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2008 was a few esophageal spasms ago. Simmer down until cousin eddy actually delivers a ring.
I assume you would say baseball is your best sport?
Your bread and butter sport has won two championships in 20 years while consistently falling short in the tournament while your football team in its century defining year still couldn’t beat Tennessee. We will take your synopsis of who is equal with a grain of salt. Hell you probably think your equal with Duke and UNC
Are you speaking of the run that produced more national championships in 10 years than UF has since the University's inception? This makes me feel like the 80's again. Gator fans saying wait till next year hahaha
Thanks BamaTime, makes sense and your explanation is spot on. The text of the article threw me off. “4 BCS Titles”
As an Alabama alum this makes no sense. Saban does not have 4 BCS titles at Alabama. No clue what you or the artist are talking about.