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They wouldn't give him his membership to the adult dating site
He got three burner phones and a few dates
you did the right thing, on your knees thanking alabama and saban for training curby. georgia is nothing without alabama
boB called playeds. and that's all. did not set up plays. i could have won 8-10 games with the talent he had.
8115 you have your head in the sand if you think the coaching staff knew nothing of this deal. i never said napier or the school owed the kid money. i said he was tricked and now florida did not want to pay, meaning the collective with florida's knowledge of same.
You really need to get some common sense.
The NIL is and will ruin college football. But like the old saying, "a deals a deal".
Does not matter, they promised to pay the kid and then he signs and they back out, they tricked him.
Georgia fans have no class. They should be paying homage to Saban for hiring and training Curby. They owe their success to Alabama.
So the kids is tricked into signing. The kid keeps his part of the deal and after he signs the gators renig on their side and do not want to pay him what they promised.
LOL of course the collective will say that and spread that around.
Sound like Kif is trying to build a tam from the portal. Competing with Freeze
So Florida tricked the kid into signing by promising a lot of money and then backed out after he signed. The kid kept his side of the deal and the gators did not. And dont say the school had nothing to do with it, the coach knew all about it.
So after the kids signs, the gators renig on their side of the deal and do not want to pay him. Sounds like the gators
So after he signed, they don't want to pay him......sounds like the gators
Ga fans should pay homage to Saban, GOAT, for hiring and training Curby. Ga owes everything to Alabama. Your welcome.
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