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On ESPN Kentucky was 1. Tennesse, Auburn, and Arkansas were 4, 5, and 6 respectively. I don't see how Auburn is left out next year. They predicted they wouldn't be any good this year and they were clearly in. Same thing will happen next year with the 2020 incoming class. The only way I see to leave them out would be if you think they are ineligible and only Pat Forde seems to think that will happen.
We don't measure ourselves by how it affects the red team. I never want to loose an Iron Bowl in the hope that Georgia (who can't come through in these big games) can knock them out of the playoff. That's absurd. It's more likely this loss would have knocked UGA out of the playoff because they would have lost in the SEC Championship game. I also never cheer for Auburn to lose in hopes we get rid of the coach. If we don't have the right guy I'll call for change but never at the expense of the team or the players. The idea of cheering for failure to take a step back so you can move forward is idiotic. The best most reliable way to succeed is seeking success not embracing failure. Somehow you wrote an article about Auburn's transcendent moments and managed to insult us all the way through the article.
No Johnathan Jones? His numbers may not be as good but it was because people didn't throw against him.
Hasn't worked for LSU or Tennessee against Bama. I think it's much more than playing our rival at home.
The #3 team has no wins against ranked teams. I think we should drop Power and call it SEC Rankings. Florida and Auburn should both be ahead of Alabama. LSU, Georgia, Florida, Auburn would mean that no team was ranked higher than a team that beat them. Assuming the SEC title game goes according to plan. I'd be happy to flip LSU and Georgia if Georgia wins.
Jonathan Greenard had a great week with 3 sacks but I think if you adjust for competition Derick Brown should have won DL of the Week for a superhuman effort in the Iron Bowl. Brown didn't get a sack but Auburn doesn't win that game without him. Florida still cruises to a win over FSU without Greenard.
Did Luke really have three years? I thought he had only been the head coach for two full seasons. The sanctions are an even bigger issue. You think it's tough to recruit on a two year contract, how about selling a team that has reduced scholarships and a bowl ban. I don't know if Luke was the right guy, but I also don't think they took enough time to find out if he was the wrong guy. If Ole Miss loses Plumblee, the running back, Rodriguez, and MacIntyre they will be pining for the good ole day that was today.
You're giving him the benefit of the doubt. It's 50-50 this is one of that other teams fans hiding behind a fake account like a 13 year old mean girl on facebook. Malzahn has out coached Saban in 2013, 2017, and 2019. I don't think it's an accident. Even this site rated the other team a C- in their performance this week. They're implying that they had the better team and lost but the reasons were penalties (coaching), substitutions (coaching), and kicking (101 missed kicks in the Saban era, how?). Auburn was better prepared to play the game. Malzahn screws up, he's certainly not perfect, but I don't want to change the name on the door.