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Fans that bash players like this really and truly suck. Most of you jackasses never played a damn down of football past the 7th grade where you rode the bench. Clay Travis couldn't play intramural football with little flags hanging off his belt.Shut the hell up about the guy, losers.
He should go there. He isn't much for defense and his offense works well in a league with few good defenses. Florida fans are crazy if they really like this guy.
Only a numb skull would be that impressed with Chump Kelly. Let him go to UCLA. The same goes for Gruden. I don't get what all the excitement and talk is about. He's not coming and he's not all that great.
Come on, you can do better than Gruden and he's not coming, anyway. There are a number of young, up and coming coaches out there that would deserve a shot.
Obviously an Aggie since he refused to capitalize Tom Herman's name. How childish all you people are.Check Herman's record before this single year at Texas which was one of the few things the writer of the article did get right. Herman was the brains behind the Ohio State national title offense and then look at what he did at Houston. You probably aren't stupid in real life, just a hater. Hate will eat you up. My brother was one of you and it ate him up and he died a few years ago. Get over it.
Washington State is not even close to the worst program in the Pac 12. Check history before making stupid comments. They've had some good teams over the years and in spite of how much he sucked in the NFL, Ryan Leaf was a good college QB.
What ignorant comments. You obviously know jack squat about football, and very little about the Northwest, too.Still holding a grudge about not being good enough to get into Stanford?
It means more between Michigan and Ohio State, too. Penn State and Pitt hate each other. Same is true between USC and UCLA. Clemson and South Carolina don't like each other from before the days that the Lamecocks were in the SEC. Nebraska and OU were good rivalries. Miami and FSU have had a better rivalry than most of yours. It means a lot in Texas, too, maybe more than anywhere else especially all the way down to the high school level.You people think that you are all there is and you surely aren't.
Wouldn't surprise much if LSU was involved, either.
Well, the tree poisoning guy was from your side. This one could be the same.It said it happened at a motel and I would bet it was a pay by the hour type of bed bug having shambles.
If this happens, I fear you Vol fans will live to regret it. Gruden has never done anything since he had a super bowl handed to him. He left that team a shambles. But, I guess you peeps will be happy for a few months. I love Knoxville and UT has always been one of my favorites, but not since Butchy Jones and it might even get worse.
Who gives a flip what Tuberville thinks or says about anything? He was an alright coach at Auburn for a while, but he mostly sucks and so does his opinion.
It is a good job and I personally love Knoxville. However, they haven't won a national title since 1998 and before that I am not even sure when because I only started watching football in the 1960's. Right now, they are going to be on the outside looking in just like every other SEC program while Alabama continues to dominate with little Nicky Saban.
Yeah, sure you could have. Jones needed firing, but couch potatoes like you couldn't do the job and it's a lot harder than foggy brained SEC fans think.
Bamajama, plus Mullen doesn't mind if his players beat up women just like your little Nicky Saban. Mullen is a far better coach than Gruden.
Your brain is obviously as fuzzy as your name. Too many drugs? Or, is alcohol your fuzzy brain wave maker?Gruden would be another nightmare for your program. Analyze what he did at Tampa Bay and get back to us.
That's a garbage article. I've seen that before where he would take one of only a few college jobs and that was a lie then and it's a lie now. Why would this guy leave his gravy job to take a head coaching job that would be really hard work? Also, why would anyone want to hire this guy? Yeah, he won a super bowl with Tony Dungy's players. Then, he ran the program into the ground and left somebody else to rebuild it again. He's the most overrated name that keeps getting thrown around.Think people, think.
Cade Mays could start next year at Clemson if he's as good as we think he is. Mitch Hyatt will declare for the NFL and LT will be open.
Brown is from Texas where a lot of kids are entitled and spoiled. Fitzpatrick is a tough Jersey kid. I like those Jersey kids with some fight in them as opposed to the Texas kid and his arrogance. That's not always true, but it is some of the time.
I've got an idea, why doesn't Nick Saban just say it to the kid's face instead of going through the damn press?
I hope Miles gets the Oregon State job. They have brand new and outstanding facilities. It's a beautiful area with mountains all around. There's not a lot of talent in the state, but the setting appeals to southern kids and Californians. Miles can recruit so he can upgrade the talent level tremendously. Oregon State has a really good RB named Ryan Nall that the previous coaching staff used very little. Miles could gain him some exposure. He's the wrong color for racist SEC fans, but he's a converted TE with some talent. I would love to see great guy Miles get the job.
Maybe FSU wouldn't be interested in Jimbo Fisher.
FSU fans would probably be pretty happy if he left after this miserable season.
All 3 of those teams thoroughly suck so I would hope that the mighty Tigers win out. LSU had an easy schedule and they lost to Troy. It's already a bad look to the more than casual observer.
Agreed on Clay Travis. The guy is a pile of garbage, but he pulled one over on me when I bought his stupid book.
Gus doesn't belong on that list. Auburn fans are just jealous of Alabama and then they will hire somebody much worse. I like Gus and I like Auburn, but they are one of the biggest cheaters in college football history. I don't really care about that stuff. Orgeron is a much worse coach.
What a lucky man this guy is. Being a back up QB in the NFL is one of the best jobs in the world. Sure, starters make a lot more money but he makes good money and he's not even that good. He wasn't even that good in college, just on a great team with lots of talent around him. The Browns would have ruined him for life and his body would have been devastated forever. Getting sacked repeatedly is hard on a man.
I would take the points. Alabama wins, but they might only win by 17. But, I am not a damn gambler so what do I freaking know other than watching every game on the tube every week and studying the game closer than even NFL scouts for my damn blog.
Miles just shows that he has a lot more class than the LSU bastards that fired him and the fans that hated him.I never cared about the guy until I got to know some parents of his players and found out some things about him. He's a great guy, a class act and he deserved better. LSU football was crap before you hired Saban and then Miles. It seems like it may return there with Farmer Fran as coach. As a Texan, I am used to hicks, but I can't understand about every other word this guy says. He already proved he couldn't coach at Ole Miss and he's a damn cheater, too. He's a great DL coach and a great recruiter cheating included.