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As a UGA fan, all this talk is great. Every bit of this chaos exists ONLY if UGA loses. Nothing like free chips on our sholder. UGA vs The World!! An FSU loss creates an OSU vs UT debate, that will favor UT (conference champs)
Exactly but they think the same thing about the SEC. Only difference is we win on the field when it matters most
Of course. I love watching the B1G get their hopes crushed. They have won 4 (maybe 5) CFP games as a conference but have lost 8 or 9. UGA by itself has won as many (maybe more) than the entire conference, but sure, let's get 2 teams from the most overrated conference into a 4-team playoff so they lose in the first round...again. I'd especially love to see Boo explain it if they get in and leave a 1-loss UGA out if they lose their conference championship.
Want some French cries to go with your Waaa-burger? Maybe a nice Whine-iken to wash it all down
Truegrit, remind me what the B1Gs CFP record is. Then look up the SEC record. It ain't refs, it's players that make that difference. Enjoy pounding sand but being a media darling
How could I not support something that provides me with so much entertainment? Don't go changing on me and learn how to win a big game!
I love the B1G. Using one overrated team to validate another overrated team. There is a reason y'all keep losing in the playoffs
You mean the Ponzi scheme where the sec wins it on the scoreboard and not the message boards? Enjoy being overrated playing overrated teams then getting waxed by an sec team.
Tip of the cap SDS. You put half my comments in purgatory but can't stop a bot from spamming the message board. Impressive
A Tennessee fan talking to an Auburn fan about another team cheating. That is rich!!
Yes. They were better last year too. Glad to see Marvin Harrison Jr. having such a big year.
I have a feeling you're right. UGA wants to make a statement and no one better than UF to make an example of
We won't cry about it like osu did with Harrison. Nahmean?
Steele is 1-1 against high power offenses. The defense was solid against Ole Miss
I know you're just trolling BIT CH, but it is kinda ironic you call out an entire fanbase for being BIT CHES while not claiming a team and typing on a keyboard. It is truly rich with irony.
Beck's lack of downfield throwing is because his primary read is a short slant or or tunnel screen. He's missed A LOT of wide open receivers running post routes, meaning he's not looking at them. Smart/Bobo want their athletes in space but space doesn't open up if you don't push the ball downfield more consistently. This game manager moniker is more from the coaching/play calling and not the player.
Truegrit: You are saying the conference Champs are the only ones who should go, but what about regular season Champs? They show over a longer period better football played. You are advocating to throw out the regular season and make it a 1 game playoff to go to the playoff. You want worthy participants but your rationale eliminates several quality teams over 1 loss but elevates less deserving teams due 1 good game instead of the 12 played prior. Your rationale says a 12-0 team that lost to a 8-4 team in the conference championship is less worthy, even if they beat them in the regular season due to winning the conference championship. When it's said outloud, it doesn't sound like a good idea.
Aren't you an OSU supporter? Don't you have a targeting penalty to cry about somewhere?
TLDR. This isn't one game. It spans several seasons and is indicative of his cringy style in recruiting and as a human.
Pretty sure they could hire Deon Sanders or just about anyone they want with their money.
We already have a UT in the SEC. Y'all are Texas hence forth. Welcome to the SEC...
You do know 2chains is actually quite articulate and educated?
Gwhite, you just made a statement that I think actually resonates with Dawgnation, Beck wasn't asked to do much but you still wanted to see more. Beck wasn't as bad as our oline, but he missed some throws and never saw several WIDE open receivers. Both should get better as the jitters subside
I like the idea but ChatGPT won't make as many mistakes. I quit reading the majority of the writers, is any more accurate/less mistake riddled?