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Recent Comments
QB who doesn't win the job because he needs to improve his accuracy loses job at another school because... he's not accurate. Should have stayed at LSU, dude. He would probably be playing more in Baton Rouge than the JUCO now.
Where did LSU run their mouth? Both teams schedule a bue week before facing each other for a reason. It's the toughest game they both play every year.
I would have played Fields and Holyfield, run speed and read options and done it until LSU stopped it.
275 yards rushing at 5.4 ypc. What was that again?
I don't see how UGA thinks LSU will need to keep pace offensively. LSU already shut down a better offense with better skill players. Why do people keep underestimating LSU's defense? UGA wins by 3 TDs? UGA is going to have problems scoring 3 TDs. Beware of the team that has learned how to win ugly games.
If LSU wins out, they have a 101% chance of making the playoffs, no algorithm needed.
These guys are out of control and behaving like idiots. They trash everything they touch and show little respect for people around them on game day. They already restricted the Greek tailgating to the houses and the parade ground has been pretty empty. All they have to do is not be ***holes, but that has been difficult. Tailgating at LSU is slowly being ruined anyway...
10-2 LSU (assuming losses to UGA and Bama) is better than at least 6 teams on that list.
Next week every defensive player should kneel during the national anthem.
In his defense, Franklin's first play call was the victory formation.
Well, the biggest O-Line issues have been missed assignments and mental mistakes. Neither of those issues are typically affected by your opponent. If those issues are rectified, then their performance will be improved even if they are physically beaten. I expect to see two physically worn out defenses at the end of this game.
I fully expect Auburn to beat LSU by a couple TDs. The offense will not be productive, the defense will wear down and finally break in the final quarter. Different players and coaches, but same result. The O-Line needs time to get and Burrow and the receivers need to get their timing down. I doubt it happens in Auburn.
Difficult to respect the opinion of a writer who thinks that K’Lavon Chaisson is a "high upside interior linemen". What next? Tyler Shelvin is a high upside free safety? lol
Key is going to make a lot of people look dumb for waiting so long to draft him...
Who would have guessed that Danny Etling would have been picked before Tre?
Not every HS recruit is a Bama groupie. Some will want to actually earn their stripes rather than ride the coattails of the previous teams.
Pretty funny, but you'd think that he wouldn't want to draw attention to his interception total from last season... lol
So were his answers because he wasn't prepared or were they because he has no desire to discuss the matter? Say what you want about O, he's not dumb. He knows how to handle the press and he's more candid than any other coach currently working. If you want to kjnow what he thinks, just ask him. He will almost always tell you.
Yet they still have more players in the NFL than any other school in the country.
What baggage? Eric Reid is a model athlete. That owners have no issues signing lesser players with domestic violence issues, failed drug tests, etc. but not signing Reid is an insult to our intelligence. We know EXACTLY why you're not signing him. I understand Kaepernick. He really isn't a very good QB. There is no such excuse for Reid.
Meh. LSU has only had a superstar quality RB since Fournette arrived. Prior to that they just had solid RBs. The last time they had questions like this, Jeremy Hill stepped up and came out of nowhere. Charles, Scott, Alfred Blue, Joe Addai, Domanick Davis, Justin Vincent, Stevan Ridley all led LSU's rushing offense following seasons when not much was expected from them. If the O-Line develops, the running game will be fine. Except for versus Bama.
Why didn't he bring this up a couple weeks ago when LSU led everyone with 24 players? #fakenews
A Bama player finally did something worthy of attention that didn't involve cheating. Well done, sir.
It's not going to be good for O to lose both Coordinators in the same year, but I have a feeling that Aranda is loyal which is pretty rare. I'm convinced his next stop is the NFL.
He really has been bitter to the SEC since ESPN canned him...
Pretty awesome bit of marketing by LSU with these billboards. I'm not sure if anyone else does them, buy they're a hit with the recruits. There are a couple digital billboards in Baton Rouge in which the entire class cycles through it. There are reportedly 25 different ones spread out in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Monroe, Shreveport, Huntsville, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Jackson, Dallas, and Houston.