honest and objective

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Same things gussie says every year. He just changes the names. Hey, that's alright cause auburn fans are happy.
You have no idea what you arr talking about.
75 million dollars, just shows how mentally defective a&m really is
lsu and orgeron are one and done. without burrows last year they lose 3 or 4 games.
same old same old for auburn. gus will never win a another championship. however auburn fans like that, they like being losers
This year or next Gus will fire Morris or DC
He is speaking the truth. Spurrier is jealous of Saban and Alabama. He has no class.
Leach is not a good fit at Ms St. Wont last but a few years
Timmie hats Alabama, always has. He is a big LSU fan. He was on a local sports radio show here late 90s and early 2000s. He constantly slammed Bama and made jokes about them. He said he was a big LSU fan. His reporting is always bias. Should not be on the air
remember hurts is not playing against any defensed this year. i predicted he would put up big numbers. he stays in until about 2 minutes in the game which helps his stats. he should not be in the heisman race, as neither should any ou qb.
Gattis had committed to Locksley and Maryland. He was leaving Bama. Michigan did not get anything on Bama. The writer should have a little honesty
Obvious the write is a Tn fan. Michigan took him from Maryland and Locksey.