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It has JT's dad explaining why Kirby hasn't played him until now, noting how he was putting JT's health first and foremost. Just because you're medically cleared doesn't mean you're healthy enough to play.
Because I enjoy conversing with the other fans and Neil Blackmon while craptalking Chris's betting advice.
a) Multiple insider reports on sites FAR more reliable than SDS. b) His own father telling media literally this weekend that he was thankful to Kirby for "putting his health first" and "not rushing him out there too soon". You people act like JT was 100% fully ready to go but that Kirby was somehow obstinately benching him to prove a point to a bunch of talking coneheads.
He wasn't healthy enough to start 2 weeks ago. He is now. He still isn't 100%, but he's healthy enough to start. Satisfied?
It was health. Why is this so hard for everyone to accept? He was STILL limping some on Saturday night, and yet no one can accept the simple answer.
"The hiring of his friend James Coley in 2018 to coach quarterbacks (and co-coordinate the offense), when he needed an experienced teacher and developer of talent (not a like mind) to help him choose between Jake Fromm and Justin Fields." Well for one thing, idiot, Jim Chaney was the OC that year and I can assure you he and Kirby were the ones deciding between Fromm and Fields. It's honestly just laughable reading this temper-tantrum by a pathetic nobody of a blog writer railing at Kirby, as if he was just sitting in his office, head in the sand, refusing to play a totally healthy and game-ready 5-star because he wanted to prove the Matt Hayes and Chris Wrights of the world wrong. Really? The ego amongst some college football writers is simply insufferable. Daniels went out of his way to mention how his health and ability improved substantially since the Arkansas game, and then his dad in a separate interview said Kirby put JT's health first and foremost and "didn't rush him out there too soon". However, another week goes by, and another opportunity for the writers of this toilet bowl of a site to prove their general ineptitude and desperate clinging to easy narratives, whether it's Kirby and the QB position or some other hot topic.
I disagree...practically every report about his performance coming out of practices mentioned his football IQ and high performance in the meetings and playbook tests & such. Is he at Jake Fromm's presnap level? I doubt it, but we have every reason to believe he's just as competent in the system as Mathis or Bennett. A lot of the galloping charge plays last night were from MSU playing cover zero in a successful effort to continue stymieing the run game. MSU is probably one of the only teams in the conference that you can eke out a struggle win with 8 yards rushing, though. Truly pathetic.
Chris making outlandish predictions and inferences from single-game performances or cloudy team situations is sort of a tradition around here.
Heck, programs have been poaching the West Coast since before Najee Harris left California for T-town.
"But it’s absolutely true that I’ve progressed a good amount since then and we’re still progressing every week to try to get to full strength and full health back." --JT Daniels, on Ron Courson and him working on his rehab.
I don't care. Just move on and take this game as it is--a single game against a depleted, horrible team where your new QB played very well, but your running game and defense played awfully. You've found a QB, now move on and focus on improving the rest of the team.
Dear God. Everyone should've known this eruption of overreactions would occur. If you think Monken wasn't given a say in who started at the position then you simply have no clue how paying an NFL coordinator $1 million-plus a year works. Kirby didn't play JT for a reason, and to think that JT would perform the same two weeks ago against Florida is idiotic.
Yep. Lanning's playcalling looks lost out there without Richie captaining the back end.
Because the Florida game was two weeks ago, and JT was still walking tepidly some tonight?
It shows you that at the end of the day Kirby is right for harping on offensive balance and defense, because even when your QB puts on the best performance at the position your school has had since the 2018 SECCG, you still nearly lose to a pathetic team.
1. JT shocked me with his outing. I expected a low-attempt, awkward, mediocre stat line with flashes of talent. He was consistent, but I heard he did seem to be limping some for those ready to crucify Kirby for not playing him earlier. Just gotta keep him healthy and make sure that level can translate to higher level opponents than the 3rd worst team in the league. 2. Most pathetic o-line effort I've seen all year and it's not even close. Justin Shaffer put up one of the worst performances I've seen from a single player this season. 3. Defensive playcalling just refused to adjust one bit for the incessant 6 yard hitches over the middle. Excruciating to watch, and unacceptable given the multitude of mediocre squads that had completely shut down MSU all year. I will give credit to Will Rogers' decision making. Very calm for a true freshman. In conclusion, JT was pleasantly surprising, but it's too early to judge, and I'm simply baffled this team wasn't blown out Bryant-Denny by 40 points instead of 20. Goes to show how crucial Richie is to the defense I guess? I have no idea.
He looks good so far, but keep in mind the quality of opponent...apparently the defense hasn't.
Yeah, he's projected at ILB. 247's position rankings are whack sometimes.
Arkansas is the 2nd best team in the SEC West. Change my mind, Aggies.
Well, it took an injury to Feleipe Franks of all people for Mullen to actually play Trask, so maybe you should sit this one out before casting stones about QB utilization.
As much as Negan runs his mouth, that shrink should be able to rack up plenty of paid hours just listening to him ramble.
And prior to 2010, Auburn hadn't won one since the Korean War... Has Auburn ever had a 45 game streak as a top 10 team? You may rag on UGA for never winning the big one, but you're out of contention for even playing for the big one by midseason the majority of the years.
I specficially meant ILB. Since they only signed Sherman last year (who's probably playing OLB anyway), that meant in 2022 when Nakobe, Walker, and Tindall are gone, you're down to Rian Davis and Trezmen Marshall, both of whom have been hampered by injuries and seen very little action. UGA needed a true stud to come in behind Dean specifically at ILB and this keeps the high talent level up at the position. Chambliss is also playing OLB.
Point. But Richie was Kirby's commit, singlehandedly brought in that crucial 2017 in-state haul, could've gone to the draft last year but didn't, etc.