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I-It's not like LSU scares me or anything!!! I'm only commenting on their articles out of pity! S-So don't get the wrong idea, ok?
Nothing will change. The annual tradition of Alabama beating everyone and making it look silly will unfortunately continue.
Considering Allah is the generic Arabic word for God, chances are you pray to Allah too. Christian's in the Middle East regularly refer to God as Allah. You should check out a Coptic Divine Liturgy sometime. It's quite fascinating. Also, in Islam the direction faced during prayer is known as the qiblah and is determined by the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, not the sun.
I don't see the problem with being called a Great Tough Fantastic Opponent
I-It's not like LSU worries me or anything! I just stalk LSU articles and post 4 paragraph responses out of pity! S-so don't get the wrong idea, ok?
Depends on how you define elite, but Tennessee is definitely a sleeping giant. They'll be back. And oh btw so will LSU.
Congrats Bama on a season well done. Yall had a fantastic team this year.
Don't think it will happen but it would be the most 2020 thing ever if an 8-0 Ohio State was national champion.
The correct answer here is speed bump. Enjoy it Gators, Trask and Pitts are special.
Sadly the body heat probably detracted from the quality of the sushi. I demand a second apology for wasting good sushi.
LSU played a football game tonight? I didn't even know. Neither did our team apparently.
Oh wow. I guess there's some unresolved feelings playing out. I appreciate the context.
And pushing, not pushy. Really should take my time more
Ricks not Rick's. Dumb auto correct.
Good list. I do think Elias Rick's should be on though. He's pushy to start opposite Stingley.
Wish that I was on Ole Rocky Top down in the Tennessee hills. Nothing fun to do on Rocky Top pretending to be an LSU fan for thrills.
We have different views, but I respect your opinion. Wishing the best to you and yours this evening.
What do positive thoughts do for the scientists? For the scientists, nothing. For people who are upset, quite a bit. Positive thinking has direct correlation with physical as well as mental wellbeing. As far as saying positive thoughts are an insult to those who believe in God by lumping them in with prayer, I was emphasizing that we should be united regardless of religious opinion. Simply including others is not an insult to God or people who believe in God. As far as being frustrated, I get it bro. We all are. I thought Florida was going to be the LSU of 2020. Should be a classic next year. How about a deal, you pray for me and I'll pray for you? And if we want to include positive thoughts, well that's a bonus.
This virus has negatively impacted the lives of the entire world. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were cancelled, and I guarantee you it had nothing to do with American politics. Instead of pointing fingers at political parties or people, let us all recognize that the enemy here is the virus. And instead of stewing in anger over events we have no control over, let us join together in prayer or positive thoughts that our scientists will find a countermeasure to this virus.
Ed Orgeron never loses to Gus Malzahn and that's no bold statement.
Understandable. I feel though like as a program people see Georgia as ahead of LSU whereas I see them more on equal footing.