Yo. I am a big time Ga fan. I might be a girl, but I'm a real fighter. Where I'm FROMM we play SMART and the touchdowns are SWIFT. Don't mess with my football knowledge. It's pretty legit. "If you train hard you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to BEAT"(Herschel Walker).

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Why would Virginia or VT be added? I get that it is good for SEC basketball, but that's not really in the south east. Also, it might downgrade the SEC's football reputation
Lol same. I have been doing nothing but binging old Todd Gurley highlights. But Georgia is totally RBU.
Very clever, but we have to wait for the beginning of the season to play out before you can assume what's more important
Lol, but everyone will be dead by the time Tennessee does.
He sure is a leader. He may not have put in all the stats this year, compared to others, but he showed that he sure knows how to win.
I feel like us dawgs aren't going to go 9-4 though. I mean, I think that since we're rebuilding our offense, we're gonna be better next year. There's also our recruits. Carson Beck has a similar rating to a high school Fromm. Just saying. But no matter who gets the starting job, they'll do us proud. But we've come this far. We're not going 9-4.
There is a reason for that. Those guys play in the pros.
This is a big deal, but it's nothing to party about. It can change any minute. Don't focus on where you land, just focus on getting recruits to improve our game!!!
I'm very excited about this year's draft. Multiple Georgia players are first-round prospects.
Georgia has a tough schedule this year! Crossing my fingers!
This is a big opportunity for him. The Jake Fromm State Farm joke still makes me laugh.:)
I disagree. I think that Fromm could be a starter. Not to a team with an amazing QB like Mahomes or Wentz. But he was really underrated this year. He didn't regress like some people think. He had good weapons, he just wasn't comfortable with them. I mean, having just lost Hardman, Ridley, Holyfield, and Issac Nauta, he did pretty dang well. He wouldn't enter the draft if he didn't truly believe that he was ready, or that this was what he was meant to do.
They won't. This year we were ranked 2nd in the country. And not a single defensive player decided to forgo their senior season at Georgia. We'll be missing a couple of key seniors, but we've picked up a couple recruits. And we still have LeCounte. If anything, we'll be staying the same.