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Ed hs to have as many excuses as he can for being a loser.
The NCAA would want to offend anyone with a test.
Rushing the field shows you are a loser, don't win enough to handle it
Throwing the shoe is reflective if Mullen's character, that is something he would do
LOL Auburn is a magnet for 3 stars or less
Bo is not really any better now than when he arrived. He is a sand lot football QB
LSU standards are tough but middle of the road, middle of the pack in SEC.
Who has Matt played? Only one team, Alabama. His receivers are as good as Bama's
Yeah like the "process" he had at FSU.....................lol He is trying to be Nick Saban and it will never happen
Fans rush the field because they are losers. They are not use to winning and therefor lack class when they do win.
Does he realize his Daddy will be gone before he leaves
LSU should give Coach O at least one more year
I said in 2019, one and done. And O hs no class.
Coaching changes are finally catching up with Bama. The OC does not know how to call a college games, and poor position coaches. DC has never been more than average. And as I understand Saban coaches the Defensive backs, worst there has been under Saban. Bama has to do some major adjusting.
does not matter about heart and sweat, etc, bobo cant cut the mustard.
LSU defense is at the low end of the SEC, Nix cant do that against a good defeze
They have to do something to entice people to attend games
Reports are the LSU Ad will go after Jimbo Fisher. He hired him when he was at A&M . Jimbo has peaked at A&M and will gladly leave.
Jimbo will leave A&M just like her left FSU, problems in the program and no talent. Difference being he will never win a NC at A&M, he has peaked out already
Bama should have had at least 2 more TDs. An unusual dropped pass in the end zone and 2 inches out of bounds. Oh they were playing football not horse shoes
People forget the off field shenanigans that have gone on. And Orgeron knew about it.
Jimbo said that for A&M fans, he know he will get a spanking when he plays Bama. He will leave A&M like he left FSU, cupboard bare and all types of problems in the program.