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What did you fans did? Pull up a chair and play a banjo?
Freaking typical Aggy BS. Nebraska 4 national titles since your fake one in 1939. Your only title is the same as this UCF joke. Just declared it on your own while about 6 other schools also claimed. Dumbass Aggy
Exactly. Why are anonymous? Because your fellow SEC fans would bash you for being realistic?
You are as dumb as a rock if you think that poster was serious. Some of us don't take this stuff as seriously as you people. I watch football because I enjoy it, not because it really means anything, or is life or death as SEC fans make it out to be.
Why should he humble himself? He won the Heisman and the Sooners had over 500 yards against Georgia. It was his defense that lost the game, not the offense. Mayfield will be Mayfield and he's a far cry from Johnny Manziel.
Wrong. Mayfield is still cocky. The Sooner defense had over 500 yards on Georgia and they aren't all that good. They couldn't move the ball that well against so called bad defenses in the Big 12. Come on, man. (say that like the dudes on ESPN) Just come on, man. GEt real
Mayfield was not distraught. He was going around talking to the linemen and the defense and asking them to get after it. Did we watch the same game? Or were you just crying too much after losing to a bad Notre Dame team? Sheesh, the SEC only looked good in the Alabama game. The rest of the conference looked pretty weak. UCF over Auburn? Wow, just stop bragging. Your entire conference acts like Baker Mayfield other than maybe Jake Fromm and you need to get a grip and look at reality. I don't even like Mayfield and I come from the same part of the world, but he and his Sooners made the Bulldogs look pretty bad defensively.
After giving up 48 points? Nah, they should get showered up and start watching film on Alabama. The Tide might just run all over that bad defense.
You gave up 48 points. I don't like Mayfield and he lost, but you gave up 48 points. Start thinking about Alabama and shut the hell up until the next game is over.
I don't have any feeling whatsoever on Herbstreit but he's not a homer if you pay attention to him. Finebaum is a homer, but Herby isn't. He's actually pretty fair for the most part. Can't say that for anyone involved with the SEC. One day, I might get a good explanation of why people pull for conferences, but I haven't seen it yet. Clemson and FSU are as southern as the rest of you if the south is what it's about. So is Georgia Tech, but I get that because they rejected you for being lower class schools. Hahaha.
Exactly. But, that's what twitter does. Why be on twitter is my question as well as why pull for a conference? Today, I am for Clemson and Georgia. I don't do conferences. It's like the movie Deliverance.
Well said, BamaTime. Your team is actually playing today. I don't believe in conference fanmanship. It's for sissy boys that can't take care of themselves.
Nah, nobody really hates the SEC. It's the fans that people hate. Why are there fans of conferences? It's retarded. The Arkansas fan that is pulling for his conference is a moron. I like Georgia and a few other SEC teams and I watch your teams all the time, but the constant chest pumping is retarded.
Bama wins big. Kelly Bryant won't be able to throw the ball consistently.
Canada has to be the frustrated one here. Orgeron is not only a cheater, he's also a huge douche bag. I told LSU fans that they should hire somebody else and get rid of that bum, but was called names for it. Now, you are stuck with him. He might make you a great 9-3 coach with Louisiana talent, but I doubt he ever gives Alabama any real competition. Oh well, Alabama owns the rest of you other than Auburn, anyway.
If he's smart, he will leave the SEC and go to another conference. If he does stay, the Missouri Tigers would be a good choice. It's just bizarre how Missouri blew through the SEC defenses that they played and they got stuffed versus a bad Big 12 team which supposedly has no defenses. Hmmm.
There's a solid chance that Tennessee is never relevant again. Then, there's cheating which enhances their chances.
Speaking of making a mistake, the Aggies made a huge one by hiring Dumbo Fisher. Yes, they do have the money to buy him out, but what a waste and the Aggies looked just like his FSU team this year, but with far less talent. His defense at FSU had some serious talent and they got run through like a junior high team. Not sure what the Aggies saw in this under achiever.
I don't like LSU because they hired Farmer Fran as their head coach and because their fans leave at halftime after arriving drunk.
I bet neither one of those idiots would face off against Harrison in a dark alley. Cowards talking to the media don't impress, say it to his damn face.
Scared to play against real comp, so he wants to go to Tennessee
Alabama is going to win big, anyway. Clemson just isn't the same without Watson at QB.
If Georgia is going to win, it has nothing to do with a stupid plane unless you are a really stupid fan.
Is he still mad about the 2014 playoffs? Not a Buckeye fan, just wondering.
What's embarrassing is LSU, or Florida claiming to be DBU. There are other schools that aren't in your little SEC that have more DBs in the NFL. Just deal with it.
Not really, Cowturd is a lover of stirring up garbage and that's what he's doing here. He knows how filled with pride the SEC is and he picks the other team to make you mad and it's working.
So, then you aren't an SEC fan. That's always been my point in debating with SEC fans, you really all hate each other.
Yeah, and what's the point of loving a conference and hating everyone else?
Yes, scheduling Troy wasn't the problem. Beating them was the real problem.