rudywasoffsides. People follow Danny Kannell and Joel Klatt for the same reasons that we look at car wrecks on the side of the road and watch fail videos. Cornbread is overrated; my mother's biscuits are not.
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1. Another true fact is that we beat you head-to-head in a neutral site game. 2. Did you actually just post hashtags along with a comment on a blog comment section?
It just didn't seem like UF dominated against fellow SEC opponents in the same manner UGA did against, for example, USC. Granted, the program transition has a lot to do with that, as well as the talent levels, but I feel like UF didn't take that extra step last year to be considered "elite" at the present moment.
I think the general assumption is that OLB is a known commodity with plenty of talent. WR still has some mystery surrounding it, but the talent is about to arrive.
Clark hasn't lived up to the high expectations he set for himself in the Rose Bowl yet. A healthy Marshall is a good run stopper, and I hope Wyatt and Davis continue to excel.
Who besides Lamont Galliard has ever made a successful transition from offense to defense? Mecole switched back to offense and Crowder is still a question mark after two years of training for it.
Well who exactly did UF or MSU ever look elite against? Besides maybe Michigan in the bowl game?
Well, the other time a flea-flicker was attempted in a Smart-Mullen game, it worked out pretty well for the Dawgs. 31-3.
My God, we lost 1 regular season game? Will we ever stop dragging down the ship? If anything, we need to thank Arkansas and Kentucky.
You missed the biggest question mark on the entire team--the interior defensive line. It's ravaged by injuries and has the least talent of any position on the team, and it's one of the most important cogs for a championship team.
Whelp, they played for the natty, won the SEC Championship, won the Orange Bowl, and curbstomped every team in the regular season. Can't say you did the same.
Above and beyond not just a standard bandwagon troller, but surpassing even your own team's standards.
Wow, he's completely delved into full-time trolling over the past 24 hours.
51-43-2 overall. Funny how you Gator fans think the 1990-2010 years erase the overall picture for the eternal future.
Well, Dak faced the grind of an SEC schedule and isn't 5'8".
"Ann was getting too chummy. When people get too chummy with me, I call them by the wrong name just to show them I don't care about them."
It'd have to be Bama, or else they wouldn't be 3 spots ahead of someone who beat them.
Yeah, Fromm will simply never get the numbers necessary to make big headlines with UGA's run-based, conservative offense. The average Joe watching CFB is going to pay more attention to someone getting 70 yard TD passes and 3,000 passing yards a season even if they play in a cupcake conference with a 65-35 pass/rush ratio on offense.
So McElwain won all his SEC East games by 20+ points, won the SEC Championship, the Rose Bowl, and sent 3 picks in the 1st round of the draft?
You could argue that Lawrence/Ross/Etienne are better than Tua/Najee/Jerry, but I'll take Tua, because his group also gets Ruggs, Smith, Waddle, and Sanders.