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Unless Mond makes a huge leap, Jordan Love is the second best QB on that schedule and it's not even close...
Currently, LSU can point to a Sweet 16 bid, but historically LSU is better than Bama in basketball. LSU trails only UK in Conference Championships and Conference POY. Watford's choice of LSU really should not be surprising to anyone paying attention to the trends for the two schools. I have seen and heard that the only given was that Watford was leaving Alabama. Allegedly he and his family were treated poorly by people in Bham after he transferred to Mountain Point HS.
Will Wade is not under investigation, nor has he been at any time.
Looking at their draft, you can tell the Raiders are making a real push to add players with leadership on their resume.
Holyfield should have just spent more time training for the 40 yard dash.
Well, two things... 1) False. His hands hit the QB in the chest and the facemask was never struck. 2) The issue is with the way the rule is written, which is poorly.
Devin stated "That really played kind of played a part in us not playing as well." He said nothing about it being the reason LSU lost the game. You can't deny that the absence of a talented player the caliber of Devin White doesn't negatively affect the performance of the defense.
He's been a pretty good sport about all the razzing he has taken. He even appeared on local BR sports radio and was a good sport about it. I kind of agree with him, but an easy correction would be to remove the "Runner Up". Replace it with something about the 2 Nat'l Champs or their highest score ever.
Outside of being a walking PR disaster, the biggest fault of Alleva was being totally unrelatable to LSU fans. In Louisiana, there is no bigger crime. I still can't believe that he held the post for more than a decade.
TAMU tries to take our Defensive Coordinator (again). Fine. We'll take your AD. Lol
Wade was set to meet with the AD to discuss the accusations from the Yahoo article. The day before they were to meet, the AD informed him that the meeting would be later in the day to accommodate the NCAA and attorneys. Due to the new presence of the NCAA and LSU attorneys, Wade asked to have his lawyer present and was denied. Only a dumbass would agree to meet under those terms. The school suspended him. He did not walk away from his players. In fact, he kept in touch with both players and coaches up to the point he was reinstated. Hopefully that clears things up...
Lolwut? This dude was committed for what, two weeks? Lol... Seems like a ridiculously talented player. Perhaps Busch hasn't given up on him yet?
It's likely that any investigation into Wade will involve his employer or employer's facilities. The FBI isn't going to to sneak in without bringing it to LSU's attention first. I'm not sure why they would investigate Wade, though. I have yet to see him accused of any Federal crimes.
The rape for which he was charged occurred on March 24. Provens put his name in the transfer portal on March 21. For those of you that do not know how a calendar works, that's BEFORE the alleged rape. Not sure how people can infer that putting his name in the transfer portal 3 days before his alleged crime is supposed to protect him from something.
Define recently? Shea Patterson, Justin Rogers, Keytaon Thompson, Lowell Narcisse are the best four recruits of late. Patterson is pretty good and the other four are still developing, but promising. Recent history gives us Peyton and Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, Jake Delhomme as QBs that you might have heard of. I'm sure I could expand on that, but you get the point.
As of March 26, 2019 you failed to list a single fact...
Because then you'd have to shut down the NCAA tournament?
$10 million now until next year. The less $250,000 for every month after that. By the time he wears out his welcome, it'll be around $4 million. We better have a new AD by then...
"Because Tennessee lost at Auburn earlier on Saturday, the Tigers are the outright SEC champions. However, it remains to be seen whether they’ll have to vacate wins this season due to the FBI scandal." You guys know that LSU isn't under investigation for anything, right?
Well, he made the choice back in October to stand behind Will Wade. Here's the thing: What's done is done. If there was cheating, then it occurred before the season started. If the NCAA decides to investigate, then there is nothing that can be done. If they find wrongdoing, then they're going to penalize LSU. None of that changes if Will Wade finishes the season or if he's suspended right now. The ADs at Kansas and Arizona have figured this out. What does change is the trust that your coach and future coaches have in the competency of the AD. LSU already lost out on Jimbo Fisher because of how poorly Alleva handled Miles' firing. No way is Jimbo coming to LSU as long as that clown is running things. He should have never held another AD job after the Duke Lacrosse fiasco. Now he caves to pressure from Twitter? What a joke. Will Wade is done at LSU. Even if he is found innocent and an NCAA investigation turns up nothing, no way in hell does he return to work under Alleva after this. He might sit a year or two at worst and then he'll resurface at some place like Indiana and be in a Final Four in 2-3 years there.
Well, not until Alleva and F. King got butt-hurt from Twitter comments...
So... I Wade made an "offer" to Smart, doesn't it stand to reason that other schools were making offers and Smart was choosing the better "offer"? I ask only because the other school that Smart was choosing was Kentucky, who is coached by a guy who already vacated two Final Four seasons for actual, proven NCAA rules violations at two different schools. UNC running fake classes for a decade and they get nothing. Zion Williams' father asking for money and they get nothing. Arizona, Kansas involved in the same ordeal as Wade and they get nothing. For whatever reason, the lines have been drawn at Will Wade and LSU?
Not sure if I'm worried yet. No one seems to know if the subpeonas are for the prosecution or defense. They could be called in to provide background or clarify something with the current case or individuals. If I were either coach, I just sit there and take the 5th for everything they ask me. The NCAA doesn't need much to make something from nothing. As soon as they get anything, legit or not then they start digging in everything. I'm not sure there is a more crooked, self-serving organization than those clowns.
O said that signing Fonua would address some of the depth concerns they had last season when K'Lavon Chaisson was out. Sounds like more of the OLB/Buck position than a DE. I'm sure we'll find out quickly.
Hampton will play Nickel Safety, adding to LSUs depth. Jay Ward is a CB who will likely replace Kelvin Joseph, who moves back to FS. DB depth is finally back to where it needs to be at LSU, although I would prefer a bit more seasoning.