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And now after reading I concede and bite my tongue. That’s instant karma right there, apologies.
You could’ve copied and pasted and done a better job. It has Danario Alexander from Mizzou at 41. Ya know, after his monster 2009 season that was absolutely incredible. Give credit to where it’s due
I laughed at that one too. Big12 rivals sure, but cmon.
Man the rich get richer! Alabama is reloading like it’s football. Another good get, should be in the running for SEC title and a deep March run. That is pending they all mesh well, we have never seen a free agency like this, but bama is winning it so far.
Tyler Basie will get some carries, but is way more productive as a receiving back. Young has another year under his belt, but I would say Badie 10-12 carries a game, then throw in some Young, the legend Dawson Downing and a freshman, probably Taj Butts(great name). We could use Rodriguez if you wanna lend him for a year, kids a stud.
I’m guessing you missed last weekend when ND played Clemson for the wait for it, ACC title game. They played this year in the ACC, 10 games I believe.
I agree. I’m rooting for Trask, I love his story. I’m not sure the Florida defense can stop the 3 headed monster of Harris, Jones and Smith but it’s silly to write them off. They are playing their best ball right now, have a game plan and a very confident coach. That being said, I hate Dan Mullen and wouldn’t mind seeing him get obliterated on national tv.
While going from 110th to 83rd in Defense is a good, still not great. They just lost Boyd, haven’t played great the last few games and are catching a Mizzou team with a lot of confidence. Arky keeps it close, until odoms defense makes a mistake. Mizzou 34 Pigs 24
Pretty sure he whooped you guys year in year out. I’ll take W’s over y’all from mommas boys all day.
Came here to say the same thing. There are a lot of coaches that have done well all things considered. While I am biased, Drink has done a great job with what he inherited. While I am thoroughly impressed with Arkansas’ improvement, I believe there are multiple coaches who deserve recognition
I agree. Clemson is leaps and bounds better than the rest of the ACC. Notre Dame is a good team, but should they run an SEC schedule I would say 7-3 would be the ceiling.
Southlake Carroll huh? That’s the same high school Chase Daniel went to. I know he’s a heavy OSU lean, and with the scholarship offers he’s had he can literally go anywhere.. But what if he likes the Drink we are serving up here? The southlake/Mizzou pipeline has been successful for both parties..
The year Mizzou beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl..
Probably saw the writing on the wall. We have some stud d-lineman coming in next year with a nice blend of JuCo and higher rated 4 star freshman. I wish him the best regardless
“Do your research” Whether or not they have a guy out, I’m sure their 4-5 star back up is better than our 2 star lineman. Talent can cover inexperience. And our d line is our biggest weakness as a whole. Don’t know if you watched the Tennessee game, but they ran all over us. With the game moving to CoMo who knows, I’m hopeful, but not ignorant.
I agree with that assessment as much as it hurts to say it. We simply don’t have the defensive line to succeed for 4 qtrs. I assume you’re offensive line will dominate. Who knows? 2020 still has 2 months haha anything can happen
Your disdain for Mizzou is hilarious. Anytime there is an article that mentions Mizzou, there you are! You guys have what 1 win in conference since 2017? You’re not even the best team in Arkansas. Back of the line pig boy oink oink
I’m so stoked for Barry Odom! Rooting for him to succeed! Stand up guy, kids love playing for him, regardless of his record at Mizzou.
Said it the whole time Barry O was at Mizzou, the man is a helluva defensive coach. He was dealt a tough hand but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arky beats a few teams this year. Congrats on the win.
Solid win Vols. Definitely the better team on the field today. That is a physical team, suits the SEC schedule demands well.
You’re right, just how they post twitter feeds of your fans confused over a video shoot. Now that’s journalism haha!
Better fit than you guys the last decade. We have division titles since we’ve joined, have you? At least we don’t hang onto seasons that happened 20 years ago and claim we are still the bees knees.
If there is one place Mizzou has had success, it’s at Neyland. With that being said, I believe UT has better talent, evident by mock drafts and recruiting classes. Coach Drink is in his 2nd game, I would like to see 3Sticks and Badie on the field together more. Tennessee has won what, 7, 8 in a row? Pruitt has the team headed the right direction and his recruiting classes are nothing short of amazing given the fact it’s been awhile since they were “elite”. If I’ve learned one thing since we’ve joined the SEC, it’s that Tennessee is “back” every year. I don’t buy it. Mizzou 38-27.
The entire state of Alabama is garbage. Luckily you have football otherwise no one would think twice about your state or school.
The top 2 were fun to watch. Woodson being more successful as far as wins and career ascension makes him number 1 but man the hefty lefty was fun to watch. But the rest are not so memorable
Looks like a good get for Pittman and the Hogs.
I’m all for 10+ conference games, except I think it puts my beloved Mizzou at a disadvantage. We don’t have the budget or fan base to produce at a top level team. We occasionally have a 10+ wins a couple times a decade, if we had the schedule we have this year every year or close, we couldn’t get close. SEC is the best conference, but outside of the blue bloods we need a few more out of conference games to add to our win total. Playing a Alabama/LSU/Auburn/TAMU combo would be brutal.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Barry Odom on multiple occasions through recruiting dinners held at some of the restaurants I manage. As a Mizzou fan, it hurt to see him go but believe it was the right call for the program. That being said, he is a stand up guy who truly cares for the kids he coaches. Missouri isn’t an easy job, and neither will be fixing Arkansas but I hope they give this group multiple years to get it right. I wish Arky the best, ya know outside of Black Friday.
Boy am I excited to see what Drew Lock can do with Jeudy and that receiver group.