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Yes. Alabama's defense missed tackles because they were out of position. The lack of traction on a wet surface did not help. Pete Golding's fault? He's not Kirby Smart nor Jeremy Pruitt. Never will be, sorry to say. He won't be the DC next year. Don't think. Kiffin knew exactly what Alabama was going to do before they did it. Of course you can play fast if you know what the defense is going to do. Every play except for a couple of drives in the 4th qtr. that resulted in FG's which was the difference. 2 very controversial plays that went in Ole Miss' favor. IMHO. The play where Najee Harris was stood up with his forward momentum stopped and a wet ball stripped. Everything stopped including the officiating. Where was the whistle? The play where the Ole Miss running back did not cross the plane of the end zone with the ball. His head did but the ball didn't. It was called a touchdown. Yeah. I'm an Alabama fan and I know what I saw.
Scott Cochran's success in Tuscaloosa is duly noted. I call into question the validity of the story of the Strength & Conditioning Coach of Alabama going to a very high profile, rival SEC program, in the SEC East no less, Georgia, by the likes of Kirby Smart. Cochran will be a Special Teams Coach with no prior experience?! Doesn't make sense or "add up". Not to me. What I suspect is there had to be a change. Why? The number of catastrophic injuries suffered by Nick's players. His 4 & 5 stars reduced to standing on the sideline as spectators. Saw them in 2018. More in 2019. Those injuries crippled the team especially on defense. Did Nick Saban ask the question why? Why are my players so prone to injury? I think so. Were these players maybe wound too tight resulting in physical imbalances and injuries? Yes. In my opinion. I think Nick and Kirby provided Scott Cochran with a very viable, reputation enhancing option. Best of luck in Athens, Georgia.
I have an argument with the thought Hugh Freeze hasn't been punished enough. If Coach Nick Saban wants him and you don't think that's a good idea, take it up with him. I'm not completely satisfied with Steve Sarkisian as the Offensive Coordinator. I suspect Nick Saban isn't either. I'm not completely satisfied with Pete Golding as the Defensive Coordinator. I also suspect Nick Saban isn't completely satisfied with him. It speaks to the entire program that Nick Saban wants the best he can get at every position, period. How do you judge the best? On the field. We all saw weaknesses in the program last year. People not playing or coaching at a high enough level to consistently win due to injuries, the NFL draft, the transfer portal, inexperience, and something else none of us can put a finger on. Let's see if Coach Nick Saban found it.
I appreciate the comment, redsox2004, and the validation. In my humble opinion, it's the pressure he puts on himself that's his undoing. Don't beat yourself with poor decisions. That applies pretty much to everything we do. There is a war going on in the SEC West unlike any we have seen in some time and college football and the SEC are better for it. The team won the battle against Tennessee without you. Barely. A good team would've beat Alabama without you. Your team can most likely win against Arkansas without you. The outcome of the games left against LSU, Mississippi St, WCU, and Auburn remain to be seen. Alabama wins these games, you're destined for the SEC Championship and the CFP. Is that necessary? No, but the season will be considered a failure if you're not there. You're playing for maybe the most high profile program in college football and your team desperately needs you to play smart. Never waste a loss.
Dear Tua, Don't misunderstand. We love you kid. However. You're not Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Not yet. You don't have 4.3 40 yard dash speed. Stop writing a check you can't cash. You're injury prone. Think about it. Stop trying to make plays that very few professional quarterbacks can make, if any. Why do you continue to make poor decisions with the football? What exactly are you trying to prove? What has literally crippled this team? Injuries. Shaking my head.
Using your own personal code to talk trash. Interesting. Not. Nick's defense and ball control offense are once again the weak links in this season's story. Injuries and attrition have and will continue to take their toll on the entire team. We will see if he's figured out what to do to fix the leaks esp. on defense. Two 2 week breaks coming. Let's hope. Roll Tide.
This team plays Auburn on Oct. 7, LSU on Oct. 12, and Georgia on Nov. 2. Before we start handing out awards, let's see how well they play against some some serious competition. All things considered. The ACC does not measure up to the SEC. This game wasn't even a tune up.
All the talk is pointless. What matters is what happens on the field of play when the time comes. There are so many intangibles here. Never have I seen so many except for maybe when Nick Saban stepped off the plane in Alabama. It doesn't matter. There are what, 11 or 12 games to play before we even get to the playoff. I can assure you none of these men, Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, or Kirby Smart are making any assumptions about anything. They know better. So should we. That's the beauty and the uncertainty of the NCAA College Football season. A team is only as good as its last game until of course the next one and the media and public opinion are fickle and tiresome.
OK Greg, you know how to tell if Clemson's "starting 22" can match up against Alabama's "starting 22"? Who wins the frigging game. Now perhaps "the intangibles". Who has the better head coach and assistant coaches and prepares his players better than anyone? Who had the tougher schedule? What team fought through injuries to their starting QB to win the SEC Championship? Who is "their offensive spark" and had he played 4 qtrs in each game, would have the Heisman Trophy? Who has a proven leader, Jalen Hurts, to play QB in the event Clemson is behind in the 3rd quarter and takes out Tua? This could be either Tua's or Jalen's Magnum Opus. Dabo has managed to take out an impact player of Alabama's in the 3rd quarter of the last 2 games, Bo Scarborough in 2016 and Anfernee Jennings in 2017. Clemson had no answer for either. Who has the more seasoned QB and team? If Tua goes down in the game because Dabo has to incapacitate him to have a chance to win, it will happen. Jalen will play and Alabama will win regardless. Dabo Swinney can't beat Nick Saban regardless of what he does. He had a generational QB in 2016 and won by 1 second by taking out Bo Scarborough and Alabama's running attack and scoring 2 TD's on 2 controversial "pick plays". Trevor Lawrence has not played anyone like Alabama. His ACC Championship opponent? The Pittsburgh Panthers with 7 wins and 5 loses. His next opponent in the CFP, Notre Dame, who was obviously over-rated and over-matched and embarrassed. No. Dabo nor Trevor nor Clemson has been tested this year by a team of Alabama's caliber. Need I say more. As always and by whatever means necessary, Roll Tide.
The teams Clemson played in 2018, including their so called ACC Championship opponent, University of Pittsburgh, at 7-5, had 89 wins-58 losses for the year. Do the math. Clemson is over-rated. My opinion also, I think Dabo Swinney encourages his players in the high stake elimination games to win regardless of how they do it including illegal pick plays or seriously injuring the opposing team's players. Bo Scarborough's leg was broken in the 2016 CFC game because Clemson couldn't stop him. Anfernee Jennings was a beast in the 2018 CFP game. His leg, not only broken by a Clemson player's leg-whip, the vascular injury found shortly thereafter had interrupted blood flow to the leg and could have potentially ended his football career. Both players were taken down in the 3rd qtr. They probably would've earned the MVP of the game. You watch. Clemson plays Alabama, it will happen again. Clemson will take Tua out in the 3rd qtr and it will be dismissed as unfortunate or ignored because of the injuries he's had. It's the only way Dabo Swinney can beat Nick Saban and he knows it. It's happened to a game changing player for Alabama in 2 different CFP games. Coincidence or not, you be the judge. Don't mean to offend but mark my words, Clemson plays Alabama, it will happen.
My comments are being evaluated. OK. What I have observed is how teams choose to play Alabama when they know they've lost and rather badly. If I can't beat you, I'll break something. Does anyone recall the Clemson player in the game last year leg whipping Anfernee Jennings? Anfernee almost lost that leg because the injury caused the lower leg to lose blood flow. Anyone care to comment on that? I'm not trying start anything but what I just said is true. No disputing facts.