#rudywasoffsides. People follow Danny Kannell and Joel Klatt for the same reasons that we look at car wrecks on the side of the road and watch fail videos. Cornbread is overrated; my mother's biscuits are not.
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But the CAPITALS are DIFFERENT and make his points MATTER.
So in other words, he's never had a 10 win season.
"Cause it takes a man to live; it takes a woman to make him compromise" The Lumineers' "Flower in Your Hair"
The suggestion about not letting them get offered a scholarship until essentially 6-8 months before the early signing day knocked me backward. The dumbest thing I've read all day. I kept scrolling down and reading, wondering I would find at least one viable suggestion. Holy God a'mighty, SDS never ceases to amaze me. This article sounds like a drunken conversation between Otis and Barney.
Take it to a UGA article? Gilbert could be argued for as UGA's #1 priority recruit this year, maybe alongside Kendall Milton.
Drunken Texans at a football game under the lights of Kyle Field. God help us all.
I think the Pac-12 and Big 12 will both be much worse than people think with the departures of people like Jake Browning, Kyler Murray, Marquise Brown, etc. It's a definite possibility.
True. These are the steps he has to take towards building a consistent, winning program that he can then sell to the top-tier, high-quality guys who don't hold the same risks.
Mullen has too much invested in Franks to simply throw him away, and this season is too important for him to erratically turn to Emory Jones in the middle of it. Muschamp doesn't really have any expectations placed on him for this season, and Bentley hasn't had the improvement that Franks has shown, although a small part of that is because he didn't start out as low. Therefore, Muschamp can better afford to tinker around because the stakes are lower and the potential drop-off also lower.
All he did at the time was post an encouraging remark that was positive and didn't throw shade at anyone. There is one reply, not even an original comment, on this article that could be considered a "troll".
Your racist categorizing is showing. You probably shouldn't assume a person's political beliefs based on the color of their skin.
Congrats. Our "reign" was short-lived. I wish we could focus more on not letting up on our in-state recruits and quit losing guys like Andrew Booth, Owen Pappoe, Wanya Morris, etc. I think that's what made our 2017 class so special--the saturation of in-state guys who wanted to win one for their hometown.
I would argue that Fromm didn't necessarily have the system mastered in his freshman year. He rarely approached 20 passes a game and benefited from 2 of RBU's top 5 all-time tailbacks leading the way. Whoever made the decision that led to Fields getting awkwardly inserted every 10 plays or so for an obvious running play was simply an idiot who thought they could trick him into thinking he was a primary QB or something. I still firmly believe that the best-case scenario for Justin Fields would have been to take a redshirt, back up from for his junior year, and then take over for two years as a QB experienced in the system and comfortable enough to be able to freely display his phenomenal athletic skills. Remember, Lawrence was a 4 year high school starter in a 4A classification and a two-time state champ. He threw for the most yards in Georgia high school football history. Jake was also a multi-year starter in 6A high school football who basically came a game away from putting himself as the all-time yardage leader for Georgia HSFB. Fields, albeit playing in 6A, started for less than 2 full seasons. It was natural that he would take longer to progress than those two, but he was rated the #2 overall recruit based on his incredible progression in the short time scouts had to evaluate him and his excellent performances against his peers on the camp circuit.
Eh, I would argue that had that idiot Adam Sasser not dropped a gem into Field's lap, he wouldn't have gotten the waiver based on any sort of racial preference. I think Martell's relatively unprotested gimme, for which he had no basis, shows that the NCAA simply is basing it all on money grabbing and blue bloods. They know that Fields and Martell playing ASAP will get them thousands of dollars, be it ticket sales, jerseys, etc. They looked at Ford, saw a relatively unknown player transferring back to his state school said "cui bono?", and shut him down so they could have so-called "precedent" for potential cases in the future.
Yes, because his first 3 years of head coaching definitely define his legacy, and an SEC Championship and CFP/NY6 win and NCG appearance in just his 2nd season ever head coaching are meaningless.
The effort you must put into spelling out "Floriduh" and "Sakerlina" instead of "Florida" and "South Carolina" or "UF" and "USC" is bewildering. Florida is going to win comfortably because they have a 3rd year starting QB playing against a snot-nosed brat and a first-time head coach who will be hounded by Grantham's erratic blitzing the entire game. Sure, Martell will hit a couple of highlight scramble throws, but it won't be enough, and he'll look like an idiot again.
There's always more than one pass-rushing freak in the SEC. It'll be fun to see who emerges this year. Hopefully he's wearing the red & black.
This is...a dynamic and lengthy comment. The O-line is a point for optimism, but I dare not withhold caution from any position, especially such a brutal one in the trenches. WR will be churning our stomachs for the first few games, but then I think simple survival of the fittest will spit out enough reliable, SEC-caliber targets for Fromm. Agree with the TE issue, but I still think Nauta was an idiot for leaving. I must disagree with you on Herrien vs. Holyfield. I would prefer the latter for his short field elusiveness. However, I think Cook's development and White's emergence, plus the experience of the O-line are a natural recipe for an improved rushing attack. Indeed, if Fromm goes down, so does the season.
Eh, the running game will only improve if Swift is truly at 100% and if James Cook is used effectively. I just don't see Herrien having the same bruising impact that Holyfield did last year, and until either Zamir White or Kenny McIntosh develop into a true, Bama-style bruiser, Coley will have to settle for a more spread-out rushing offense.
Wait, where do you have the basis for tha---oh, crap.