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Yeah, and Fields got called a N by a baseball player, sniff, sniff. NCAA is garbage or they would come down on SEC teams in the first place.
Frankly, I am surprised you didn't have all 32 picks going for SEC players. Nick Bosa at #2 is shocking because every SEC fan knows no white boys can play defense, right? If there is a whitey, it's his fault the defense gives up a single yard.
You do know that when these guys commit to SEC schools the recruiting services jack up their rankings to make the SEC recruiting fan nut jobs happy, right? As long as we all know this up front. I present to you the strange cases of Ricky Town and Blake Barnett. Haha, they were both ranked #1 until they committed to Alabama and then Town de-committed and was dumped in the rankings and replaced by Barnett. Both sucked and have averaged 4 schools each. The kiss up is so obvious. Had Justyn Ross only seen fit to commit to Alabama, or Auburn, instead of that awful Clemson he would have been #1.
Mack Brown loves coaches' kids and would have given him a shot. Yea, probably not. I assume he's awful if he couldn't play for UNC last year.
Should be plenty of women to beat up in Buffalo for Jeffrey Simmons.
Oh, and I won't be back to check, so no reason to straighten me up on my thinking.
AS usual, the bowl season was a set up to make the SEC look better. Purdue? Come on, couldn't they come up with a better team for Auburn to end with a win against? Purdue is awful and had to win late to even qualify for a bowl game. They lost to one of the directional Michigan schools of the MAC. Come on, man. The Aggies had NC State? The Wolfies lost to Wake Forest. Come on, man. Need I continue? Everyone knew that Oklahoma was no match for Alabama and had one of the worst defenses in the nation. Big 12 bias one of you homers said? Wow, just wow. Everybody thinks the Big12 is nothing, well, you homers do. The Aggies have done better in the SEC so far than they did in the Big 12 since 2000. They had a lucky win over K State back in the 90s but other than that, they never did anything. So, they move to the SEC and actually finish near the top a couple of times and middle of the pack the rest. Yay! SEC!!! SEC!!! SEC!!! Alabama carries all of your butts and just realize that and shut up already.
No, it won't hurt Georgia. They have Smart who learned his trade from Saban. He will continue doing the things he does which is just like Saban.
I will never get you people. My team is in a different conference and I hate the other teams and never pull for them. I am not a conference homer, just want info about all the teams.
Luckily for LSU that McKenzie Milton was out and wide open receivers dropped 75 yard TDs right in their hands.
That's a shock. I'm stunned that an Ole Miss guy would leave early. He's really rough around the edges in my opinion and has a way to go. He's got the potential, but not quite as smooth as I would like. But, hell, I'm not an NFL team. Most of the NFL teams are run by idiots, anyway.
Sanders let it be known that the team that signed him was going to have to pay. Look who turned up to prove once more what a crock the NCAA is.
More like frustrating. Bad calls and no defense. I hated it and turned it off after about 4 OT's.
Keep on telling yourself that, LynnieBob. Keep on telling yourself. I'm not a fan of LSU, just a fan of fair officiating. Ridiculous game.
First off, your name is LynnBob. Also, that was not a first down. Your guy was probably at least a yard short. Kind of reminds me of the time you hosted Nebraska and they had 19 penalties. You people will bend any rule to win a game.
I don't think it was a great game at all. The Tigers got hosed by the refs at least twice at the end of the game. It never should have gone to OT. The Tigers may have gotten ripped 3 or 4 times at the end. The Aggies clearly brought their own refs to the game. What a crock.
Yikes, I do hope Michigan can beat Ohio State. The Buckeyes' defense is incredibly pathetic and I'd hate to see them against a good team like Alabama, or Clemson. Maryland ran all over them last week. Ugly. Either team will beat Northwestern who is only there by default and a crumbling Wisconsin. You are right, though, OU could lose and their defense is even worse than the Buckeyes. I think the biggest problem is your first option. Georgia beating Alabama is going to be extremely difficult. This might be the worst college football season I've seen in decades. Just not a lot of good teams out there. It's Alabama by a long shot, and then Clemson. After that, it drops way down to Georgia, Notre Dame and Michigan.
