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That'd be an awesome fit. If we have to lose him it might as well be to the PittBoss.
The weird remark about Cal's competition is pretty silly considering Daniels shredded every SEC defense he ever faced. 70% CMP for 1,353 yards, 15 TDs, 3 INTs, in 6 SEC games.
What might have been. Sucks he was plagued by the injury bug. Cold blooded, talented, unselfish individual. He'll go be someone else's Huckleberry.
Someone's butthurt that a tweener DE/OLB and a gutsy white B1G DE totally supplanted him as the permier edge rushers in CFB over the course of three months.
Has to be one of Saban's best head coaching jobs. If you had watched that team against LSU, then told me they'd lose Metchie and Williams and still play close for the natty, I'd be shocked.
I'd rather play in the natty and lose by 100 than sit at home unranked.
I have a relative who currently attends UGA and they said the Spike Squad isn't the most beloved student org by their peers.
How in God's name is that Michigan fanboy verified with just 233 followers? Twitter is psychotic.
Again, Bennett's scrambling ability continues to be overrated.
Bennett's "mobility" is one of the most overrated, non-existent factors in college football this year.
Remember when all the Florida fans on this website were trying to argue for Dan as a superior head coach to Kirby? Good times.
Short, mediocre arm strength, doesn't see the field well, and if he gets out of rhythm, makes some boneheaded throws downfield.
That seems to send a message on the kind of game they want to play tomorrow.
Jeez, you'd think it was a 21 point spread from the way Hooker is acting. This is an even matchup between two outstanding teams, and it'll be strength on strength for the most part except for the teams' OLs vs their DLs. Dawgs gotta score to win, and that's with a midget QB who has like a 10-5 TD-INT ratio in conference play.
What a clown, putting the Iron Bowl and Cocktail party behind Jim Harbaugh's annual fail fest.
What a loser mentioning NCs when he was an assistant coach.
Two annoying fanbases with a game that will have the exact same result as it's had for the past decade.
Jameson Williams is an incredible player but dear Lord, Dave Hooker writes with the literary capacity of a fifth grader.
Is this RayUGA's SDS burner account?
If this doesn't earn a permanent ban from this website, I don't know what does. Vile, disgusting, and an insult to all parties involved in this tragedy, regardless of who is at fault.
NFL quarterbacks are the most coddled player on any field and it's ridiculous.
I see you're desperately attaching yourself to a Georgia sports team with your username since you have nothing else meaningful to cheer for.
So was the last time you even played for an SEC Championship, cellar dweller.
He got bailed out on two horrible throws to Burton and Bowers. He's not a terrible backup, but JT is still clearly not fully 100% coming off his injury. The rust showed, and we desperately need him to get back into working shape before the stretch run.
Wait GODDANGIT he's the running back. My cocky snobbery has really put my foot in my mouth.