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If it's 43-57, then it means that a lot of games we should be winning comfortably are coming down to the wire, or worse.
No it wasn't. From a neutral standpoint, the Clemson last second one is probably the favorite of most non-SEC fans, even if it happened thanks to a very sketchy pick play.
Deebo played WR, but Joyner did do very well at the Opening along with Fields. Georgia was chasing after him for a while when our 2018 recruiting class was an unholy mess.
Ok, but you have to admit his bad performances are still on a much broader scale. He's simply far too inconsistent, and he doesn't have the talent around him that Kellen will.
Tua isn't just "good". He simply put up those mind-boggling numbers for so long that everyone got bored about them and started to take them for granted. Yes, he played like a flustered freshman from the Pac 12 in the SECCG and NCG, but he's definitely a step above "good".
Well, what do you think would be adequate housing standards for the children? I have heard (I cannot provide sources for this hearsay, though) that some of the facilities are a complete step above and provide things like playrooms, daycare type classes, etc., so I do think that the general "they're sticking them in cages" stereotype (not insinuating that that's your belief) is somewhat overused and inaccurate. I am, however, interested in your opinion of what our housing standards for illegal immigrant children should be.
You poor child, you didn't understand the explanation at all.
"Sure this isn't normal, but let's be honest, your team sucks and none of you care about basketball anyway, so let's move on, shall we?"
This is just an awful situation--no details whatsoever so we have no idea who's at fault, and it's throwing a wrench into Syracuse's season.
Have fun looking stupid and being continually incapable of presenting coherent arguments based on logic and stats.
1. Most SEC fans are Southern. 2. Most Southerners are conservative. 3. It would be a funny, sarcastic remark to "blame the liberals" for something totally unrelated to politics, so he did so, basing it off the general SEC fan stereotype.
Puma? Puma is a joke as well, and they don't sponsor NBA players.
First of all, the general abortion stance in this country is split evenly enough that I think labeling my position as "unconventional" is a little absurd. Second of all, you're right, I was stupid in asserting that it is a "baby" that is deserving of human rights and life--I personally believe that all human life is deserving of such, starting at conception, but since I was dumb enough to not clarify my position from the outset, I think the moral discrepancies would prevent us from making any progress on that front, and like you said, our opinions on human rights are apparently irrelevant. Plus, that begins a rabbit trail of debating what defines "human life". Now, back to the original subject. (my apologies for leaving it at all) If the basic survival needs are "too low" for you, then have fun paying for middle-class housing facilities for illegal immigrants while our ridiculously clogged up and poorly managed immigrant court system continues to plod along. However, I did like your points about the money allotment to CBP, and it gave me something to think about.
Your school mascot is a chicken and your fans throw trash on the field during field goal attempts. Try to win the conference at least once before you start offering your opinion.
Ah yes, the perils of getting smacked over the head by a 6 oz. furry toy.
I love how you assume I condone and support irrelevant namecalling by anyone simply because their avatar is the same as mine.
This is kind of unrelated, but the ridiculously small margin for such an old rivalry is incredible, and I think it's one of the biggest reasons that the cross-divisional games should be left alone.
It merely reflects back on your character for constantly having to revert to that as your response to any argument or position you disagree with.
I suh-wear to God, this better be just giving him time to gather up and leave and UGA time to find a replacement.