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@realcojones... I stopped reading the article after the remark: "Then there’s a new offense and defense to learn, and a roster that’s well under the 85-man scholarship limit". Florida was having to cut players and make adjustments just to get the roster back down to 85 after we was well over 95 schollys after spring going into the fall!!! Hayes is an idiot!!!
"if Miller couldn’t cut it at SoHio State with the pansy schedule they face do you think for one minute he can lead Florida to anything"? Mabe the dumbest comment on the internet this year!!! And that's pretty impressive to do... Considering a guy name Joe Burrow exist... Now in noway do I know if Miller is Burrow, but the fact is no one else knows either until we know!!! Me personally I highly doubt it but the fact that just 3 seasons ago Burrow did what he did with an SEC West team transferring in from Ohio State just makes you look extremely ignorant to football!!! You fair weather fans really need to calm down... I'm the first to admit that the last couple weeks haven't been great but seriously he hasn't even been here a year!!! My God you people are stupid!!!
@LSUSMC... I get the point your trying to make but I believe they probably didn't know the coaches haven't been with the team to see them perform since they were hired so I imagine they didn't know that decision or want to make a decision until spring practice evaluations... Also I'm sure this will qualify them for immediate eligibility at there next school since they didn't leave on their own accord!!!
Gator Phil, yeah that was clearly obstruction!!! Almost seemed like it fire the ladies up tho... so ill take it!!! Go Gators!!!
@Bill Sikes... Unfortunately I feel the same way... Too much Deja Vu to be too confident until results are shown... LOL!!! Thanks for taking time to respond... I value your opinion which is rare from me these days because every idiot with a keyboard thinks they're an expert but you put in the work!!! GO GATORS!!!
Bill Sikes dropping knowledge!!! Lol!!! Love your work brother and miss your regular appearances on Gators Breakdown!!! How confident are you in Napier's recruiting to this point... I know he didn't have sufficient time last year and this cycle is far from over but do you have a pulse on if you think he can get the talent we need to contend consistently???
@Dawg82... Don't forget DUI manslaughter in Vegas Baby!!!
I like how you skip over the reckless driving charge and say "you get arrested for not wearing seat belts in Athens"??? LMAO... The fact it got a responce from Negan should tell you how stupid you sound!!!
Best thing I've seen all year!!! Lmao!!! Our way of saying take Grantham back!!!
@Cockyfan Id pump the breaks on Spencer Rattler until he proves something... the only thing we know for sure is he can't keep his QB job in the Big12 that doesn't play good defense... But on the bright side he can destroy a Low talent Todd Grantham defense with half its players opting out....... So I guess you have that!!! Lmao!!!
@Gator96 Lmao!!! Get over yourself man... that's the stupidest s**t people can say... what is embarrassing about it... why not try and say something a little original... AND JUST FYI NO GATOR MANS BB TEAM HAS EVER BEAT THE #2 TEAM IN THE NATION LET ALONE ON OUR HOME COURT... THAT INCLUDES A BILLY D LEAD TEAM!!! Tons of fans do it at many different areas each year... I'm the first to say Mike White and this team ain't good but the whole "it's embarrassing to storm the court" BS is ridiculous and makes people look pathetic to say it... I'm sure you are just so insecure walking out of your home because of it now... You poor thing... what will you ever do to ve in public again??? Good luck I hope the sky starts falling soon for you!!! LMAO!!!
@class of 98....I don't owe the lady nothing... i wasnt nowhere near her and I wouldn't pay her a dime except for the decency to ask her if she was OK and lend her a hand like a man would have... when you turn around later and offer to pay her medical bills your just proving to the court of obvious opinion you did act like a b***h!!!
Yeah and your super bowl winning quarterback has a woman fan fall back and fracture her spine while taking a picture standing beside him and he turns around and says wow walks off and takes a sip of water while his wife has to walk over and help the poor woman!!! Real class act too!!!
@Morphy1701…. and yet here you and others are taking the bait hook line and sinker… just ignore the idiot!!!
Kirkm 1976...MAYBE YOU WILL BE LESS ANGRY IF YOU STICK TO BAMA THREADS!!! Congratulations on the most hypocritical comment of all time!!! Lmao... you and half the other Georgia idiots replying to Bamatime live on gator articles!!!
