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What's he gonna do when Texas fires Sark? Manning will never win anything at Texas
The fact that he remained a virgin has nothing to do with football or the HOF. Got have a better reason.
Jimbo would like to play Texas until he has to play them every year.
Timmie has always hated Alabama. He is a big LSU guy. And he has always been a hack.
Amazing what gets by as a "sports writer" these days.
LMAO showing that ignorance again, jimbo pitched a little tantrum and calling people names that is the clown not to mention he has no integrity
Cowward has always disliked saban saban never said a$m was cheating. jimbo is a low class and low integrity man and he never called jimbo names jimbo knows he will never beat saban on a level playing field, so he is using a$m money to get players to come there.
the guy in question was bought by NIL that is a fact and will come out as a fact saban did not say anyone was cheating
A$M spent all their money on NIL, including the postage budget
earln he was pointing out how NIL will not work as is, he also mentioned Jacksonville State. Everything knows what Saban said is true. Jimbo knows he cant win a championship without doing something like that. Irony is he will not win one with all that money anyway. And I think everyone knows Sban can handle any blowback. Saban speaks from the truth, Jimbo is all about emotion and he got caught and called out. He did nothing illegally. He should have said that. Saban is making a good case to change the NIL rules.
Girl, get someone to with reading and listening comprehension skills to explain what Saban said. He never said or accused Jimbo or A$M of cheating. It is a fact that Jimbo has no integrity he proved that at FSU. Just as it's a fact that A$M and Jimbo used NIL to get the high school players
The Ad knew all about the NIL promises. He was part of it and so was Jimbo. Like demorats they are trying to deflect and twist the truth. Saban never said Jimbo cheated or did anything illegal.
What lies? Everyone knows what A$M did. It is not illegal. Have some integrity and admit it. Jimbo knows he can not win a championship without doing something like that. The irony is he never will win a championship and A$M will be at the bottom in 2 or 3 years when he is fired or resigns.
A$M should have some integrity and admit they did it. It was not illegal. Saban did not say Jimbo cheated and in fact said it was not illegal.
LMAO LOL yeah right the Alabama booster dont support Saban, or could it be that Saban prevented the boosters from buying high school players
Agree, but think Saban is trying to make the NCAA and Congress do something.
LMAO Jimbo stabbed Bowden in the back many times. Jimbo has no integrity. Investigate his past. Start with loving up a rapist. However without that rapist he would have never won a NC and he know that.
A$M fans will see the real Jimbo in the next 2 to 3 years. Take a long look at FSU and how he left them and what he did after the NC. Jimbo will not win any championships at A$M. He has no integrity.
Everyone knows what Saban said is true. But at the time and as of now, it's not cheating anymore. Jimbo has never said they didnt make deals with high school players.
He went to Auburn and was "develeoped" by Gus, enough said.
Jimbo has talk his team up, he is being paid to much not to
Yeah I can read, and I read that in another article, then saw him said later that Bama makes more. Girl I am going to give you some free advice, do not believe everything you read.