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That was last season, so it's irrelevant to this conversation. Thanks, though.
Ummm, yeah, so here's the thing...your reasoning for why our game "shouldn't have even been that close" doesn't actually hold up. For starters, Notre Dame has one of the tougher schedules in the country; playing UGA, USC, Stanford - oh, and several of the same teams that GA Tech plays. So, speaking of GT, when you put their schedule up against ND's are you seeing that big of a difference? (The answer is no, BTW) Here's where the real difference is: •We played a ranked ND, at night, in South Bend •You played an unranked GA Tech in a neutral site So, tell me - what's your excuse?
I'm so happy to see Keith Marshall doing so well. Can't help but wonder what might've been had he not fallen victim to that dreaded, God-forsaken grass in Neyland that somehow keeps sidelining our RBs.
My comment was influenced by this & other stories about FF. He comes across as a prima donna, IMO. As for the quote you referenced, it isn't actually the one in this story that led me to opine on his attitude. Good effort though. Also, I said "Maybe it's just me" so that anyone who disagreed could chalk it up to being MY OPINION, and then move on with their lives. BTW, were right about one thing: I'm half English/half Scottish, so technically I am a mutt. I am not, however, an idiot.
Maybe it's just me, but this kid sounds a little butt hurt.
Won't hurt the fans in red & black either...if Smart is indeed officially announced as UGA's new HC after the SEC Championship. His departure to Athens will be mentioned repeatedly to the masses & recruits will be paying close attention. All this, assuming Bama goes all the way.