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Facts. Offense hasn't really been their struggle. They just flat out can't tackle anybody lol.
When he went back to UGA he was a 3 star. Would be interesting to know who is the lowest ranked QB to win it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was still him.
2 of the 3 highest rated Qbs ever just to lose to Kansas/Vandy for the next 5 years.
@SoTexSooner Fun to remind them that they stole a gem from their biggest rival who turned into one of the best CFB coaches in history and won them multiple titles? Im sure they are fuming. Imagine A&M fans trying to make fun of Bama for taking Bear Bryant, LSU for Bama getting Saban.
Texas is about to be the first team in CFB history with 2 perfect rated QBs on one roster and they are still going to have a losing record. lol Sark will be gone by the time the join the SEC.
Lol UGA and Bama will be fine. Our QB rooms are flush. Personally I like Holstein better anyway. Bama was never really in the running.
Honestly, I think they play to the talent of their competition. Against good programs they have played well for years. It is against bad ones that they seem to struggle. I think they just have the worst culture in CFB.
I still think we got the best QB in that class. UGA will be fine. Nobody needed him as bad as Texas. Personally I think he is a little overrated. 5 star Qb? Sure, but a perfect rating... meh. I think his commitment will do more to bring other great players to UT than anything he will actually do for them.
I think the Rebs win it all but I really hope Arkansas can pull off the upset. really don't want any of the other teams to win it lol
OU for the Big 3 sports. Texas for everything else. They just won back to back directors cup trophies.
My hatred for Ole Miss leaves me to root for every other SEC team. Hopefully TAMU can make it happen.
Or just wait a few years and ask Texas A&M's "#1 recruiting class". lol
Was he banned, I thought he was just told he wouldn't be performing. Definitely shouldn't get banned. I just think the anthem isn't the place. Before or after that have at it. Definitely shouldn't be banned.
"if" nah. I think yall will do just find. Texas football is a joke. lol
Coming from the school who got mad somebody simply said they got their players paid. You really shouldn't be talking. Yall cried to the SEC the same way Texas cries to B12. Yall are the spoiled children of the same family.
First off, being offended by the horns down is juvenile. Not defending Texas by any means cause they really do need to stop crying. The SEC isn't about to cater to them like the B12/SWC so they are in for a rude awakening. At the same time, you are there to sing not display your disdain for a school on the field. Act professional. The national anthem isn't the place. Outside of the anthem, do it all you want. If it were any school other than Texas, everybody would be defending the decision.
Wasn't saying A&M won't be better, Im saying Spiller's replacement simply being a 1000 yard rusher gives no substantive reason for how TAMU's rushing offense is going to be better. Im critiquing the writer not TAMU. To answer your question though, I haven't seen anything to suggest our Running game will be better. Gibbs gets a better OL but goes against far harder comp. No telling how he will transition until he gets into actual game action. Luckily we have a 4 weeks of tune up games for him to adjust. lol
I have no problem with the claim they will be better. I just think the writer should find a better explanation to how they are going to be better than just, "Ashane will be a 1000 yard rusher"
I don't get how simply being a 1000 yard rusher equates to the Aggie run game being better... Not saying they can't be but this just seems like lazy journalism. Over 50 RBs had 1000 yards. Futhermore, Spiller was a far better RB than his stat line showed.
Im praying for a UTA/TAMU matchup so yall can give them a great southern welcome to the SEC. haha
no, they aren't the same and you are clearly just unwilling to accept what pussies your schools admin are. This is as bad as Texas trying to get the horns down banned.
There is nothing hostile about Texas besides maybe the Texas Sun itself. Bama is gonna roll right through Austin like it is a tune up game.
So basically they are gonna blow a big lead in game 3 to Texas A&M in the final 4 lol
lol he just brought up Texas A&M cause it was clear how they got their recruits. That isn't tattling. He didn't send letters behind closed doors or call the SEC/NCAA and say he wan't action. He brought it to the public. Your inability to differential that is wild.
There is a difference in acting like a prima donna and discussing something you take issue with. When you go to daddy aka the SEC and try to tattle on your brother to get them in trouble, you are a prima donna. You and Texas are two peas of the same pod and soon you will be in the same pod once more. lol