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Danny Kanell knows Alabama is great. He's just trying to get your goat and it's working. Lighten up, francis.
Oh, there's a bunch of those idiots running around in Texas, almost as many as their bitter enemies the tea sips. There's a lot of wealthy Longhorns hanging around that state, too. Can't live with either of them.
Every time the Aggies need a coach, there's always the tossing around of ridiculous names on his replacement. I am sure that ole coach Belichick with the Patriots will be on the next flight to College Station.Or, maybe you homers have the wrong Mississippi school and you meant Hugh Freeze?
What have you been smoking? Vandy in the SEC championship game? Not happening. Even Florida can beat Vandy and so should the rest of you weak sisters.
If you say so, bud. Franklin coached 3 straight winning seasons and 3 bowls and Mason hasn't gotten even close. Now, he's talking smack about the king of the SEC and the only real team in that conference. Not bright and why do all of you people want Alabama in the CFP? It doesn't do any of you any good to have Bama dominate you once again.
The only thing Vanderbilt will have for Alabama is a white flag during the 3rd quarter. People today talk too much garbage.
I'd vote for a cow turd. Seems like the old cow patty would work really well for that cess pool.The Landshark is a joke. That defense is about as good as Nkemdiche was. Just a big ole' overrated cow turd.
Y'all are retarded if you think you can win with Butchee Jones. When that dude yells he looks like a large mouth bass and he can't coach for crap. Tennessee used to be a cool team to pull for, but Jones I can't tolerate.
Well, you shouldn't shake hands with Purdue ever again. You pissed them off somehow.Oh, I get it. You thought that a team that was not in the SEC wouldn't give y'all any problems and took them lightly. That's one of the better SEC fan excuses.
Harvey Updyke is currently looking for a job, I hear. He can do a lot more than poison trees and he is one of the smarter SEC fans out there.
He probably had a bad attitude like nearly all SEC players and fans.
If you moronic SEC fans need me to handle this Justgold7 for you just let me know. I never check back on this site whenever I destroy you with my comments, but this justgold7 liberal is tearing you SEC fans up.ESPN owes us all an apology for having such an ugly woman on the air when there are so many other options.
Even if you Aggies sold your souls to the devil and some of you have tried that already, you get Chip and you still finish in the middle of the pack in the SEC just like you did in the Big 12.Spare me the TU responses, I am not even a fan.
Yes, dumbass aggie, it does 'comes with it's own drawbacks?'Face it, you are a redneck that never even went to A$M.
Not so sure, Bamajama, Oklahoma has the best OL in the country and I think they would hold up well against Bama, or anyone else. Baker Mayfield, when he's not running from the law, is a damn good QB. OU beat Alabama last time and part of that may have been the arrogance that some fans, and all of the players exhibit time after time. Clemson quarterback is not Deshaun Watson, but he's getting better by the game and they might be able to play you toe to toe by the end of the season and possibly beat you.
I like talking football with Alabama fans that are rational and trying to be honest. TrophyKing80 is a Bama fan, but reasonable and honest.
Relax oh toothless ones, he is just trying to get a rise out of you like a lot of other people. It's easy to rile up a bunch of fans of conferences.
Classy bunch of fans in the SEC. Heckling is for losers.
I knew it wouldn't take long for one of you SEC idiots to blame the Longhorns. Plenty of people involved with the Aggies want Sumlin gone, idiot.
Glad somebody here finally noticed that. Wow, what reporting.Have you seen the chicks at Arizona State? Barnett probably already has a hot babe and doesn't regret leaving Bama at all. ASU is terrible and their coach is a moron for not picking Barnett as starter. I suppose he felt loyalty the guy he recruited. Barnett was only rated high because the recruiting services kiss up to Alabama, he was far from the top QB recruit in the country. Bateman probably should have gone to a D2 school, and Cornwell probably gets his shot later.
No worries, Butch, you have no shot at a national championship. You must be on drugs. You gave up more than 500 yards rushing to Georgia Tech, how's that for inferior? Wow
When has Pete Finebaum ever made any sense? He's a waste of air time. People that watch his show and call in are also a waste of oxygen.
Great thinking. I wish more people were like you. The big eared nerd is a waste of time and his show should be canceled.
Finally, an SEC fan that gets it. Finebaum is Alabama and that's it. He's an ass kissing jerk off that should never be on the tube. His face and his big mouth makes the SEC look bad. 4 hours of television time during the day is ridiculous when there are 14 schools with a lot of sports to cover even outside of football. Chick volleyball deserves some attention, too.
Jake Fromm State Farm is a really good freshman quarterback. He is a cool customer. Eason may be in trouble. Fans are gonna want to go for Fromm and the biggest reason outside of his talent is he's from Georgia and not far off Washington.
Bass mouth Butch was extremely lucky to get a win. GT ran all over the so-called superior Vols. The Vols dominated nothing. If not for a lucky fumble, the Engineers would have put them away like they should have. Running for over 500 yards against your defense is a problem. Wake up SEC homers. Just get over the damn Civil War already. There is a lot of good football out there besides in the SEC. That's my beef with you people. I live in the South and I hate your mentality about everything. Some Yankees are damn fine people. I know a bunch of them.
Alabama fans are just looking for something to be offended about. Nobody thinks either of your two teeth is the better tooth. Just be cool about it.
There is no reason for a team like Florida A&M playing against a D1 team. None whatsoever. Nothing can be gained from a game like this.
People like you are why I am here. Arrogance will always be your downfall, and I hope it comes quickly for you.
Both of those guys are school jumpers and crybabies. Zaire probably would have started if he had stayed at Notre Dame and Oregon State sucks and could have used Del Rio. No sympathy from me, or anyone else with any horse sense.