That helmet he is wearing that looks like it has dents in it must have been the one he wore his entire UF career... I Remeber countless passes right in his hand he would drop... mostly in crucial situations like redzone, end zone, or 3rd/4th and long!!! Im Still wishing him luck and he did try hard while he was here!!! Just couldn't resist mentioning that as it's the first thing I though of when I seen the picture
This kid dont owe anyone an apology!!! He grew up in Athens and was cheering for his hometown school in a competition that didn't Involve our Gators in a sport in which he doesn'tplay... Now if he was celebrating a Georgia hoops or football win over the Gators we have a problem!!! That being said congrats to UGA football for finally breaking the long streak!!! Definitely the best team won last night!!!
I being from Pensacola was a huge Cope fan and had super high hopes for him going to Uf... Had hopes of him being as big as Emmitt Smith coming out of Escambia... But unlike stars such as Emmitt, Roy Jones, Derrick Brooke's, and others he never was able to live up to the hype... I never cared for the effort he showed or his constant complaining on social media... Hope he can get a fresh start and live up to his potential... It's a minor miracle he's made it this far with the obstacles he had to avoid coming up!!! Best of luck brother!!!
At the least mabe he should wait until he goes a full season in that JV conference they are joining!!! I admit they have been impressive in the little leagues but I'm looking forward to see how they fair with slightly better competition... They should enjoy this one because I have a feeling after the game in 2024 it will be a different outcome!!! Lol
Why is SDS even making this BS a story??? This is the same POS that was arrested for stalking
Dawglb... lmao you nailed it... we absolutely choked if that makes you feel better... but we arnt the consensus national Champs in recruiting on a yearly bases... we've hung 3 natty banners since yall hung one!! And you can flip it however you want to sooth your fragile wittle heart but YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE NATION THAT FOLLOWS COLLEGE FOOTBALL KNOWS if UGA dosnt win it this year its a massive failure!!! Bama is as vulnerable as they've been in years and yalls roster is absolutly loaded!!! You ain't man enough to admit it on here because your happiness clearly depends on trolling Gator Comment sections to ease the insecurities in your under achieving football team!!! And please before you try and flip it to try and say we have under achieved... Please remeber we haven't had near the talent, facilities, or dedication to football your Mutts have... We've been busy winnin more Natties than any other program in all sports as well as football!!! WHEN IS THE LAST NATTY GEORGIA HAS WON AND "ANY SPORT"??? I don't follow your program obsessively like Georgia does Florida so I really don't have a clue but my suspicion is its been a minute!!! GO GATORS!!!
You Mutts should go ahead and take their place cause yall just gonna choke up another Natty!!! GO ahead and save yourself the false hope because even if you get by Michigan ya d a m n sure ain’t beating Ole Saint Nick!!! So yeah go ahead and rag on Florida for this disastrous season!!! In the end we will both be titleless!!! CHOOOOOOOKE!!!
You Mutts should go ahead and take their place cause yall just gonna choke up another Natty!!! GO ahead and save yourself the false hope because even if you get by Michigan ya d a m n sure ain't beating Ole Saint Nick!!! So yeah go ahead and rag on Florida for this disastrous season!!! In the end we will both be titleless!!! CHOOOOOOOKE!!!
Does anyone have any updated info on that up and coming 2 star qb out of Georgia named Robbie Roper we started looking at??? I seen where he went in for a simple shoulder surgery and had severe complications with the anesthesia!!! A bunch of reports came out that he had passed but at the time they were false reports but he was on life support in the ICU... Such a heartbreaking story and please pray for him gator nation... He really wanted to be a Gator and some have tabbed him as a Kyle Trask 2.0
Hey Jerome... your absolutely right and even the legend Hershel is embarrassed the state turned blue... Hopefully he can win office and Change that so they stop embarrassing the south!!!
Somebody better give Kirby the blue print for the Heimlich maneuver... CHOKE!!!
Oh the irony of an idiot Georgia fan trying to poke at another teams QB situation… You people really don’t care how hypocritical and out of touch with reality yall are… then again Georgia is A Blue state!!! Lmao!!! P h u c k i n D e m o c r a t