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It would have been embarrassing if Mizzou had not got him. It was embarrassing three years ago.
Go SEC. Not only are 4 of the 8 from SEC but the 2 from the Big 12 will eventually be in the SEC.
The best approach is wholesale changes in the defense. They may not play defense in the PAC12, but they also don't play offense. Very hard to rate their players.
Another thought about building a new rival, it would be easier with states that are neighbors, since they will have alumni living in each other's state.
Sounds like a lot of potential, but needs skill development that will depend on good position coaching.
Little Mike should not talk about school he would have a difficult time getting into, let alone graduating from.
Great addition. Always good to pick up an instate player, especially a nationally ranked one.
My team had the fielders but not the bats to make it to OKC. 2022 Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winners Pitcher – Courtney Wallace, Nebraska Catcher – Jordan Rudd, Northwestern First Base – Victoria Sebastian, Villanova Second Base – Hannah Adams, Florida Third Base – Sydney Sherrill, Florida State Shortstop – Jenna Laird, Missouri Left Field – Casidy Chaumont, Missouri Center Field, Ciara Briggs, LSU Right Field, Kristian Burkhardt, Michigan
Arkansas is definitely the most relevant rival for Missouri. We have played them back when Missouri was in the Big 8.
Missouri's strongest rival in the SEC is Arkansas. Missouri has no history with SC, TA&M, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Vanderbilt.
AAU schools in the SEC: Texas A & M, Missouri, and (Texas) Generally academics and athletics don't mix very often.
Great off season discussion! I generally agree with Unclenutz's list. I also think one of the most important criteria is how many different decades they are good. That is why Miami is not a blue blood.
I think the final result will be Oklahoma and Arkansas in the championship.
I predict that it will come down to an Oklahoma / Arkansas championship battle.
With the exception of the military, the current games are all over the nation and all over power levels.
I think Arkansas has the best chance of challenging Oklahoma.
I am looking forward to at least 4 or 5 making it to the Supers.
As happens many time the conference tournament (with the exception on Arkansas) looked different than the regular season. It will be interesting which version of each SEC team shows up. My team definitely played better in the SEC tournament.
A lot of the success will depend on improvements in the defensive line. Will we be better there?
I wonder if MU's high level graduate programs played in his decision?
MU could use him and if we don't get him, I hope he stays in the SEC.
It would be great for most of the 12 to make the supers! I know our teams are that good. btw - You know that OU lost the Big 12 Tournament.
The only natural MU rival available is Arkansas. MU its other two natural rivals are non-conference Kansas and Illinois. Overall I like 2 permanent and 7 rotating.
This has been a great SEC tournament. I have listened to several game and they are all good. Lots of SEC teams with great defense including MU. Enjoyed Florida's offense last night.
One problem is that no matter what the rule is, coaches will find a way to manipulate the rule.