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I believe the author was indicating that Alabama has won 13 straight and there's no way that they would add another for 14 straight. His use of punctuation marks and grammar leaves something to desire.
You have to love that journalistic level of professionalism. Methinks he just ran spell check but didn't proof read this before he posted it?
But what helped them be so effective and become that premier group of wide receivers? Maybe the person who put the ball where it was supposed to be without having them break stride?
Well he finally found a school that will let him start. Good for him.
How do you know for sure??? You can't understand half of what comes out of Orgeron's mouth.
My mistake, thought it said Clemson but it said the ACC and SEC which is correct. My bad.
Alabama is the only team that's made it to the playoffs every years since it's conception. 2014 Clemson was NOT in the playoffs. It was Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State and Alabama.
Those who cannot do, find a job being talk show host on ESPN. Clown make-up is optional.
Oh cry me a river. Saban could've gotten a 50 yd penalty and Bama STILL would've won
He's doing his job and I've heard many coaches say the same thing about arguing both college and pro. It's not about changing the call it's to point out that a mistake was made and to make the officials keep a better eye out next time. Saban wasn't trying to intimidate
You're such a dumbass. Every knows that Bama doesn't like to run up the score and doesn't want to rub salt in a wound. And we all know that UT trash toppers wants those "style" points when ever they can get them and would try to run the score up on a pop warner team if they could.