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So far nobody has had their defense ready to play Ole Miss. UGA's problem involves depth on offense, it's just like watching the same team they had last year. Kirby's recruiting makes this obvious, half of our current commits are offensive linemen and wide receivers.
You could have stopped at "he's from North Carolina" Few seem to get football up here, I've been told to sit down and shut up at Panthers games for getting loud on 3rd down with the defense on the field.
How many sources said les miles was fired last week? Grain of salt.
A week from now uga should have a good idea who the next oc will be.
Personally if i was in his shoes I'd definitely be considering all my options. At this point UGA could go from pro style to tripple option. He'll wait till our OC is named before he picks his school.
Everyone thought Foster was a uga or auburn lock with both teams tattoos on his arms...but wait he ended up at Alabama....
RamblinRuralRanter, The only coach UGA ever hired who had been a head coach was Jim Donnan, Smart has been a DC longer than Richt was a OC before coming to UGA.
And thank you Tennessee, for hiring Willie Martinez. He'll take you nowhere.
How would the police officer know he was unarmed? He obviously didn't pat the guy down.
He's attempting to steal a police car. If I saw someone stealing my car out in front of my house you can bet I'd come out the front door guns blazing.
Some of these police shootings are more like acts of Darwinism than police brutality. This is grand theft auto with a police car, If you did this with anyone's car let alone a police car you might get shot. I'm not denying police brutality, but some of these shootings are a result of moronic actions.
Stomping on someones head is also unsportsmanlike. If you think that play was a crotch grab you need to get your eyes checked
ESEC obviously needs his eyes and head checked if he can't tell that the UGA player was grabbing jersey and not crotch.
Quit trying to justify hosing UGA fans back in the 80's. Typical Auburn fan.
Lol, this is coming from the fan base of psychopaths that have no self control win or lose.
Since when is grabbing a jersey sexual assult? Get your eyes checked.
Might wanna do a triple take, he's not grabbing his junk, that's clearly his jersey
If anything Mississippi state is overrated. Did nobody watch them play southern miss on saturday night?
I don't know about Kentucky, they might surprise some people this year.
Considering Mississippi state only got in solely because of their quarterback and obviously not because of their weak performance vs southern miss, the point about all 7 being ranked means nothing.
I didn't realize they went with a 3 team playoff, TCU at number one getting a first round bye sure is a bold prediction.
If UT wins the east with their schedule, how do you not pick them to win the SEC? They have a gauntlet of a schedule to run. They'll beat UF this year tho, make no mistake.
Actually this will be their 4th year. Pinkel has Mizzou on a high water mark, they were good the 5 years before they entered the conference and just barely missed an BCS championship birth. The east isn't exactly weak, the West alone would just be the best conference in football the last 6 or 7 years.
How is it a rebuilding year in the East exactly? I'm pretty sure Florida is the only team rebuilding.
FSU get my vote for the most over rated team in the top 10.
First sign of stupidity is ignorance, Now what denial are you talking about exactly?
UGA's defense was good last year but I'd hesitate to say stellar just yet, They did give up 30, 38 and 38 points in all three losses and had an easy schedule, but they should improve on that with some added depth this year. Something also to keep in mind is that UGA's only ever had one so-so year on offense under Richt and that was 2010 with a freshman QB. Defense will be what wins UGA a championship under Richt unless the man under center has problems.
UT fans seems more humble now than during the Phillip Fulmer years but what makes them delusional today exactly? I'm confused.
I thought the game of the century was way better than the iron bowl considering how close it was and how it finished. Also there were 3 wild Arkansas games and at least one should have made this list.