Larry Culpepper

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Here we go again. Please keep pushing this and please put your money on LSU when the game is played Mr. Hayes
Nah, Kentucky will mop the floor with Bama. You guys don't have Metchie or Jamo. By all accounts that means you can't field a competent offense iirc.
Analysts "UGA hasn't played anyone, let's pump the breaks" even though we beat Oregon who just beat BYU. Those same analysts "UT has looked really good against even worse teams than UGA has played, they could really shake things up this year"
Lol I remember UGA skull dragging Bama in the 4th quarter of the natty last year. Seems it has stuck with you
This is a weird melt. Bama fans told me all offseason they couldn't win without Metchie or Williams so I don't know why you're so confident this year...
I remember being bummed we missed out on Cain and very saddened when Emery de-committed and went to LSU. Both guys had so much potential
He picked off Manning as well. I want to say he held a interceptions in a season record for quite some time
I write that in response to other trolls. I don't go willingly trolling other fans my man
Apologies UF fans for all the UGA trolls. I just came here to see how you guys were looking and found nothing but troll comments. Nothing wrong with being positive after the spring game
Just like everyone said we had missed our window when you guys had a helluva year with Kyle Trask. That was year 5 for Kirby and it was playoff or bust and our doom was on the horizon because Florida was the new perennial power in the East.
lol it's 100% playoff or bust. Give him the same treatment Kirby had after year 3. Jimbo is in year 5. SEC Championship with a playoff appearance is a must at this point.
lol the whole "everyone pays for players but my university" schtick is so asinine. UF would definitely have paid big money for Fred Taylor. I wish UGA would've paid more.
Don't try and be reasonable with Gator fans. They're still living in 2008
All he cares about is sack numbers and personal accolades. Which is fine if you're putting in the work and those come as a byproduct but otherwise you just hurt the team as a whole.
yes but he had lost his starting job by the time he transferred out. He didn't have the motor or the stamina to stay on the field. Simply got outworked. He hasn't changed at UF either. Everytime we play you guys I key in on him for obvious reasons and he still does not set the edge against the run, over commits on angles and refuses to chase down a play after it has passed him.
Bennett is a solid qb. He is in no way an NFL caliber backup nor is he a gamechanger.
You guys are almost a lock to win it this year. Hopefully we can make it interesting but you have the cards stocked in your favor. Best of luck and hope to see you in the SECCG
Good get cajuns. This is who I wanted us to go after.
Forbes was actually interested but WF just locked him down so now I'm really pulling for McMahon
I would like to see UGA and Bama before the SECCG and Natty respectively.
Look he made a business decision for himself. That's free agency in CFB. Bama will no doubt give him better stats and he'll be targeted more frequently in their offense and that's okay. Burton did a great job while he was here let's just hope he can stay healthy and get to the league. Go Dawgs.