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^^ This. They did exactly what was expected. That's how SC's D mauled us when Levis couldn't play. And then after a stunning win against Miss St, they just assumed that was the new formula. Run the ball first 2 downs, throw on 3rd. I could have played DC for TN in this one.
Such vile venom. I hope whatever is wrong in your life gets fixed. Bless your heart.
KY isn't the only team that hasn't been able to cover TN. While KY's offense looked like a pile of garbage, their defense wasn't any worse than AL, both having been #2 in the SEC until they met TN. I'll give credit where credit is due. TN was a far superior team on last Saturday. But I agree with your assessment of the article's click-bait title!
You're not giving enough credit to the UK D. Other than a special case against SC, they haven't given up more than 2 TDs all season. I think TN will break that, but I wouldn't be surprised if we can somehow hold them to 4 or maybe less. KY plays uglier games than TN is used to. :)
They don't necessarily need turnovers, they need stops. TN doesn't punt much... More directly, they need to not get out of position and have safeties covering Tillman (if he's back) and Hyatt - like AL did and gave up many TDs.
The O-line looked very solid against Miss St. 239 yards rushing and only allowed 1 sack. That wasn't all CRod - Miss State has a good run D. IF (and it's a big if), the O-line is finally settling in we could see their best game yet. Still can't give KY the edge here, but they have a good chance to pull off the upset. I think it will come down to special teams and the turnover story.
TN being a good team is neither here nor there without considering how good a team KY is. Obvious, but seems to be missing from your comments. Odds are different from outcomes. ESPN FPI puts TN chances to win at 83%. Even if I accept that, it gives KY a 17% chance to win. 1 in 6. Roll a die and hit 1. It happens. Everyone's talking like KY has no chance. That's the flip side of your argument. Class of 98 has it right. These teams are relatively close. Which doesn't mean the game won't be lopsided. If TN gets an edge and wins some early battles, it could get ugly. KY tends not to win by a ton, but this season against any kind of good opposition - TN hasn't either.
And yet, UK beat Florida by 10 in the Swamp, and TN only beat them by 5 at home. All your attempt at proving your point with stats falls a bit flat with the only straight-up comparison we have to this point in the season. Does that mean KY will win? No. I would even give the edge to TN. But you talk like your stats can predict the outcome. They can't.
Are you kidding? He played small ball all night, and SC was schemed up for that. Didn't air it out until the very end of the game in panic mode. The SC D could just load the box and cover screen plays and had it's way with us. That's nothing like the game plan with Levis. You toss a few 20-30 yarders early on and with a few catches the D has to loosen up. Even the bomb at the end was right on target, just good defense and a really athletic play on the ball to intercept it.
"will not beat"... still haven't learned after Miss St, eh? I think you need a statistics for dummies class or something. The O-line looked pretty stout against Miss St (239 yards rushing, only 1 sack). and now they are healthy as well. This may be the game where we see for the first time just how far KY's offense CAN go.
Why do we have to stop you from scoring to win? Just need to slow you down and force a couple extra punts and FGs. We have a top 10 defense in scoring. Besides the D being given the task of defending the 1 yard line on the second play against SC they have kept every team to 2 TDs or less this season. I don't think they will keep TN to 2 TDs, but look at how they shut down FL, Ole Miss, Miss St. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep TN to 4 TDs or less. And... O-line... we'll just have to see. We'll find out in a few days anyway!
oskie - have you watched Levis play healthy this year? He can pick apart the TN secondary at least as good as FL did, possibly as good or better than AL did. Ole Miss was riddled with other team errors and the O-line was still shaping up and injured (didn't have the same starting mix the first 4 games, I believe). Despite being worst in the league in sacks taken (I believe), Levis has had pretty stellar completion rates and passing numbers. If the O-line shows up the way they did against Miss St, this offense could be downright scary.
Yes, the KY O-line is rebuilding and with injuries has been a turnstyle at times. However, their last game was by far their best, against a pretty good Miss St D. Hopefully, the KY D saw how TN got their best WRs misaligned against AL safeties and can outscheme TN in that regard. I'm not saying KY will win for sure, but I'd say there is a better change then FPI is giving them. If this is a 21 point TN win like some people on here are predicting, then KY will have fallen apart worse than the Ole Miss and SC games. Which version of both teams show up?