Right, it's football and anything can happen. But, it might take an act of God.
Mr Cody, Michigan is a much better team now than when they played Northwestern the first time. They've improved as Shea Patterson has improved. I won't say I am a Michigan fan, but I am good buds with a former Wolverine head coach, so I do pull for them. Michigan has a few let downs on defense occasionally, but I do like their defense. It's not Alabama, but they are ranked #1 in total defense. Of course, they have a white boy starting at DE and another couple that play throughout the game, so you fellas would always hate them. White boys are a big no no in the SEC.
I have to give this site credit, you put out some great work with lots of info. The only way the SEC gets two teams in is if Alabama lays down on purpose against Georgia in the championship game. There's no way that Georgia could beat them and I don't even want to hear anyone say that limp wrist Auburn could beat them. The Tide would have to let Georgia win to get 2 teams in. But, whatever the case, whoever makes it into the playoffs is going to get destroyed by the Tide. It's a foregone conclusion. Even a good Clemson team will be kicked to the curb. Oh, and Les Miles is in for a rude awakening in Kansas. First, there's maybe a handful of good players a year in the state of Kansas and most of them leave. It's a far cry from the state of Louisiana. White boy farmer kids aren't often very good football players other than a few linemen from time to time and they all still leave the state. He's going to have to hit the south/Texas and the JC ranks really hard and not a lot of great football players want to play at a basketball school. Is this really the best that Les Miles could do?
Notre Dame has a target on them just like most national teams and Pitt played a lot harder against them than they did against UCF, I can guarantee you that. Playing a team like Notre Dame with all of it's history brings out the best in everybody. You can't compare scores, anyway. If that were to work, UCF beat Memphis by 1 point. The following week, Missouri dominated Memphis 65-33. So, Missouri should be in the top 4 by that theory.
Paleeeeeezzz is right. Dang, Finebaum is in love with Saban. If Nick Saban was gay, Finebaum would be on one knee proposing. My question is why this idiot takes up 4 hours of prime time on the SEC Network every week day. Do any of you watch that nonsense? They could be showing some sporting event during that time and I would watch. I'm not ever going to watch that penis with ears talk about anything.
The only SEC coach I think should be fired is Orgeron. The state of Louisiana just has too much talent to let that buffoon be in charge. I know you folks love him, but he's an embarrassment and the LSU Tigers should be much better than they are. They have all that talent in Louisiana and then eastern Texas and the rest of the south at their disposal and if not for Ohio State reject Joe Burrow, they probably have a losing record right now. Just sad. Other than the cookie monster Orgeron, I don't think coaches like Mason should be fired. Firing coaches is mostly overrated and just sets you back another couple of years normally unless it's a case like Georgia with talent already in place.
Gus is in a lot of trouble right now. Auburn is just going to have to learn to cheat better, maybe they should send in an undercover spy to Alabama and see how they cheat and learn from the best.
They are still that high because this is the worst year in college football in decades. There's just not any good teams, or many big time stars out there this season. It's really pretty simple. Leinert's not in touch with reality because when he played they smoked every SEC team they played. USC sucks now, the real USC that is. Not that Lamecock team in Columbia, South Carolina.
Well said, man, and I am not joking. Wonder what dad does for a living? Even the most hard core Alabama fan would have to admit it. Come on, man.
This is not even the same UCF team as last year, and they don't deserve the same respect. LSU and Georgia will have 2 losses and everyone is just going to get thumped by Alabama, anyway. All this talk is worthless.
I don't know why anyone would actually want Kelly Bryant. He's average at best and he should have stayed at Clemson and backed up Trevor Lawrence. He's got no shot at the NFL, so why transfer.
Maybe you should have learnt more before you dropped out of school in the 6th grade?
Marcus got speared in the head once too many times. With easily the best team in the East, Georgia, getting pulverized there's no freaking way anyone can say the Least is better than the West with Alabama in it. Auburn is just garbage right now. Tennessee is a bottom of the pack team in any other conference right now. They absolutely suck.