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Haha yes, yes, indeed. Good zinger old sport. (snobbily gargles wine)
LSU's secondary was also so depleted that game that we were starting wide receivers at cornerback. I'll always remember that game and thank UCF for the shot on Burrow that turned him into a monster.
You seem quite upset about this as you've been posting essentially the same comment on several articles. One must wonder why you are so concerned with another team's coach when in my opinion you should be very excited about the coach your team just hired. As for fit: 1.) He's Catholic 2.) He likes to win and is good at doing it. Seems pretty Louisiana to me.
What happened to back the blue? So now cops are the deep state too?
It must be painful to be so obsessed with race and politics that you have to post about it on a football messaging board.
As much as I think this is the right decision for both parties, I will always be grateful to Coach O for the 2019 season. As a fan it is something I will never forget, it was literally everything you could have dreamed about as a college football fan come true. And for LSU, nobody can ever take that away from us. It's a part of our program forever. Even though I have several issues with how he ran the program after 2019, you have to give him credit for being a large part of that. So thank you Coach O.
We're already in the tank. We have been since last year. I don't have any personal animosity towards Ed Orgeron but this was an obvious decision. There is no excuse for LSU to ever be a .500 team with the way we annually recruit. Not personally interviewing your coordinators is inexcusable. And if even half of the off field rumors are true? You have more than probable cause.
Lol! Well at least there's other things to do in the fall. Life's too short to spend supporting a bad football team.
It was given plainly in the article.
And by the way, I say the SEC goes undefeated this week. Clemson won't know what hit them. This wasn't intended to be a shot at anyone, just pointing out the double standard.
So having said that, if LSU wins will the spin be about how resilient the team was in overcoming so many external factors? And how it was dumb to write off the program that has won more national championships than any other program this century other than Bama for one weird season? Or will it be about how LSU could have won by more and it wasn't a real challenge and oh,did you see how good A&M looked beating up on Kent State? I know what the answer will be.
Not to push the needle in further but I will never forget the 2010 LSU-Tennessee game where thanks to a certain former coach's clock management we completely bungled the final possession. Tennessee bailed us out by having 13 men on the field and LSU punched it in. Even as an LSU fan I knew we didn't deserve to win and I've never been so angry after an LSU victory in my life.
I gotta know the story with this guy and tequila...
I-It's not like LSU scares me or anything!!! I'm only commenting on their articles out of pity! S-So don't get the wrong idea, ok?
Nothing will change. The annual tradition of Alabama beating everyone and making it look silly will unfortunately continue.
Considering Allah is the generic Arabic word for God, chances are you pray to Allah too. Christian's in the Middle East regularly refer to God as Allah. You should check out a Coptic Divine Liturgy sometime. It's quite fascinating. Also, in Islam the direction faced during prayer is known as the qiblah and is determined by the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, not the sun.
I don't see the problem with being called a Great Tough Fantastic Opponent
I-It's not like LSU worries me or anything! I just stalk LSU articles and post 4 paragraph responses out of pity! S-so don't get the wrong idea, ok?
Depends on how you define elite, but Tennessee is definitely a sleeping giant. They'll be back. And oh btw so will LSU.
Congrats Bama on a season well done. Yall had a fantastic team this year.
Don't think it will happen but it would be the most 2020 thing ever if an 8-0 Ohio State was national champion.