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Please stop it. Send this immature child who has never won anything (including a high school championship) on his way. Who cares what he thinks? LSU win total in one year will exceed his entire career at Maryland and their .15 winning percentage coach.
Let’s put this trust thing to rest. He turned down LSU for a guy who in 5 seasons is 6 - 40 (.15 winning percentage) as a HC. This includes two 1- 11 seasons. Good luck!!!
Come on man. Just say, you were not secure enough to compete in a room full of NFL players. Receivers 5 and 6 (McMath and Dillon) will make an NFL roster. So, you chose a program where a 6-win season is champagne popping time. And a Bama player was going to encourage you to go to LSU. Good luck to you and I hope you grow-up at Maryland.
Stop it. Auburn got beat by a better LSU team. Move on. Maybe, basketbal? So, the were no Auburn holds missed? If, If the LSU freshman does not muff the punt, if Chase does tip the ball in the endzone, Marshall scores, if LSU kicks field goals instead of going for it - blowout.
Stop this. Auburn D is good with LSU gaining more than 500 yards with most of the 4th spent on ball control. So, you are bad if the opponent gains 700 yards? Auburn lost to a superior LSU team that gave them the ball on the 20 after a freshman muffed a punt. And stop the ifs because those apply to both teams. LSU's D (with at least 4 pros in secondary) had no impact on Bo Nix. It was just a poor offensive scheme. Wake up people.
This article makes no sense. If you watched the game, LSU D as they were against Florida, was great in second half. No where for Nix to go.