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Who would have guessed that Danny Etling would have been picked before Tre?
Not every HS recruit is a Bama groupie. Some will want to actually earn their stripes rather than ride the coattails of the previous teams.
Pretty funny, but you'd think that he wouldn't want to draw attention to his interception total from last season... lol
So were his answers because he wasn't prepared or were they because he has no desire to discuss the matter? Say what you want about O, he's not dumb. He knows how to handle the press and he's more candid than any other coach currently working. If you want to kjnow what he thinks, just ask him. He will almost always tell you.
Yet they still have more players in the NFL than any other school in the country.
What baggage? Eric Reid is a model athlete. That owners have no issues signing lesser players with domestic violence issues, failed drug tests, etc. but not signing Reid is an insult to our intelligence. We know EXACTLY why you're not signing him. I understand Kaepernick. He really isn't a very good QB. There is no such excuse for Reid.
Meh. LSU has only had a superstar quality RB since Fournette arrived. Prior to that they just had solid RBs. The last time they had questions like this, Jeremy Hill stepped up and came out of nowhere. Charles, Scott, Alfred Blue, Joe Addai, Domanick Davis, Justin Vincent, Stevan Ridley all led LSU's rushing offense following seasons when not much was expected from them. If the O-Line develops, the running game will be fine. Except for versus Bama.
Why didn't he bring this up a couple weeks ago when LSU led everyone with 24 players? #fakenews
A Bama player finally did something worthy of attention that didn't involve cheating. Well done, sir.
It's not going to be good for O to lose both Coordinators in the same year, but I have a feeling that Aranda is loyal which is pretty rare. I'm convinced his next stop is the NFL.
He really has been bitter to the SEC since ESPN canned him...
Pretty awesome bit of marketing by LSU with these billboards. I'm not sure if anyone else does them, buy they're a hit with the recruits. There are a couple digital billboards in Baton Rouge in which the entire class cycles through it. There are reportedly 25 different ones spread out in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Monroe, Shreveport, Huntsville, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Jackson, Dallas, and Houston.
Harris was always more talented, but that million dollar arm does you no good when a ten cent brain is pulling the trigger. Harris had every chance to beat Etling out last year, including getting the bulk of snaps in practice. The moment they inserted Etling the offense started moving the ball. I have no idea why you are anyone think that suddenly Harris would become a competent QB at LSU this year. If anything, his final year at UNC under Fedora validated Orgeron's decision to stick with Etling.
Foe whatever reason, LSU has a proud history of signing 3-stars overlooked by other teams who turn into NFL players. The bulk of this class is going towards depth on the offensive and defensive line groups and there aren't as many stars to go around for the big men in this recruiting class. The true quality of this class with be seen in the next couple years on the field. Next season LSU will be primed for a Top 5 class with the sick amount of talent in state.
Maybe, but right now that appears to be wishful thinking after a definite improved year with a significant loss in talent and experience.
This. He's not going very far and the depth chart remains the same.
Let's not act as if this is the new way of life in Oxford. This has occurred at Ole Miss before and will likely happen again. It's a cultural issue at a program that's insulated in small town ways. Ole Miss is in the mess they're in because of fans and boosters. Hugh Freeze was in the unfortunate position of being responsible for the program while they ran wild. If Houston Nutt was still there, then he would be getting the blame. If Orgeron was there, then O would be getting the blame. It's pretty scummy to like to recruits, but I have no doubts his lies were simply repeating what Ole Miss Administrators were telling him and he believed himself.
While better than his ranking indicates, he's about to be replaced in this class by the #33 ranked DT, Dominic Livingston 6-3, 340lb of Aldine TX.
A great message to send your players. "Hey guys, we ****ed up and now you can't play in a bowl game for two years. Also, we're not going to be able to recruit enough players to maintain quality depth on the roster, so you're probably going to be playing with some walk-ons in the next couple years. By the way, you're going to play here or sit out and transfer somewhere outside the conference whether you like it or not. Hotty Toddy!"
Great player and I enjoyed watching him play, but Devin White statistically out-performed him and wasn't even considered. Kind of a cheap win, no?
UGA was blown out by a ranked division rival. tOSU was blown out by an unranked division rival. UGA redeemed that loss by a blowout of this own over said division rival a month later, winning the conference. tOSU struggled against a team who played a weak schedule, winning the conference. This will all be moot when SC beats the brakes off the Buckeyes next month...
Canada wants to be a HC, but he needs to wait for the right spot. He requested to interview with Rice and then last night withdrew the request. Whatever he is going to do, he needs to do it and not drag it out. He's out recruiting QBs for LSU right now which seems dumb if he's really interested in a HC sport somewhere.
UF really missed a chance at something there, but the Vols still give us hope.
Pointing at the score as proof that the game was "relativly easy" tells me you didn't watch the game or you're not sure what is going on while watching the game but ... footbawl!
When did LSU athletics become cash strapped? It makes so much money it gives millions to the academic side of the school every year.
Almost exactly except without the NCAA sanctions, cheating, show cause, HC flying around sleeping with prostitutes, hiring competent coaches, no bowl game, etc.