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Cut the crap. Bret is done. Arkansas needs to fire him and get someone that can actually coach football.
The fact that his daughters may never trust him again isn't solved by money. The fact that a woman that may have truly loved him may have a broken heart can't be solved by money. I'm not saying that those things will happen, but money can't solve 'em.
You got me so good. I'm so hurt. Whatever shall I do, RednBlue? Turn to your vapid wisdom?
There's a massive line between saying "A brother messed up, and actions have consequences" which is what Christians are called to do, and gloating over the fall of a sinner. I get it, everyone messes up, and culturally, this is a big sin. I won't apologize for him. He should have been fired. Luckily, my school took the high ground with Petrino. However, gloating over the fall is not an appropriate response.
Can you include an actual comment or just attempts at sass?
Coach got fired. Can't go to bowls. Cry a bit harder.
Can you use grammar or are you a true Ole Miss graduate?
Nutt was poison and we warned y'all. Turns out he managed even poison the next Coach. This is gonna be a big ole mess.
No one here loves Texas. We all hate them. So much.
The coach is rotten. Statistics don't lie. He is all bluster and no game. 0-10 means the excuses are running out.
I don't understand it either. I wasn't a Bielema fan at first either. I wasn't convinced that he was going to do anything, but after this last season, I was confident that he would be a good coach, and after the Texas game, I'm convinced that he will be a great coach.