#rudywasoffsides. People follow Danny Kannell and Joel Klatt for the same reasons that we look at car wrecks on the side of the road and watch fail videos. Cornbread is overrated; my mother's biscuits are not.

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Dunno. Chaney isn't very good, but you don't have to be very good to be better than Coley at this point. Chaney also had 4 receiving threats who were draft picks.
That's where play-action pass is supposed to be the trump card, but we never use it, so c'est la vie.
Those passes were hail mary heaves that went as high as they did far. Tyrique was literally sitting in the endzone waiting for it. It's like playing jackpot.
Now I don't have to scroll through five-paragraph dissertations that I've seen twenty times already.
Ah yes, the unstoppable ones. 1. Handoff up the gut off left guard. 2. Handoff up the gut off right guard. 3. Bubble screen to Butterfigners Simmons. 4. Jet sweep to Butterfingers Simmons. 5. 4 go routes on 3rd & long. What, can't Fromm fit it in that microscopic window?
God, what a smashmouth, boring game though.
I'd take a rural existence like that over anything in the city. I grew up on a farm in Georgia and then lived on the river for a couple of years. Would give anything to live that life again. When I was younger I could never fall asleep in hotel rooms because I was hearing the noise of traffic, not yelping coyotes and hooting owls.
So glad he's alright. Wonderful example of faith & temperance in a hectic, angry world.
Something that hasn't been discussed is how many tackles we miss in the backfield. Seems like every few plays we have a free defender who crashes in and then completely whiffs on the TFL/sack. If I posted all the other concerns I have then I'd be here all day.
In the final waning minutes of the mudshow, we started running off tackle to the perimeter and by God it was productive. Yes, Kentucky's mediocre front 7 was getting worn out, but it was a lot more encouraging than plunging up between the guards over and over. I wonder what a play-action pass looks like. I remember seeing some grainy 2017 film on it. Seems so long ago when Jake would fake the handoff, turn, and drop a dime.
Tyrie was literally pulling his neck from behind for 30+ yards.
My new nightmare is that if we by some heavenly miracle (knock on wood) manage to somehow make it to the SECCG, this means he could potentially reaggravate it, and then a backup could come in the 4th quarter and...oh God, I'm hyperventilating.
Shows what happens when you use the perimeter rushing game and allow guys like Isaiah Wilson, Andrew Thomas, etc., to move around and find someone to flatten.
Evidently it wouldn't take much to kick yours given how much you want it coddled by the mean, ugly world of real life.
Impressive. Feel like Houston Barber must've contributed to this. Or they just copied replies from around Twitter.
A grandfather of mine used to work as a pheasant hunting guide for a ranch in the Dakotas. An uncle of mine who breeds field trial dogs would occasionally send some up there for hunting as well. Not sure what else there is to do besides that in the Dakotas besides freeze to death.
At this point, Fromm vs. Trask might be the best WLOCP QB matchup since 2012. Both teams have good pass defenses. Florida has a massive WR advantage, and UGA has a respectable RB advantage.
Oh. Oh, God. Oh my God, that's actually possible. Hey, did you guys see Anthony Edwards play?
You act like he dragged him all around the sideline by the ear and cussed out his mother. Guarantano executed it like a bumbling idiot. If he can't take some in-game criticism, then God help that kid.
"Because the Lions are often behind in games, Stafford has regularly put up stats late in games that have largely been decided. He makes a lot of throws against defenses that may have relaxed their alignment. Pass-favorable rule changes have also played a part in Stafford and other modern quarterbacks posting more yards than earlier generations." Oh for God's sake, get a life. Stafford has spent his entire career regularly playing against injuries on an inept team that has never really had a prominent run game for him to lean on, nor a stellar offensive line, nor any All-Pro type receivers after Calvin Johnson's retirement. His achievement is exeomplary and he earned it. No one is claiming he's the best QB in the NFL or even top 5.
Fields also probably takes a sack, tucks and runs for no gain, misses a read, and throws a pick. Get out of here with that. They almost didn't run a single pass play the entire 3rd quarter.
Demetris Robertson is probably a sub 11 100m guy and a freshman All-American, yet deep balls to him? Never called.
I mean, Coley isn't a very elite recruiter, though. The main reason we didn't hang on to Chaney was because he's not worth $1 million a year. If you look deeply into it, Kirby and his assistants have worked wonders with some "development projects". Solomon Kindley was a low, low 3 star and is now a top level SEC guard. JR Reed is a potential All-American and is a former 2 star transfer. Eric Stokes is a lockdown corner and was a late 3-star pickup. Jordan Davis was an overweight 3-star and heavily contributed as a freshman. Tae Crowder is a former 3-star running back. The caveat? All but one of those guys are on defense, where Kirby helps out in practice every day. So yes, he does need to find a better developer for offense, but to say Kirby himself can't develop players is a joke. Kirby was a defensive coordinator and he is developing defensive players at a fantastic level. Mullen was an offensive coordinator and he's done a fine job developing offensive players. Coley calls plays and trains the QBs. Fromm is still playing at a high level, so I don't think he managed to bungle that up.
So let me get this straight--someone actually went up to the SDS editors and said "hey, let me use feces, middle fingers, pie charts, and gold medals to describe college football performances each week! It'll be fantastic!"
We really need Tyson Campbell back. DJ hasn't necessarily struggled, but Campbell is really good in perimeter run stopping, and that'll be essential in containing Florida.
Hooker said "I/I'm/me/my" nineteen times in the article. A month ago he was proclaiming that Pruitt is a bumbling redneck who should be replaced by Fulmer immediately. After an interesting hiatus from aggressive opinion articles, he now emerges from the basement to write a bumbling, awkwardly written, repetitive piece that basically says he agrees with 90% of SEC fans that Pruitt's facemask grab wasn't a big deal.
Oh sure, he's definitely "pleased". Coley's coaching for his job from here on out and everybody knows it, regardless of whether or not Kirby says so in public.
Their defense copied and pasted USC's defensive gameplan, and had it not been for a shanked punt and a fumble, it would've worked beautifully.