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Regarding getting potential athletes, the trend is already on an upward trajectory, and I don't see any reason that won't continue. Winning cures all ills. Even 50-70 year old ones.
Balkwyll - the lawyers are the ones that setup the system and the laws that require us to hire lawyers (or choose to represent ourselves at a disadvantage) in the first place. This is not a judgment on lawyers, just on your logic. We would be much better off if a 2/3rds majority in Congress were NOT lawyers, rather than the > 2/3rds that currently are.
It might come down to the Iron Bowl, but with AU only playing spoiler to send Ole Miss to Atlanta... There are a lot of crazy plotlines in the West still available for us conspiracy theorists. Of course, the next several weeks will prove which theories were good, and which ones did not live up to the crazy.
Barring any other losses from GA or AL, are you seriously saying they would leave out a team that beats both AL and GA at the end of the season? I think in that case AU and GA both get in. There aren't a lot of other top picks out there - or, shouldn't be after the bloodbath that is about to happen in the BiG East...
38 to... something between 3 and 10. Surely GA can hold FL to less than KY did (13)? Still salty KY couldn't put in that 3rd TD last week against GA. If FL does, I'll be **really** salty, but also mildly impressed that the FL players were able to accomplish something despite their coaches...
Doesn't this assume that the LSU new rushing attack is for real? They made good rushing yards against KY only during garbage time prevent defense (after KY was up 35-7), and they ran the same play over and over against FL -> (insert the Grantham joke here). You think every defense they meet going forward is going to have an answer to those simple counter plays? LSU also has quite the injury list, and this will be a road game - FL was at least at home. The only mitigating factor here is that Ole Miss has had quite the injury list as well, and Corral may not be 100% (or even play?)
Ole Miss held TN pretty low, given the >100 points they scored the prior 2 games. A lot of TN fans were expecting a much higher score. Granted, TN's D showed up pretty well against Ole Miss as well, though Ole Miss had a lot of offensive guys out that game. Didn't that game beat the under by like 20-30 points? :)
I find it more likely that the shadow government wins a bloodless coup.
Just need to play it close with GA. If they remain dominant and Ole Miss loses by 7-10, they could get in with 2 losses, depending what else happens elsewhere, because GA is just that dominant. Even in this crazy scenario though, I don't see them keeping a GA game close.
This is my secret path to KY getting in. AL loses at Auburn, Ole Miss loses to GA, and the Big Ten blow themselves up. A Cinn loss would definitely help... But UK won't even be considered unless they dominate the rest of the schedule. They are ranked behind virtually every other 1-loss power 5 team (I think!).
TN a little concerning, but only a little. If Ole' Miss can hold them to 26 at home, while being beaned with golf balls and mustard packets, how's Hooker going to do that well against one of the SEC's top defenses away at Commonwealth? TN has a decent defense itself, but the UK offense is starting to really click. Still, anything can happen in the SEC...
Yes, I've heard bad things are going on behind the scenes. Nothing is public knowledge though. Disaster waiting to happen. Stay far away! All for your own good. :)
poptiger - Never encompasses an awfully long time. I understand if you aren't on the KY train, but things, they are a happening. Most of us are just happy to see a 2nd likely 10+ win season in 4 years. The trend is up, and that's all I am asking for at the moment!
We're not there yet, but definitely trending the right direction. Looks like we officially have a 5 star recruit and possible inside track on another for next year. It's not like the flood gates have opened, but at least the door isn't locked and chained up any more!
Really, you're going to complain that Levis didn't get enough yards per attempt against the #1 Defense in the universe? (maybe the multi-verse?) 0 interceptions, 3 trips into the red zone (GA has only allowed that 4 other times in 6 games), and 2 TDs. Who cares if the game was already decided by then - GA kept in their 1st team. They weren't giving us yards so we could feel good about ourselves! Given the last 2 games, I'd rate Levis higher, LSU was his stand-out game, and GA was very solid, but I get a lower ranking based on total season. The new offense, new OC, and new QB are coming together in the new system just fine!
"A good start". I'd say. Nothing like keeping it business-like to keep the team in the right frame of mind! Only one game to focus on for the moment, to the sound of cow-bells galore.
Now with a loss, need to pad the stats to improve CFP resume...
It's an easy schedule the rest of the way, yes. I mean, you don't have to play GA. FL still does...
If I remember right, y'all have as many 5 stars each as we have 4 stars... Which is about double where we were 5 or 6 years ago. I could see us being over half the 4's and 5's in another 5 years. That would level the playing field more than you think. Filling our our biggest gaps on the 1st teams and adding more depth. We are starting to have depth, but losing 3 starters hurt us a lot more Saturday than GA with I think about twice as many out.
How many on the GA D will not be 1st round draft picks? Is that a shorter list than those who will?
That depends on the High School you pick... Though a lot of that is under-the-table! :)
Unfortunately for Florida, at least this year, it seems to be more about playing home or away. The same was true of AL until they hammered Miss St last week. What will FL do at a neutral site? Which FL team will show up? Is their 4-3 record going to mess with the team's head? Stay tuned for a possibly entertaining Cocktail party, and likely even more entertaining after party at SDS...
I'm pretty sure 7-1 is better than 4-3, but there still several weeks to play this year. Good luck to UF the rest of the season. The UF/UK dynamics are different because we are building up from nothing. We started doing that under Rich Brooks, but when the university wouldn't upgrade our venue and facilities he quit. I think that woke up the AC and others. We built what is now rated the #12 player facilities, got big upgrades to the stadium, and it looks like full-size indoor practice field is next. Stoops is on the upswing and UF appears stalled and in a small downtrend. It probably won't become a tailspin. Our 10 win year in 2018 could have been considered a blip, but if we repeat this year it sure looks like a trend instead. You can talk about 30 years all you want. The current streak you have in the swamp is 1 and at Commonwealth is 0.
This is why I'm hoping for an expansion to the CFP to at least 8, SEC and BiG10 are most in need of that - look at this year, if KY or Ole Miss win out, end at top 8 at 11-1, they should have a shot. The crowded BiG should at least have a shot of a 1 or 2 loss team in the east slipping in the back door. 8 would be nice, but 12 or 16 even better. I just don't see how you do 12 or 16 without possibly dropping the conference championships. Everyone in roughly the top 16 in the country gets 12-15 games and a shot at the Natty.
Coach O is not available for 18 months to the SEC (reportedly), and not sure he's going to be working for a mil a year after getting close to $10M this year and then a $17M buyout.
TrueLefty - I've heard speculation that Grantham could be available soon...
Well, there was a year or two of Billy D. But yeah – We have too many 1 and done’s. Short practice times and fewer games on the c-word v-word (gotta love moderation) – while it affected all teams – is much worse on a team that has a revolving door and needs 5-10 games to get going and start clicking as a team.
Josh is one of our top leaders, a team captain for the 3rd year in a row. He's the one that blocked the punt against FL that was run back for a TD, arguably the most pivotal play of the game.
Same for Ole Miss. That TN win was epic for Corral - despite all the water bottles. Hope he and Hooker are healthy going forward.
For all the BiG10 hate on these boards, that Penn State win over Auburn, while at home, is looking pretty stout. And Clemson's game against GA on the ACC side, though it looks like the Dawgs offense has come together since the first game and I think a rematch would likely be in the 30-3 range. Clemson's Offense has decidedly NOT come together, but their D is top 20 or so (similar to KY in stats).