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So basically it is getting to the point where teams are totally new each year.
He should be able to get national NIL money, so it may not matter where he plays.
We should dramatically improve next season. Not ready to challenge for conference champions, but much better that this season was.
You may be right, I tend to forget the depth of many teams.
With the transfer portal and declarations for the draft it is very hard to pick winners.
When you connect Mizzou's recruiting to NIL: Missouri only has one major university in the state. Missouri has more population than six (seven when you include Oklahoma) SEC states. Mizzou is located in a city of 130,000, while many SEC teams are in smaller markets. Florida and Texas are larger markets, but have multiple major universities to divide the market NIL up.
Ever since he was pulled, it has been assumed Rattler would transfer. He took the being replaced by a freshman hard.
13 SEC Bowl Teams plus half of the championship playoff teams.
I agree with D_Schrute, a coach cannot say that they may leave.
At present, Texas is not a good place to be a head coach.
Stoops is also a consultant to OU football. He could block anyone he does not like.
Hot Springs is a great little mountain town that includes and national park and several lakes.