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Good at coaching offense. Just don't let him bring his father-in-law to games. That is not good optics!
Arkansas needs a massive dose of portal players. Too bad they can't pick up coaches that way.
I even got congratulated by a former KU player.
It will always be a struggle to build that rivalry. The one with Kansas is a lot more years of playing each other, plus having a major population center on the border between the two states.
Note that Foster and Schrader are listed together. One makes the other look better (both ways).
In took 4 years for Drink to have this season. I think that sometimes coach turnover is too quick.
I think this could be very close. Hopefully, a sold out home field advantage will help.
Sould be an interesting game. Difficult to predict.
Out of these coaches, Gundy would be my bottom choice. He has lost too many games he should have won especially "important games."
I assume that Georgia will win, but I hope that Florida makes it difficult.
Sometimes you just have to stick with a quarterback and allow him to develop. Cook sure has improved!
The most interesting thing is the trends, like Brady and Carson moving up and Will moving down.
Think how much better the team will be with Cook in 100% of the time.
Adding Oklahoma to the already good SEC should make the SEC the best Softball conference.
Well, I guess we will be ok in the guard spot! Gates showed last year he can bring together all of the new players quickly.
Good Luck, he contributed a lot to the team!
This could be a wild season. At this point any of the SEC top ten could be the champion.
It will be important to not let Princeton take us out of our game. If we score over 70 and have some 3 pointers, we should win.
Some are inexperienced at power 5 level. All are inexperienced at playing together (but with the portal, that is a common experience). But the team is heavy with seniors.
Good game, especially that we now have a coach that knows how to use Brown.
It was a fun game to watch, especially holding Utah State for 4 of 24 from 3 point.