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Is someone forcing you to read articles that you don’t care about?
So next year when there are 4 SEC teams in the 12 and then at least 2 in the final 4 are you going to show the proper respect to this conference?
Vandergriff leaving tells me everything I need to know Beck comes back then is a top 5 pick next year. He lost one game to a defense playing at an elite level 21-29 and 243 yards with his top 2 receivers inured. The kid is legit
Muschamp played in the TN state championship game thanksgiving weekend
Of course you are wishing for a Michigan UW matchup. Michigan was hoping to play FSU. Sounds like yall are both scared of Alabama to me. The audible groan from the Michigan players let me know they don’t want any part of the Tide
Dude you are quickly becoming even less likable than Negan AND Ron Mexico. Give it a rest go shine that tinfoil hat and just shut up
For whatever reason the saints have seemed to go out of their way to NOT draft LSU players. As a saints fan the last one I remember was Devery Henderson. We passed on Eric Reid to take Vacaro in 2012 he turned decent but I still would have rather had Reid
Don’t get ahead of yourself you are talking about an MVP and this year’s favorite for MVP. Maybe pump the brakes on that and just hope he goes to a decent franchise first
Agreed. I would like to know if the Iowa defense is good or “big 10 good” I think I know the answer and I still think Tennessee will confirm it though
With the added bonus of seeing what you have in Nussmier against decent competition
Daniels wins by a mile. The 2 QBs in the NW wil cancel each other out with Harrison finishing a distant 4th.
That would be incredible since lsu is playing Wisconsin
Georgia close at -4.5 I guess that is multiple score if you count a FG and a safety
Bama is definitely better than FSU without Travis but the committee is NOT going to leave out a 13-0 power 5 conference champion. Let’s go Louisville!!!!
Dude how many times are you going to post this inane BS. Enough already get over you lost you are out. Most other years you might have a case not this year there are way too many deserving teams.
I don’t think the committee has the stones to leave out a 13-0 conference champion FSU. If Louisville doesn’t beat them I’m afraid the the SEC is locked out which is a shame because Alabama is definitely playing like one of the top 4 right now
The committee has shown us that they aren’t putting Alabama over Texas. If FSU wins the SEC is out. It sucks but that is the reality of the situation
There are only 4 spots. Georgia is out which sucks for Georgia because imo they are certainly one of the 4 best in the country
We all watched the game. Georgia wasn’t no-show at all your 2 best receivers weren’t 100% and Alabama completely shut down your run game. After the 17 yard td run Milton had 13 carries for 26 yards. It wasn’t a no-show you just got your arse handed to you
Are you this much d-bag in person? Now I know why you comment on every single article here. You have no friends and no life. YOU SUCK!!
Quite the accomplishment—-time to update your resume!!
Agreed. He also made our sound like Georgia had a choice as I recall the SEC made this happen
If Alabama wins out they are in. There is no way a 12-1 SEC champ gets left out.
Ok move the office to Atlanta? Then you would whine about GA getting the call’s Montgomery? Then whine about Auburn getting the calls. Was the office on Knoxville last season when we had 17 penalties?
The hit on Young was terrible for sure but Koolaid was on the 30 yard line after the interception in the end zone when the ref decided to pull out a flag for PI.
“A lot more experience” hmmm where did I hearcyfat before….oh wait that’s what we heard this offseason and last offseason. Face it man Fisher sucks when he doesn’t have a crab leg stealing first round QB