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You say that but Brian Poole was the #1 rookie based on incentive pay and started at nichelback for every game for the NFC champions. Also Hargreaves and Neal also played lights out. Janoris Jenkins had an all pro year and so did Reggie Nelson.
He's from Maryland and is not the number 1 recruit in the state of Florida
My problem has nothing to do with how their ranked and things suck as preseason hype what's.most annoying is hearing that Tennessee is unequivocally the best team in the east before the season starts and we (Florida) beat em last year and Tennessee say we got lucky. I say y'all lucky there was so many missed tackles which probably would've changed the whole game so many times where our players didn't wrap up
Bamatime I don't get upset with actual predictions by people who've known football for years the formers players, coaches are fine for predictions they're more verse in the ebb and flow of college football what my problem is one guy picks a team to do way worse than they should and everybody takes this journalists word and continues to only see that and they publish it and it ruins the perception of programs because these people don't know how good a team actually is and just shout out when the last person said "ok so he said they'll go 8-4, 8-4 it is" it's even worse when the year before they prove the journalists wrong and somehow the journalists have a diluted idea of a program from what they picked last year, Florida is not a 7-5 team Georgia is not a 10-2 team, lsu is not a 9-3 team, no team has gone undefeated in the sec since auburn in 2010. So it's annoying to continue to see all these predictions that aren't really based on fact and based on perception
Pack up boys! Seasons over, Florida goes 7-5. Terrible terrible season, can't believe we lost 5 times who woulda thunk it, not I that's for sure. Somehow tho 7-5 wierd some experts, football experts see us better than that yet somehow we lost 5 TIMES. Insanity
The biggest bust by far was Florida in 2013 was expected to make a run at Atlanta ended up 4-8 and the worst gator team in 35 years
What is the perception of the program, when are offense is so bad it can't possibly get worse and still win the sec east and then gets picked to go 7-5 I gotta say that's ridiculous, if you think that Florida will regress that bad either you're misinformed or bias, tennessee and Georgia, or atleast Georgia is in no better place than we are and most likely have to start a freshman qb. I don't get Georgia being better than us, A new coach with no HC experience is gonna surprise the sec let's see it. God, my biggest problem with the Georgia hype is that it's based off of mcelwains first year, Mcelwain had the best first year of any Florida head football coach ever and you know where that validation goes straight to Kirby smart and his Georgia Bulldogs because they won the east last year swept the sec east and beat the #3 team in the nation by 4 touchdowns. Mcelwain did something all you writers never could've predicted so you keep chugging on the drivel like floridas the third best team in the east but really they're not even close to Georgia with a new head coach and a likely freshman qb
Sorry v4linpa but Tennessee will never beat Florida like that, you guys definitely capable beating us this year 40-0 is crazy to think though I'd say Tennessee 21-Florida 17
The university of Florida would be very grateful if urban stayed we might have a machine like Alabamas If he stayed he still is recruiting just as good as Alabama god the sec would be scary If there was a dynasty in the east and in the west. Florida st might have not gotten back on track like they have and the talent level at Florida if urban stayed would be ridiculous. All of those transfers from the 2010/11/12 classes would be minimized. It's insane to think how crazy good the sec would be if urban stayed at Florida
Well Alabama wasn't that good in baseball, basketball, and don't have a couple of programs that help unc and Oklahoma so your position is pretty high still, what surprises me is that Florida and Georgia are so low they both had top 15 sports years
Sorry I don't think the university of Florida is embarrassed or many of any share your opinion that Jalen is a racist, the university should be proud of Jalen a star athlete is aware of this not that he isn't wrong in his knee jerk reaction but look at the video after being restrained someone yells he has a gun one shot, that should be it even there it's wrong but there's 3 more shots that happen and now you have a dead human being from God knows an offense that didn't deserve it just cause people don't react the same way to other police mishandlings and injustices doesn't mean people can't be upset when it is brought to light even though it has heavy racial implications
But Tlb it doesn't matter how last year looked my argument is that we should not be 3rd in the east with now no truely proven starting half back and a freshman quarterback and no number one receiver proven in the spring And.a first time coach not a new coach A first time coach we are being picked constantly against Georgia for no other reason than perceived talent it grinds my gears to see that Mcelwain getting 10 wins in his first year is nothing short of miraculous why expect Kirby smart to do it
See you're taking those games as face value and forgetting we beat Tennessee albeit in last 2 minutes luckily but the way your portraying it Tennessee and Georgia didn't run into any flares with the lesser east teams Tennessee was threatened by South Carolina and Georgia barely beat Missouri 9-6 while we beat down the #3 team ole miss 38-10 we took a seemingly unbeatable lsu team at the time to the brink at Death Valley and demolished Georgia although they were starting a third stringer the difference being that lambert was a game manager and we bulldozed their defense with the worst o line in the country, plus Georgia has a new coach, new coaches usually have a substantial learning curve, I remember muschamp going 7-6 in his first season with the most talented team recruiting wise in the country at the time I'm not saying smart is muschamp but you shouldn't be expecting them to be better than Florida this year