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Bleich may have not been faking injuries, but it's a little suspicious that his "family matters" occurred right around the time he lost his playing time.
This was a weird, vague article that tried to link defensive composure and social justice efforts to a team's chance for a national championship, when said team has to replace 9 offensive starters, the OC, and the OL coach.
Except they're not making a fuss, and I agree with your COVID-eligibility remark.
He transferred out of his home state solely due to the lack of playing time. No coaching change, no family sickness that anyone's aware of, no major injury, no homesickness, etc. I really really liked the kid but it's discouraging that the NCAA leaves this as the main door open for getting eligibility. Should've granted him the waiver due to the COVID circumstances.
I assume you're implying that Kirby's "preexisting relationships" that he brought over from Alabama have practically zero effect in recruiting now, yes? Those ties ended with the 2018 class in all practicality. The kids being recruited now were in middle school when Kirby was coaching at Alabama. So too, within the next year or two Mullen's roster deficiencies at Florida have all but been resolved by his sharp uptick in well-rounded recruiting compared to McElwain's.
These false positives might make some people tear their hair out if they aren't resolved in time. No, I'm not some conspiracy clinger who thinks false positives make up a majority of COVID tests or whatever.
That MSU team finished 10-3. If that factoid is considered credible evidence, then there's a whole lot more on both sides' arguments we should make room for.
Ok, so it seems safety has more room for improvement than the ILBs?
The trio of Herring, Walker, & Davis is a very satisfactory lineup. Can't help but be concerned about the depth behind them, though.
Well geez, why don't you just round them up like a bunch of steers for branding and tagging while you're at it?
What's the middle of that defense (ILBs and safeties) look like to Florida fans? @Nash or whoever.
"These guys are as safe as any in the nation". Next sentence: "if they lost this one particular game in a hectic, unforeseen season, their fanbases will start grumbling". Really?
He and Schumann are key to UGA's defensive success on all levels on and off the field.
True, I think we forgot about Sankey's calm leadership once the season got underway.
Half of these wouldn't really even be "upsets", let along "biggest upsets". Jeez.
I think you're underselling just how much LSU has to replace by placing them above Florida.
It's not a crapshoot at all. There's a direct correlation between player rankings and their likelihood of college & NFL success. The fact is, though, that when you're evaluating over 3,000 high school players, you're bound to overlook some candidates and overrate others. Martell was an exceptional example due to the fact that he was babied and coddled on an enormously successful high school team, contributing to a massively inflated and fragile ego. Short answer: yeah, he's a spoiled brat who benefited from a stacked high school team.
If the Big 10 gets excluded from the playoff that would be the most satisfying thing of 2020.
I wouldn't mind wearing the regular black jerseys against Auburn this year.
I'm totally shocked that Michael Bratton went out of his way to compile rival fans' (mostly Vol fans) disparaging remarks on UGA's new uniforms and compile into an "article".
Seth Emerson left Dawgnation to work for the Athletic and that was a sore blow. The former hasn't been the same site since.
True--the matchup between Georgia's second-level D and Florida's pass catchers will be so interesting. How does Kirby scheme for Pitts while trying to stop a probably improved run-game. If UGA dials up more pressure this year, how does a pocket-style Trask respond?
Too much going on with the black jersey. Take off the spike collar. Narrow the stripe on the red pants and take off the stupid 40th anniversary patch that's the size of of a dinner plate. Other than that, sure, let's wear the white against Arkansas and the black versus a minor opponent at home. Thinking Vandy.
That makes no sense. Georgia plays Alabama on the road and Auburn at home. Florida plays LSU at home and TAMU on the road. Pretty obvious imbalance. As for your idiotic point about Kirby--no, the same thing can't be said. He's beaten Mullen 3 times and won his division those same three years. The former has never won a conference division nor beaten UGA as a head coach. I'm giving a massive amount of leeway as it is by basically discounting those 3 losses because of the general state of MSU and what he walked into at Florida.
Ah, ok that's a good point, and I think similar to the one I'm making--Florida's continuity on offense gives them a much better chance at scoring points in what probably will be a hard-fought, low scoring Cocktail Party.
Ok, UF's 2019 defense wasn't shabby, but please give UGA some credit and don't compare the two as complete equals.