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These predictions must have come from a Mizzou hater because they are ridiculous. Georgia, Vandy, and Arkansas are all home games that I don't see us losing. Vandy is never that good and Georgia has a new coach. I think West Virginia is a very winnable game and so is Florida coming off a bye week. If Tennessee is as overrated as I believe they are, by the time we play them they will be so deflated that they won't be up for the challenge. I can't see Mizzou with less than 8 wins and a strong possibility of 10 or 11 if they play well.
Tennessee is massively overrated every year (very similar to Notre Dame) and they always find a way to disappoint their fans and prove the "experts" wrong. With their schedule as it is I can see them going anywhere from 8-4 down to 6-6 depending on how the Virginia Tech and Missouri games go, neither of which will be easy games contrary to popular belief. Their toughest stretch is a four game stretch against Florida, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama. I don't see them beating Georgia and A&M on the road or Bama at home. Florida will be a tough game as well and one that is winnable but I don't see that happening either. Even if they do get through that gauntlet they will have some petitioning to do with the committee since they have 8 home games to only 4 road games...
I would make more of a fuss about you inexplicably putting Tennessee ahead of Mizzou except Tennessee is going to lose to Oklahoma this week so the point will be moot.
You do know the rankings are just an opinion too right?
I think this is worse than the last projections I read. Here are the errors: 1. Auburn went 8-5 last year. You really think they are gonna go to the CFP just 1 year after that? Yea right. 2. Georgia has a new QB and their Offensive Coordinator is Brian Schottenheimer. Take it from a Rams fan. Georgia is going nowhere. 3. Missouri has an experienced QB and RB and they are coming off back to back SEC East titles. You are dreaming if you don't think they will win a 3rd with how weak the East is. 4. The ACC is probably the weakest power conference so even without Jameis Winston, the Seminoles still have a very good chance to win it. 5. Yes they had quite a few close games this season but they play in the West so I have a hard time believing Arkansas will lose less than 3 games, especially if Missouri is undefeated when they come to Fayetteville. 6. USC in the CFP???!! Really?? Clearly you didn't watch them last season and clearly you have forgotten that they play in the same conference as Oregon.
False. South Carolina and Texas A&M were both ranked when Mizzou beat them. South Carolina was #13 and Texas A&M was #24.