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A lot of GMs are going to overthink their way into letting the best WR in this draft slip by them, IMO.
I cannot think of anyone more unqualified to speak on football than Chris Simms. That is all...
Joe Burrow, Pete Maravich, Ben McDonald, Glenn Dorsey
Watching Les Miles run the same four plays vs Alabama in the 2011 MNC. He should have been fired that night for one of the best teams in LSU history being so woefully unprepared to play a team they had already beaten that year.
Neither OU not ND should be allowed in another playoff, national championship game again. We're all tired of seeing them get their tails whipped.
It would be nice to see Marlon Taylor be granted another year of eligibility since he spent the season injured or recovering from injury.
Finally someone without a thick accent who can provide clear, concise instructions...
Interesting that Finley picked 11 and not 1...
It's a job title held by Kevin Faulk the last few seasons...
Hot take: LSU's 2020 defense will be significantly better than the 2019 defense.
I know the Yahoo guys mention this, but they never admit to hearing it themselves and we're still waiting for the tape to surface. I think people look real dumb every time they mention this mysterious "tape" that no one has ever heard.
Joe probably should have at least been up front with them about it. That being said, who cares? Also, why are they holding their recognition in March? The season is done. The NFL Combine is complete. Even the men's basketball regular season is over and they're holding their presentation now? Really? Is it always this late after the season completes?
Everyone said the same thing this time last year about LSU.
Stop thinking that what you see on TV is what the scouts are saying in their personnel rooms. The articles, draft shows are entertainment not actual scouting and personnell decisions. If Jefferson wasn't a first round talent before that sprint, then he wasn't one after. That being said, I question the aptitude of anyone in NFL personnel circles who felt that one the best route runners with some of the best hands who has also proven to have the ability to play inside and outside positions with elite speed against the best defenses in the country wasn't a first round talent this whole time.
Ryan Leaf had a cannon for an arm. Joe Burrow has an adequate NFL arm. Ryan Leaf was mentally weak and prompted NFL Scouts to spend more time investigating psychological issues with athletes. Joe Burrow's mental fortitude and preparation rivals that of Peyton Manning's. Ryan Leaf never demonstrated the ability to be a leader. Joe Burrow won over his locker room despite being the new guy from Ohio with 3 very popular QBs already on the team. Yeah, dead ringer for Ryan Leaf...
They're not jumping on the bandwagon. After he was removed from the team, he was still supported by the school. He was helped into rehab, had access to attorneys, etc. He has given money back to the school in appreciation of the support he was given before and after he was kicked off the team. He gave $1 million towards the locker room renovation and was there for the unveiling. The relationship has always been there and should be the example for other schools.
At Bama he would have sat the first half the week after his arrest.
Bama fans are going to lose their **** when they lose to LSU again this year. The melt will be glorious...
That help didn't magically appear. Orgeron made the necessary decisions to acquire it or ensure it remained.
His only failure at Nebraska was his failure to bite his tongue when it came to sharing his thoughts about his new boss.
Pellini was hired because he was such a great fit into LSUs culture. Orgeron made that mistake already with Canada and learned lesson. He's not going to make it again. He didnt settle for Pellini. No was his top choice and he pursued him until Bo signed. The BR airwaves are filled with former players that are stoked about Bo being back...
Much like Bama's offense came together with Kiffen? They seem to be doing just fine running those same concepts without Lane these days. Why do you think LSU won't continue like Bama did despite losing the architect of it all? Ensminger still remains for LSU, unlike Kiffen for Bama. Brady called some red zone plays and the 5-wide offensive sets. Brady installed the RPO concepts. The rest is Ensminger, folks. They call him "Slinger" for a reason.
Jarrett flipped from LSU because Maryland offers him the one thing that LSU cannot: it's home. Same for Burton. LSU is not struggling for WR talent as long as it remains in Baton Rouge. Louisiana creates plenty as it is. Bama won with 3-star QBs because LSU had a head coach who refused to evolve with the times. You should recognize that the one thing holding LSU back (predictable play-calling) is no longer an issue for them. You're in for a ride awakening if you think losing players to the NFL is going to suddenly make LSU the same team under Les Miles that Bama beat time and time again.
Myles Brennan is every bit as talented as Mac Jones and physically speaking, more talented than Burrow. Brennan is set to graduate in May, making him pretty much a full time football player this coming fall. At WR, LSU Keyshone Boutte and Koy Moore who are both ridiculously talented WRs. Not that they need either to play next season, although Boutte will see the field a good bit. I'm not the least bit concerned about either of those positions. My biggest offensive concern is the O-Line. They will replace 4 out of the 5 starters.
I was kinda hoping that everyone would think there's no way that LSU will be a good team next season so LSU could sneak up on a few people. Lol Will LSU be as good next season as they were this past season? Lol, no. Of course no other team will be that good either, so who cares? That was an historic team, so it would be foolish to think LSU will remain that good. Of course, it's foolish to think that LSU won't be good next year, too. Losing large numbers of players to the NFL draft is nothing new for LSU. I trust Orgeron to replace the lost coaches with competent people. Brady had a profound effect on the offense, but let's not act like Ensminger didnt sit right beside him and call most of the plays. Aranda was fantastic, but he's not the only good DC out there who can excel with LSUs defensive talent. By the way, the returning defensive roster is pretty seasoned after the injuries LSU had on defense this past year plus the way they rotated players in the front seven. Also, is anyone really concerned that LSU can't replenish the secondary? Really? BTW, I love the Bama fans who think LSU can't bounce back after losing Burrow, but ignore that they also lost a generational talent at QB. They're desperately hoping things go back to the way they were before LSU broke that 31-game streak, but it's not. LSU just needed someone to help them use the talent that Louisiana is overflowing with already. Much like Kiffen at Bama, Brady has shown the way to executing spread concepts. Unlike Kiffen, LSU retains the playcaller and offensive authority.
We going to charge for every ass slap in a locker room now? Plenty of things in New Orleans that are more deserving of taxpayer money and government attention than this silliness. Not every law deserves to be enforced.
Nor should he. Uptight fans are the only people in an uproar. The players and recruits are eating it up and that's what matters. You can accept all these gifts and hype from OBJ and then ban him for being a dummy. If you take the good, you gotta take the bad or otherwise you look fake. The guy is just another inebriated Tiger fan. The only difference is he has access the rest of us do not enjoy.