#rudywasoffsides. People follow Danny Kannell and Joel Klatt for the same reasons that we look at car wrecks on the side of the road and watch fail videos. Cornbread is overrated; my mother's biscuits are not.

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One ACC team ranked besides Clemson. One. Four SEC teams in the top 10, and six in the top 16.
Yes, we know Florida has the starting talent to compete with UGA, but there is the issue of depth. It showed last year for Florida when the secondary was ravaged with injuries. Four of UGA's starting 5 o-linemen missed time at one point or another in the year, yet thanks to a couple of talented freshman who early enrolled and practiced at multiple positions, they still finished as Joe Moore Award finalists. I'm not predicting anything for the cocktail party because it's such a volatile rivalry game, but I am saying that there are concerns to be had for Florida's roster depth, just as there are concerns for UGA's inexperience at wide receiver, and Mullen's years of experience as a head coach vs Kirby's 3. So far, Kirby has been able to overcome that factor in his two games against Mullen, and I have good faith he'll continue to do so, but I'm not predicting a win or a loss in the Cocktail Party simply because of its history.
Richt's best class was like #5 and his usually averaged in the 7-12 range. Kirby has signed 3 top 3 classes in a row, so to say that UGA always had the "best talent" is not true. Saban has been signing top 3 classes for the past decade and the difference is very clear. I cannot remember Richt ever signing a 5 star offensive lineman, yet Smart has signed four 5 star offensive linemen in 3 classes.
Is my screen the only one showing the Alabama logo for all of the non-SEC teams?
This is why they can't have nice things like trophies.
Florida might stumble early simply because of how hyped up this whole season is, but they're still an upper level SEC team opening against an imposter ACC contender, and that means a physical thrashing.
I would rank him equally with Murray and Stafford after just 2 seasons of work, and I fully expect him to pass both based on his starting record, accuracy, and efficiency when all is said and done.
^^ And simply the fact that the only prospects that UGA seems to be going after now in the days approaching December are the nation's best--Ringo, Evans, Burch, Ricks, etc.
Automatic bid for a P5 conference is looking more and more stupid, though, given the degeneration of the Pac 12. I think if they go to 8 teams, it'll just make it 1,000x times more likely for a conference champ to get in, but not legally. Putting it in writing is a bad idea for the committee, if the top 2 teams from the SEC, ACC, Big 12, and B1G all show much better cases for their inclusion than a 9-3 Washington, for example.
Wholly inappropriate subject for him to treat so flippantly. I know we all hope and pray for the best of health for Trey, including the chance to continue to show the world his elite talent and hard work.
Tyson was banged up and Kirby has been rotating the corners throughout fall camp in order to pit them against the top receivers on the teams (and vice versa). Campbell is a 10.3 100m, 6' 200lb corner who has All-American potential and just got exposed as a true freshman playing opposite the best defensive back in the country. He is an elite talent and I think he and Stokes will be equally successful.
Nice to see Kindley get some recognition. Amazing what Pittman has done with a former 3 star who wasn't even a top 1,000 recruit. One of the best guards in the country.
Somebody ran out of ideas and thought up generic "concerns" that half the teams in the FBS have.
Too short and not fast enough. He's never going to be a Tyreek Hill or Isaiah Mckenzie.
Isn't there any way we could add another deck to the railroad tracks side of the stadium? I know the old cemetery could pose some issues, but still, I'd give anything to get 100,000 UGA fans roaring on a Saturday night between the hedges.
Replace this trash article with "literally any ACC conference game"
They're also going after Zykevious Walker a whole lot harder. Add Jordan Burch to that as well.
On the bright side, Mullen has more scholarships to recruit with if he continues his success into next season. If.
It would appear you now have your own version of Trudawg. If you ignore him then he'll probably only pop up once every two weeks or so.
Probably the kind of dad who makes you come with him to the pregame recognition of so-and-so donor.