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I don't know if I have seen one UGA fan turn on Eason. In fact the majority of us can't wait to see him play at Washington this year. I know I'll be tuning in every game I can. However UGARMYRet made valid points to Eason's arm. He is all power and no touch on short to intermediate passes. The guy can throw a rocket downfield which he showed several times but could not finesse a bubble screen or back shoulder fade to save his life
1. Our losses to AU, LSU and UT have one thing in common, Chaney is clueless at adjusting to all out blitzes. UT did t even disguise it. 2. This squad didn’t even try. Kirby wasn’t motivated, he should’ve been all over Camarda after downing the first punt and shanking the second punt. When LeCount missed his 5th tackle that went for a big gain Kirby should’ve lit his tail up. That’s only two examples, there were several more in which Kirby didn’t care and just gave a “Richt” pat on the helmet. (Looking at you Swift) 3. Texas whipped our butts up and down the field. Credit to them.
I can’t tell you man. I only speak for myself. Do I browse other articles? Most certainly but I usually only comment on UGA articles because that’s the team I follow and know enough to form an opinion worth voicing. You have every right to comment my man, but understand that teams fans will argue for their team no matter how irrational said argument may be. If the shoe was on the other foot you would be posting belligerently that Bama didn’t get in.
BamaTime I have an honest question. No trolling intended but why do I see your name commenting on most of the articles written from a UGA point of view? It's like you are dumbfounded when you see UGA fans actually supporting and making arguments for our team... If we finally get over the Bama hurdle and beat y'all the melt from you guys will be delicious.
Christ use your heads people. Jake Fromm is NFL bound after next year. Which means there is absolutely ZERO logic to Fields transferring next year. If he does he has to sit out a year in which he WOULD be playing at UGA. There is not a quicker path to a starting role anywhere...
Lol get out of here troll. Poor auburn fans making Bama accounts to troll
Interest of Notre Dame? I firmly remember us taking over Notre Dame's stadium in South Bend last year. You'd think a program with such a prestigious and lauded following would be able to suppress away crowds at home....
UK beating Fla is a bigger deal than Bama-Citadel tied at half. Nobody will remember the latter a year from now.
My point being is this is #1 vs #4 and should be treated as if it were a de facto playoff game. Winner is in and loser is eliminated, plain and simple.
“you know that game that y’all played in Atlanta? Yeah, it didn’t really matter. Let’s do it again and we’ll count it this time.” This exact same thought process should be considered if UGA wins.
Notice how no sports journalists seem to care when the East has a significantly better record vs the West, yet when the results are flipped they don't shut up about it. Smh
Jadon is not a must have due to us having Blaylock. Now if we were to lose the latter then we are in trouble.
I will be honest, after the UF game I thought Kirby was forcing Chaney to call the power runs and sneaks at the goal line but after Kirby almost broke his headset in two at Kentucky I am 100% positive that it is all on Chaney.
Spread em out at the goal line. Single Back Bunch Sets are not working and neither is the sneak. Use the pistol read-option with Fromm or Fields and spread your receivers out to create space.
Wow, completely forgot about Briles. If that could work out that would be a darn good staff.
Could not agree more. Maybe that was the wake-up call to Chaney that Nauta is a d*mn good weapon. Would love to see red zone packages utilize him. But we beat Florida by 19 so I am happy.
Boooooooooooooooooo! Neck is great as is Dixieland Delight at Bama. Let the fans play AD.
Someone once told me if you score more points than the other team you win. So let's just do that.
I agree, while UGA has looked sloppy to the eye they still are beating every team by multiple scores. Ditto on all the other teams you mentioned as well.
Just a shot in the dark here but I think it has 100% to do with the offense. UGA has a couple receivers who were once 5 stars and if I recall, only once has one hit the 100yd mark this year. If I was a stud receiver I wouldn't want to play in Kirby's offense neither.
As for defensive player I would like to point out that UGA has led in every game but one in the last two years and has a CB that hasn't given up a TD pass last year or this year. I'd say that's pretty darn good for a defense that plays with a lead more often than not and therefore has to defend the pass.
I think it's ignorant to not realize that teams who have made the playoff in the last two years automatically get preference the next year. Like it or not that's just how it is. So with that said, the pollsters are not going to move UGA or Bama until they lose or barely eek out a win against a vastly inferior team. LSU is capable of being the team to beat one of them and they have yet to make the playoff so there is no reason to place them there until they prove it.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact they will play the #1 and #2 teams in the country. My point being is why move them up now when they can play their way into that spot by beating UGA and Bama. Also there is zero reason not to assume Bama is the #1 team in the country.
Very well could be, but this same thing happened up at Mizzou with the sluggish start and sloppy play. This is normal for a young team, but we need to grow up fast before we drop a game we shouldn't. Kentucky and Florida will be no cakewalk. Not to mention we still have LSU and Auburn.