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Much like Bama's offense came together with Kiffen? They seem to be doing just fine running those same concepts without Lane these days. Why do you think LSU won't continue like Bama did despite losing the architect of it all? Ensminger still remains for LSU, unlike Kiffen for Bama. Brady called some red zone plays and the 5-wide offensive sets. Brady installed the RPO concepts. The rest is Ensminger, folks. They call him "Slinger" for a reason.
Jarrett flipped from LSU because Maryland offers him the one thing that LSU cannot: it's home. Same for Burton. LSU is not struggling for WR talent as long as it remains in Baton Rouge. Louisiana creates plenty as it is. Bama won with 3-star QBs because LSU had a head coach who refused to evolve with the times. You should recognize that the one thing holding LSU back (predictable play-calling) is no longer an issue for them. You're in for a ride awakening if you think losing players to the NFL is going to suddenly make LSU the same team under Les Miles that Bama beat time and time again.
Myles Brennan is every bit as talented as Mac Jones and physically speaking, more talented than Burrow. Brennan is set to graduate in May, making him pretty much a full time football player this coming fall. At WR, LSU Keyshone Boutte and Koy Moore who are both ridiculously talented WRs. Not that they need either to play next season, although Boutte will see the field a good bit. I'm not the least bit concerned about either of those positions. My biggest offensive concern is the O-Line. They will replace 4 out of the 5 starters.
I was kinda hoping that everyone would think there's no way that LSU will be a good team next season so LSU could sneak up on a few people. Lol Will LSU be as good next season as they were this past season? Lol, no. Of course no other team will be that good either, so who cares? That was an historic team, so it would be foolish to think LSU will remain that good. Of course, it's foolish to think that LSU won't be good next year, too. Losing large numbers of players to the NFL draft is nothing new for LSU. I trust Orgeron to replace the lost coaches with competent people. Brady had a profound effect on the offense, but let's not act like Ensminger didnt sit right beside him and call most of the plays. Aranda was fantastic, but he's not the only good DC out there who can excel with LSUs defensive talent. By the way, the returning defensive roster is pretty seasoned after the injuries LSU had on defense this past year plus the way they rotated players in the front seven. Also, is anyone really concerned that LSU can't replenish the secondary? Really? BTW, I love the Bama fans who think LSU can't bounce back after losing Burrow, but ignore that they also lost a generational talent at QB. They're desperately hoping things go back to the way they were before LSU broke that 31-game streak, but it's not. LSU just needed someone to help them use the talent that Louisiana is overflowing with already. Much like Kiffen at Bama, Brady has shown the way to executing spread concepts. Unlike Kiffen, LSU retains the playcaller and offensive authority.
We going to charge for every ass slap in a locker room now? Plenty of things in New Orleans that are more deserving of taxpayer money and government attention than this silliness. Not every law deserves to be enforced.
Nor should he. Uptight fans are the only people in an uproar. The players and recruits are eating it up and that's what matters. You can accept all these gifts and hype from OBJ and then ban him for being a dummy. If you take the good, you gotta take the bad or otherwise you look fake. The guy is just another inebriated Tiger fan. The only difference is he has access the rest of us do not enjoy.
Someone hasn't been paying attention. This IS the norm for Coach O.
I watched the game. Several times. Bama was never a threat to win at any point. Aside from two fluke plays for TDs, they got blown out of their own stadium. The score is a lie.
I am less concerned with the loss of talent and more concerned with the loss of high character guys. These are your leaders that hold themselves and others accountable. That's the metric that is no one really accounts for when building rosters and the difference between LSU and everyone else this past season.
I honestly cannot recall a single example of Cowherd ever being right about anything...
It's not disappointing at all. People might still be disappointed, but those people have unrealistic expectations from teenagers. Eventually they learn from that mistake. Lol
A top 5 class with only 19 kids signed seems like a great class to me...
It's always hard to pull a kid away from home. He was a little shady about it, but good on him for taking the road less travelled. He could end up being the Maryland version of Kevin Faulk. LSU is going to be just fine with other WRs.
OU is also one of the most penalized teams in football. That's a great gift for any defense.
Did I miss the part when he explained why tOSU was better than LSU or did the author just not include it in this article?
The only reason LSU didn't score 70 was because of the refs. I can name 5 times Chaisson had an OL arm wrapped around his neck from behind and holding wasn't called. More than a couple DPI that TAMU got away with. It was pretty obvious the game was over early and the refs were not going to draw out the inevitable.
I'm saying it. UGA is gonna get beat like TAMU. It's a shame too, because Fromm doesn't deserve it.
LSU starts practically every game with a 21-0 lead, thanks in large part to its defense. The lead continues to grow as the game progresses. Then, the defense grows lax in the second half because the game is pretty much over. This is what makes the LSU defense look bad. No one cares because the offense has already built an insurmountable lead. Sure, it's a dangerous game to play, but we have seen the defense stiffen and make plays when they have to do so. I'm not concerned because Bama has the only offense that can keep up with LSU and Auburn has the only defense that can close down LSU. Personally, I don't care what they're ranked in defense as long as they keep winning...
Nah, Bama just needs to avoid playing teams with a tiger as their mascot...
Just waiting on the #1 CB in 2021 now for the sweep...
Even though Bama doesn't deserve a spot in the playoffs, I hope they get in anyway. The only thing better than beating Bama once, is beating them twice. No tears are as salty as Bama tears.
He runs exactly like Ingram, but they throw CEH more passes. Powerful, low to the ground, one cut and go...
Neither Clemson not tOSU can keep up. Especially tOSU.
Arch Manning will end up at Duke before he goes to Ole Miss. Cutcliffe is the ONLY reason anyone named Manning ever considered Oxford, MS. Arch is headed to LSU or Duke.
I dont care how talented you are or how good the scheme is. If you dont play your scheme responsibility, it's not going to look very good.
I am always amazed at how people glow over how well rounded tOSU is while ignoring the low level of competition they have faced. Everyone looks well-rounded vs FAU, Miami OH, Nebraska, etc.