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And UGA was down 10 points going into the 4th quarter against LSU last year. Yet you won't find a single UGA fan dispute that we got blown out. You Florida fans are ridiculous if you think you didn't get blown out.
Hmmmm Sounds like someone is planting seeds to be Arkansas next head coach
We have said this every single year under Kirby. Then when it comes time to execute in the 2nd half against Bama we can't run the ball and our passing game goes mute. Our routes will always be vanilla. The whole objective is to get the ball to athletes in space. The problem is our idea of "space" is swing passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. Those work against inferior teams but not against teams with similar athletes on defense.
Chaney will be good for UT. Just as he was good for UGA. Just don't expect him to be lights out a la Lincoln Riley or Jimbo Fisher. He is a solid OC with his fair share of advantages and disadvantages. I think most UGA fans would agree that we didn't hate to see him leave but we didn't love it either.
@GatorFan9696 I will say that I honestly don't know what to expect from Coley. I was not thrilled with his promotion to be frank however the talent we have amassed in Athens (O-Line in particular) coupled with Fromm's maturity should be enough to overcome a sub-par OC but we shall see. As long as he mixes up the inside/outside runs and allows Fromm to throw more downfield as opposed to those stupid WR screen/out routes I think he will succeed.
The Defense has absolutely nothing to do with the Offense going from cruising in the first half to stuck in the mud in the second half/4th quarter of both games. That was all on Chaney not adjusting to Bama's defensive adjustments. Bama is not the only games where this happened, it was consistent across the board.
IIRC it was Geoff Collins who turned Ms. State's defense around and Grantham just came in towards the tail end?
The new website format is terrible. Way to stay regressive SDS.
We don't overlook our sec opponents like Vandy and Mizzou. Unlike others
I love the persistence and determination matthew. Keep it up
Also it would be fair to point out the year we did out-recruit Saban, Bama had a limited number of scholarships to offer and were inherently at a disadvantage.
Don't mean to rain on your parade here Tim but the last 3 years we have been out-recruited by Saban twice. Need to beat them more than once in order to gloat.
lol at your name and your immediate excuse about your secondary being beat up. What about your offense??? How come they couldn't hang when we started going in dry on you gayturds?? Isn't Mullen the offensive guru? Smh
Then they will lose the incentive of getting lower level donors to increase their annual donations. What those lower donors do not realize is that the 1% will just increase theirs as well in order to keep their spots so in the end nothing changes but UGA's revenue. It's just good business.
Nah, he 100% knew what he was doing with the attendance number. There is also a precedent because he did the EXACT same thing at MState for Olemiss. This is Dan doing damage control because he is currently drowning in a steaming pile of poo that he created.
I don't know if I have seen one UGA fan turn on Eason. In fact the majority of us can't wait to see him play at Washington this year. I know I'll be tuning in every game I can. However UGARMYRet made valid points to Eason's arm. He is all power and no touch on short to intermediate passes. The guy can throw a rocket downfield which he showed several times but could not finesse a bubble screen or back shoulder fade to save his life
1. Our losses to AU, LSU and UT have one thing in common, Chaney is clueless at adjusting to all out blitzes. UT did t even disguise it. 2. This squad didn’t even try. Kirby wasn’t motivated, he should’ve been all over Camarda after downing the first punt and shanking the second punt. When LeCount missed his 5th tackle that went for a big gain Kirby should’ve lit his tail up. That’s only two examples, there were several more in which Kirby didn’t care and just gave a “Richt” pat on the helmet. (Looking at you Swift) 3. Texas whipped our butts up and down the field. Credit to them.
I can’t tell you man. I only speak for myself. Do I browse other articles? Most certainly but I usually only comment on UGA articles because that’s the team I follow and know enough to form an opinion worth voicing. You have every right to comment my man, but understand that teams fans will argue for their team no matter how irrational said argument may be. If the shoe was on the other foot you would be posting belligerently that Bama didn’t get in.
BamaTime I have an honest question. No trolling intended but why do I see your name commenting on most of the articles written from a UGA point of view? It's like you are dumbfounded when you see UGA fans actually supporting and making arguments for our team... If we finally get over the Bama hurdle and beat y'all the melt from you guys will be delicious.
Christ use your heads people. Jake Fromm is NFL bound after next year. Which means there is absolutely ZERO logic to Fields transferring next year. If he does he has to sit out a year in which he WOULD be playing at UGA. There is not a quicker path to a starting role anywhere...
Lol get out of here troll. Poor auburn fans making Bama accounts to troll
Interest of Notre Dame? I firmly remember us taking over Notre Dame's stadium in South Bend last year. You'd think a program with such a prestigious and lauded following would be able to suppress away crowds at home....
UK beating Fla is a bigger deal than Bama-Citadel tied at half. Nobody will remember the latter a year from now.
My point being is this is #1 vs #4 and should be treated as if it were a de facto playoff game. Winner is in and loser is eliminated, plain and simple.
“you know that game that y’all played in Atlanta? Yeah, it didn’t really matter. Let’s do it again and we’ll count it this time.” This exact same thought process should be considered if UGA wins.