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There is a reason why Mullen isn't the HC at Florida right now, it's because Florida didn't want him and made it clear before they settled with McElwain. Florida wanted Freeze but Freeze turn them down, Mullen was lobbing for the Florida job hard but Florida wanted NOTHING to do with him. It's highly unlikely that Florida would offer Mullen the HC job.
This shouldn't be a story and is way over blown. If you watched the video the whole team seems to be laughing and having a good time. It wasn't that bad and when I was school we got a lot worse than that. But of course we live in a world today were everyone is a wimp and crybaby. At the most, they should just tell the coach to not do it again. He definitely shouldn't be charged with a crime. Even the kid that got punched didn't seem think it was that bad.
Honestly I'm done as an Ole Miss fan until they get rid of this crap they call an offense and defense! We need a HC that wants a balanced offense and not some pussy air raid BS! We have a ton of talent of offense at QB, OL and WR! Yet we still suck ass because we can't and won't try to run the ball! Our defense is just laughable! Seriously, my 13 yr old daughter could do a better job at LB and DB. Huge Freeze started this crap and we go lucky the first few years because our defense was so good and we had really good QB play, but now we don't have a defense and still don't know how to run the ball.
I'm going to have to disagree with you about Hurts, he is an average QB, not more, no less. He is an athlete playing QB. We have all seen this type of QB before. I have seen everyone of his games and he makes alot of bad reads and poor throws. But the biggest difference between Hurts and everyone else in the country is that he plays on the most talented team in the country. If Bama had a QB like Patterson or Mayfield, Bama would be pretty much unstoppable. All Hurts has to do is manage the offense for Bama and not make huge mistakes. But like I said, if Bama had the QBs I mentioned, Bama would be able to open their offense up a lot more with their passing attack and teams would have to play them a lot more honestly. Having a great QB on a decent team can make that team REALLY good, but having a bad QB on a good team can just about kill a team. Bama is so stacked with talent, they can get away with having a QB that is a game manager. How do you think Ole Miss almost beat Bama three years in a row? By have a good team with a really good QB.
Well you know Freeze had to be the first to go because he is the only that was capable of killing the monster. He almost took down Bama three years in a row if not for an epic comeback by Bama last year.
Shea Patterson was mentioned a little bit, but not enough.
I'm guessing the players were offended because they were yelled at or something that would normally not be considered mistreatment. We all know that college kids today aren't very smart and need a safe place.
You must have forgotten the last few years that Ole Miss actually beat Bama two years in a row and should have beaten Bama last year but had an epic collapse in the second half. I"m not saying that Bama isn't the gold standard because they are, but saying that in the last few years it has been Bama and the 13 dwarfs isn't exactly true. As far as drugs, football players aren't known for being that smart. I laugh at the people that actually believe that smoking weed is harmless. I wish the punish would be a lot more severe.
Seriously, how could anyone have Hurts as the best QB in the SEC? If Bama had Patterson as their QB, Bama would be at least 10 times better. How can anyone that says they are a sports writer honestly say that Hurts is the best QB in the SEC lol? He is an average QB on the most talented team in the country. I doubt any QB could put up the numbers Patterson has so far against air. When it comes to the best QB in the SEC, it's easily Patterson. He has the arm, pen point accuracy, smart, and is a dual threat with his legs. Yes he has only played cupcakes this season, but he did play 3 SEC teams last year after Kelly was hurt. If you have eyes that actually work, it's easy to see that Patterson is the real deal. Plus it doesn't hurt that he is throwing to best WR corp in the country.
I'm sorry but if Hurts and Bentley are the top two best QBs in the SEC, then that's not good. The only reason Hurts is even in the top 10 is because of the team he plays on. If you put Shea Patterson on that team, then Bama becomes 10 times better. Bentley is good, but he just doesn't have either the arm talent or running ability of Patterson. I doubt Hurts could put up the numbers Patterson has against air. The best two QBs in the SEC happen to be in one state, Mississippi. Patterson and Fitzgerald are the top two QBs in the SEC.
If it was a white person that said that Obama is a terrorist and is a racist, they would have been fired that day! ESPN is run by liberal idiots and that is why that idiot and racist Jemele Hill still has a job. I'm not going to lie, I get a kick out of liberals crying over Trump because it is so funny watching them make themselves look like dumbasses. Everyone is up in arms over a few so called white supremacist, but liberals never say anything about the domestic terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa. Both those groups are a much bigger threat to everyday people. BLM is a black racist group that burn down their own communities and Antifa is a bunch of retarded liberal kids that attack people. GO TRUMP and Hillary for prison!
What pisses me off about my Rebels is that they have a lot of talent but still suck on defense and can't run the ball. We have 3 freaking 5 star offensive linemen starting on the OL and all three have experience! I don't think that the line sucks, they are actually really good at pass blocking, I believe it's the scheme that OM runs. As far as defense, we all know our biggest issue is at LBer. OM has some studs on the DL and there is plenty of talented DBs that OM has recruited. Im not a fan of air raid offenses at all, I believe a team should be balanced that that especially in the SEC, you have to RUN the damn ball to win. Ole Miss has been extremely lucky to have had really good QBs and WRs the past several years and that has covered up a lot of our running game problems. But when we loose, it's because we faced teams that could slow our passing attack down.
bugtussel - I realize your a Moo U fan and aren't the smartest person, but Patterson faced 2 SEC defenses last and defeated A&M. He started the last three games of the season last year after Kelly went down. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Ole Miss offense is going to put up a lot of points and score against everyone. Yes Ole Miss isn't good at running the ball, but with the best QB and WRs corp in the SEC, with a very good OL, Ole Miss is going to be very stuff to stop. So whoever Ole Miss plays, if they have trouble scoring TDs, they are going to have trouble beating Ole Miss.