We certainly have the weapons to attack the secondary. We'll see how well the O-line has really advanced or maybe come together for KY - the Miss St game was easily their best game yet - over 200 yards on the ground and only allowing 1 sack. I'm more curious to see if we can hold TN to 4-5 TDs though. I believe we can hold them to fewer points than AL did, but really hard to judge. Depends how much of a shootout it becomes or if TN can cut several KY drives short.
Though, as the article pointed out, they may have a top run defense because teams have figured out how weak their secondary is and are mostly throwing the ball. Granted, they score so fast they play more time on defense, but they give up a lot of total yards. But I like your confidence. Make sure you drop a line to your team this week telling them how awesome they are. In fact, they shouldn't even worry about KY... start focusing on GA. ;)
Transitive property from another angle: - KY beat FL by 10 in the Swamp - FL loss to TN by only 5 at Neyland - Therefore, KY wins by at least 5 against TN at Neyland.
I really don't know what to think of this one. Can the cats win? Absolutely. It's strength on strength with TN O against KY D. I think if they win it will be from a solid run game (not as good as Miss St), but Levis picking apart the TN secondary. While time of possession would be great, that's also a great way to stall possessions. We just need to force more punts than TN is used to. Will be tough without our best edge rusher (Weaver), but I believe all the rest of the top starters are back.
And, AL showed us to make sure our cornerbacks line up against their top receivers, not the safeties... I hope we can manage that.
The team that beat FL by only 5 at home is going to beat KY by 4 TDs? This is the team that beat FL by 10 at the Swamp. It *could* play out that way. But I'd take the other side of that spread in a heartbeat!
Best case for UK still has TN winning by 11? Oh how we love our rose colored glasses!
Some TN issues: Hooker's first pick (or were there two?) against AL. Defensive secondary all season (FL only lost by 5 and had a shot at the end, AL certainly gashed them and only lost by 3 on a last second FG). If the promise that the KY run game and O-line showed against Miss State is for real (over 200 yards rushing, 200 yards passing, only allowed 1 sack), it could be a really interesting game...
It's the other way around, I think. TN has a bad secondary, by the numbers. Meanwhile our run game is back, but when it had to be due to Levis not being 100%. I see a very balanced attack that forces the D to play a guessing game. Then TN's got a top 3 offense, but KY has at least a top 10 defense. Strength against strength. It should be a good game, if lower scoring than people anticipate due to Stoops likely playing keep-away with TN's offense, as much as possible.
Who else does TN or GA lose to in that scenario? I can do the math on dream scenarios as well.
This is basically a copy-paste of the same thing you posted before the Miss St game. Before they man-handled State. Despite Levis being less than 100%. Get some new material.
And.... this post is where all the remaining comments turned into a turd-fest.
We'll see on Saturday, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if TN is held to the lowest of several offensive stats all season (including poitns). I certainly hope we can get our actual corners on the TN WRs, unlike AL... I think we have a better defense overall than AL, but it's pretty close. There's also a good chance TN sees the most complete version of our offense yet this season, depending on how healthy Levis is. Our run game is back, if Miss State was any indication, and if Levis's Turf Toe is healed well enough, pairing that with a scary (but not quite as scary as TN's) passing game could be the Vol's undoing. As always, it depends which version of both teams show up... But I'll give the Vols an edge playing at home. KY played well in the Swamp, but absolutely did not at Ole Miss.
Just cause it wasn't 30 to 27 at half time? The defenses played well first half. Just a different kind of good happening there.
How about 3 SEC teams then? Lol. But if we really want to speculate (it's a wonderful past-time) - what happens if KY beats TN and GA, Then the winner of TN/GA wins and goes on to beat an undefeated Ole Miss in the CG? Ole Miss - 1 loss, TN or GA 1 loss and SEC champ, 2 loss TN or GA, and 2 loss KY, who beat the SEC Champ.. I still don't see KY making the playoffs though, unless true carnage happens in the rest of college football. I do recall, however, the year KY beat LSU at home after a few overtimes when they were #1. They went on to make the 2 team championship game and win it. Which, by the transitive rule of college football, made KY the true champs that year. :D
Please message all the UT players and tell them that for the next two weeks. By the way, what tears? The man's just asking a question.. We'll find out who can keep up with who in two weeks. I'll give TN the edge, because you're playing at home. Our players will have to play all night in fear of falling water bottles.