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Umm no they don’t check his stats vs Georgia— the only defense with a pulse that he played. Those pac 12 defenses don’t count
Good move Bo that assistant coaching job on your daddy’s HS team will still be open next year
It’s supposed to go to the “best” college football player. That does not describe Bennett no matter how you slice it up. Bennett is good and a great fit at Georgia but not the best player in the country by any stretch
I think that is his point Gaudy numbers are what make you a hiesman trophy winner
His SEC hate consumes him names off 10 guys none of them are BY. His credibility has been in the red for awhile but that is ridiculous
Maybe I’m missing something but isn’t he like 55% completion guy? How does that translate to 1st round pick? He and Stroud will both get a gm fired within 3 years of selecting them
NIL and transferring without having to sit out a year are well on their way to ruining the game all of us love
Gene Stallings and the 1992 Alabama team would like to talk to you if you have a minute
Kelly should be COY he had 39 scholarship players and won the west. Case closed Kirby did a great job with all the losses to staff and roster but Kelly did what he did in his first year
After 4 years of seeing SEC vs SEC for the title they are going to have to try something else in 2030
I can remember when Jake from State Farm was a white guy
If I were choosing on where I’m going to live it would be in this order 1 Florida 2 Colorado 3 7th level of hell 4 Under a bridge in downtown Atlanta 5. Cincinnati
I’ve spent my entire life in SEC state minus Arkansas and Missouri. There is no better region to live period.
I will start by saying I’m not sold Alabama belongs in the playoff but do you really think getting absolutely scorched at home against the only team you play with a pulse is somehow better than losing on the road on the last play in front of 100k screaming fans. Ohio State is a joke their coach shrinks in big games
Shooter McGavin is a legend just ask Happy G.
An old friend used to say “ the same thing that will make you laugh will also make you cry” I’m just going to leave that here for my Tennessee friends to contemplate
Simply put—- the SEC champ is going to the playoffs. Period. Tennessee fans should be wearing Georgia hoodies for the SECCG I am rooting for LSU and total chaos. If LSU pulls off what everyone thinks is impossible we will have a 12 team playoff next year
Michigan and OSU won’t both make the playoffs
There is no way possible that you can actually believe Kirby wasn’t playing to win. You sound as ignorant as gwhite when you say suck outlandish things. You are better than that
What a ridiculous thing to say. Not only would the rams beat them, the horrid Las Vegas raiders would be significant favorites to beat them.
Every single time I think you have maxed out on stupid you manage to say something even stupider.
If I were the Missouri coach I definitely would have pinched Heupel right in the face at midfield after the game. The last two TDs showed no class. If you hand it off and your reserve RB goes for a score there is nothing a coach can do but to be throwing and throwing g deep balls while up 28 and then 35 shows absolutely no class whatsoever
You do realize that there won’t be actual chickens or gators on the field right?