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I recall this time line when it happened and I'm not sure it jives 100% with USA Today story. Davis was arrested in August 2018, suspended in August 2018, arrested again in September 2018, January 2019 and then plead guilty in March 2019 and then almost immediately after that he posted a tweet that he was going to continue his football career somewhere else. Now, maybe paperwork hadn't been completed for him being kicked off the team or maybe they missed a signature or something, but I'm pretty sure he was effectively done before the conviction even came through. The Davis thing played out pretty publicly and that's probably why it's getting so much attention now. I'm curious about the charges levied at Jacob Phillips and Grant Delpit. These were actual contributors to the team under Orgeron last season and this is the first we're hearing anything about this. It's not hard or surprisiygo see non-contributors punished. LSU does it all the time. Even now, LSU is covering up what happened, if anything happened. I'm a bit surprised because LSU always seemed to be above board in holding players accountable. There have been several times over the years we saw players getting suspended or kicked off the team for stuff that other schools just suspend kids a couple games for. These current issues are far more serious that testing positive and acting foolish in clubs.
Want to know why TJ looked good? SEC yards before contact leaders, Week 5 - Ty Davis-Price, 3.18 - John Emery, 3.17 LSU yards before contact, Weeks 1-4 - John Emery: 2.57 - Ty Davis-Price: 1.29 Ed Ingram is back and the OL looked good...
Feel even better after hearing that Finley was only slightly better than Max in practice, too.
1) Myles has two years of eligibility left. Unless he really steps out as an elite thrower, he's going to be back next year. 2) That was the best OL performance of the season. I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with how comfortable TJ looked, though. 3) Play calling was fantastic for a first time starter. They didn't reply upon the QB to make plays with a strong running game. 4) I don't recall ever being this pleased with the depth in the QB room and QB coaching. The SEC is on notice.
Did no one watch Myles Brennan's first three games? Is he somehow responsible for the terrible OL play, the WR drops and the coaches forgetting they have elite RB talent? Lol... Dude is one of the top 2 QBs in the SEC. He's not losing his job to a guy that was just a little better than the other true freshman QB. On another note, I'm pretty stoked about the depth in the QB room and the QB coaching at LSU, which is not a sentence I have ever typed.
Not only is that assessment from Herbstreit a poor one, I have seen some big sticks by Stingley Jr this season. Perhaps Stingley is just the only name that Kirk knows?
Spend less time looking what a team loses and what a team has. They lost leadership, which can be a difference-maker. They retain a lot of talent who all received a significant amount of playing time last season. LSU opens with 3 of the "softer" conference games giving them time to grow leaders. Like last season, LSU is being looked over...
Pretty solid take except the no experience part. There is quite a bit of experience returning, even for those replacing players that are now in the NFL. LSU rotated heavily and are simply replacing experienced players with less experienced players, just like they did last season and the season before.
I mean, Bama lost almost as much yet they seem to be the consensus pick. I guess people just arent used to the idea of someone other than Bama winning from the West.
I still LOL that there were 8 CBs picked before Fulton...
Lol... Moses won't even be the best LBer in the SEC West.
Nah, they're just too quick to take up the contrarian position to drum up clicks and liked. It's not about journalism now. It's about mentions and trolling to elicit responses.
Nah, they're just too quick to take up the contrarian position to drum up clicks and liked. It's not about journalism now. It's about mentions and trolling to elicit responses.
1) Politics have been in sports since before I was born. I'm not sure why you never noticed before. 2) Equal rights isn't politics. It's human rights.
I feel like too many people are focusing on who left LSU and not paying attention to who is actually playing when making their decision about the team. A lot of these kids that left were nobodies prior to last season, but we knew they were talented. They just needed the opportunity, which is how I would describe this year's squad: very talented and needs opportunity.
BS. It didn't seem to bother Bama who also has a bye week before the LSU game IIRC. It allows kids to get healthy.
IIRC, Pettigrew was in the same recruiting class as Irv Smith, Jr and ranked higher by the recruiting services. He was why LSU stopped pursuing Irv. it's a shame be that he's never produced.
FYI... "virtually no risk" means there IS a risk they can catch it. I doubt any coach is willing to be the one who tells a kids family they're willing to risk their child's life for football.
The answer to this question is never TAMU and always UF or Bama...
Not real sure how anyone can call two players who dont start the "best guys". Monroe has had three years to make a mark and has failed to do so. Brooks made some splash plays and has exciting athleticism but no true position. Two guys with lots of potential, but no real production. Good luck to them, but there's a reason why neither was starting...
Racey will start nest to Chase and Marshall. By the time the Senior Bowl rolls around, he won't be underrated. He'll be a household name.
Mike Detillier compares Naquon to former BYU LB, Fred Warner.
I don't why Connner thinks it took time for Burrow to display his toughness and grit. His very first game against Miami he's talking **** and jaw-jacking with their sideline after getting hit. He displayed it the first moment he set foot on the field and it became his trade mark...
Parrish has been suspended since February I think. Word is that Parrish wasn't ready to play either and Max Johnson has looked better in practices. Orgeron had a chance to at least talk with JT Daniels or KJ Costello and passed. The fact that he passed on both tells me he's not worried.
LSU will definitely have a drop-off in offense, but they could still easily be the best offense in the SEC with a drop-off. It's all going to fall to how quickly the O-Line can gel. Deculus is solid at RT. Ingram is probably the best OG in the league. They have two very good Sophomores battling for RG and Rosenthal at LT is a lot of potential with his prototype size and athleticism. Hopefully he can translate that into a solid season. For me, the biggest question is at Center. LSU lacks a true OC that is ready to play right now. I dont have questions about anything else, offensively. LSU will easily have theor second best offense in the past 20 years.
At the beginning of the 2003 season, rules were out into place to decide the two teams that would play for a National Championship. There was a trophy commissioned, a site for the game set and every team in the country had the same goal: The BCS Championship Game in New Orleans. No one was fighting for the AP Trophy. No one was aiming for the Rose Bowl. SC didn't make that game, so they pitched a tantrum and decided to name themselves Nat'l Champs. If you don't like the rules, then after the season is over you change them. No sport allows for rules or results to change before the season is even over just because you don't like the results. SC claiming some kind of title out of that is easily the most classless, unsportsmanlike behavior in my lifetime.
Hopefully Wade makes a strong-ass offer...
People underestimate Ensminger as an OC. He took Cam Cameron's playbook mid-season with the same personnel and immediately the offense started setting records. He has so little of an ego that he not only accepts adding Brady to the staff to teach spread and RPO concepts, he goes to Orgeron and asks for it and then willingly allowed the credit to be shared. The guy just loves LSU and doesnt care about anything except results.