The only thing I hate more than lying is skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk.

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Hm, well, maybe my recency bias with the NFL success of guys like Justin Houston and Alec Ogletree and the draft levels of Roquan and Leonard Floyd is playing a role.
The federal government currently operates at 1 trillion dollars beyond its means. What in God's name makes you think they're going to successfully operate an extremely expensive national healthcare system without racketing up even more debt? What happens when Bernie leaves office?
Florida at LBs is a joke. That would be Alabama with UGA as a fairly distant second. Special teams is extremely vague.
Well, that's a good point, we shouldn't revert to feelings and emotions to determine how we fix things, but in my mind, the federal government's stark record of abysmal budgeting and fiscal responsibility should take it out of the picture as a viable option for handling the healthcare of 300 million people.
It's an SEC conference game. It most certainly affects the standings. Nick Fairley and Cam Newton ensured that Auburn would be a hairsbreadth below Florida as the biggest game of the year for me personally.
2012 and 2017. 2013 also sucked because of how close Aaron Murray came to winning the game anyway after the play.
I just don't understand why we have to turn over an entire industry to the federal government to control and be expected to properly budget for without at least taking steps to instead modify the industry so as to encourage companies to improve the consumer experience and hence make it more available and better for everybody. It seems cheaper and less complicated. I just know that the government has a horrible record of properly budgeting for its different expenditures and I see no reason to expect anything different simply because a candidate says they plan to keep it financed with its means.
Georgia-Auburn hasn't lost a bit of its luster nor importance. God, I hate Auburn. Flipping 11 3 and outs.
No, it makes sense, especially now that spring practice has been eliminated, and heck, I wouldn't expect any team to win an SEC division 4 years in a row. It's just way, way, way too difficult, especially after replacing your 3-year veteran QB, bookend tackles, and overall, 9 offenses starters, plus your leading ILB and stud safety on defense. Newman's drawn a tough deck with COVID19.
When I saw the thumbnail picture I was like "LOL, what a dumb take I forgot about", but honestly in retrospect it only seemed dumb because of the fact that literally every single Auburn fan here disagreed with you, even though it semi-logical on the outside given the unknowns surrounding Auburn's QB room.
So, your next resort is to project our cursed struggles against St. Nick as something that somehow makes a difference between UGA and UF?
Yes, thank you for your kindhearted reminder, Patricia.
Literally nobody remembers that play nor ever will.
Sorry, posted this on the wrong thread yesterday: Wharton estimated financing M4A with Bernie’s proposed payroll tax proportional to a worker’s income would decrease GDP by ~15% by 2060. Deficit financing, which given the federal government’s spending record is the most likely, could potentially shrink GDP by 24% by 2060. I get what you're saying, but I just really don't think completely overturning an entire industry to the government to suddenly take charge of everybody's healthcare is a good idea. I would much rather start by trying to change our current system so it isn't several massive healthcare corporations who can raise prices at will. I'd like a private healthcare system that encourages competitive pricing to provide easier access. What happens if the federal government has to keep hiking taxes to fund M4A?
Put a basketball player in there instead, I guess. Not Davis, though.
Gee Connor, thanks so much for bringing this ray of sunshine into our lives right now.
To each their own...but if Tannehill is worth $30 million or whatever it was then Jake Fromm is worth an early 2nd round draft pick. Honestly it's hard to properly evaluate Fromm or Dak given the curse laid on both their respective teams.
It varies school to school, though--Clemson usually has the majority of their class, and mostly blue-chip, elite recruits, locked in well before ESD.
Herschel Walker, Tim Tebow, Bo Jackson, and Nick Saban.
Wharton estimated financing M4A with Bernie's proposed payroll tax proportional to a worker's income would decrease GDP by ~15% by 2060. Deficit financing, which given the federal government's spending record is the most likely, could potentially shrink GDP by 24% by 2060.
It's not just the money that Bernie's plan will cost the federal government though, even though thinking that a government which currently runs a trillion dollar deficit will properly budget out MFA is extremely optimistic--it's the money that his plan will cost the economy.
Should've gotten DROTY, but he wasn't necessarily unblockable at UK in 2018--UGA held him to 3 tackles and zero QB pressures.
Patrick Reed above Nick Chubb and others is laughable, and it's already disgusting that you would tie that thieving punk to a university he was kicked out of in disgrace. There's absolutely no reason to tie Kyler Murray to TAMU either. Putting a rookie baseball player above guys like Julio Jones, Stephon Gilmore, and Alvin Kamara is also extremely premature.
A big man? Like a larger sized basketball player to protect the paint? Those exist? Dang, Crean, you almost had me fooled.
I think we can agree Maravich was horrendously underrated and that we can say so without taking a shot at the UCONN girl. I don't know why ESPN couldn't just make two separate brackets considering they're basically two different sports.