Never underestimate a girl who likes football

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I think Jared Zirkel will be a decent replacement, but yeah I agree
What happened, happened. He's going to the NFL. Deal with it, people
TBH I think Tua. He has shown more consistency. But I'm excited to see both of them as rookies.
I'm relatively sure Newman will start, but I really think Mathis could be something. He could play backup for Newman this year and get put in the blowouts just to see how he does.
That's true, but I still feel like they were going out of their way to do it.
I couldn't believe that everyone was constantly dissing Fromm on live TV. That made me so mad. It was supposed to be his moment, not the time when you point out all his mistakes!
I still can't believe Reed went undrafted
He's a really great QB yard wise, but 17 interceptions!!!
Cook has a little bit more experience and speed, while White is shifty and strong. I'm excited to see both of them play in the future.
We will have to see how the starting QB issue plays out first
Why would Virginia or VT be added? I get that it is good for SEC basketball, but that's not really in the south east. Also, it might downgrade the SEC's football reputation
Lol same. I have been doing nothing but binging old Todd Gurley highlights. But Georgia is totally RBU.
Very clever, but we have to wait for the beginning of the season to play out before you can assume what's more important