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Dawg nation apologizes for slapping your face and taking your lunch money. Still a little butt hurt from atm?
I think its a joke about needing to be bionic to move big JD around
I thought the Big East disbanded years ago. Congrats to them for keeping it going! Good work commish
I take it you haven't watch UGA play this year. Only 1 UGA team has shown up all year.
Worn out. The thing about that line is it will haunt several rivals when it happens. It will be several NCs as long as Kirby stays and remains hungry
@FunandGun: Remember that time you guys had 1 loss heading into the final weekend of the regular season and then an undisciplined UF team lost to a 4-5 LSU team, then lost to Bama in the SEC championship game that wasn't close regardless of what you tell yourselves, then got boat raced by a bad Oklahoma team? Remember that? You never even sniffed playing for a NC. Just remember that.
13 years and counting on your Natty with no end in sight. Enjoy Jacksonville, I know we will...again!!
Slight correction, he has never won a championship regardless of who is the QB. News Flash: He is not a championship level coach
Although it is a noon kickoff so probably not as raucous
Yall are 0-1 on the road and this environment won't get easier. I won't be surprised to see it get worse and DBs struggling to get lined up.
Thankfully Kirby can't develop players so McConkey and Mitchell must have been working secretively with another coach. Probably the same one that Jordan Davis has been working with...
Is anyone else's comments "awaiting moderation" or am I the lucky one?
No they don't. Last year was exceptional but y'all had how many #1 recruiting classes when Kirby was there? When did the streak end and who ended it? Nice try but reality says otherwise...
Whose players was Pruitt using? They were Kirby's and now that there is no longer him developing the defense, you see the results.
I only say that because RollTide989 thinks they will lose to AU.
Why? So he can look confused and out of sync? Elam will be better served waiting out the season.
Have you thought about writing SDS a strongly worded letter regarding this issue? Also, arrogance about arrogance looks good on you. Keep it up kiddo.
You almost are completely eliminated from contending for the division. Good luck this year at the WLOCP. Can't wait to see Dan's post-game interview.
Clever jab at Kirby. How is Chizik 2.0, apologies Coach O, doing these days? Did his dreams arrive in death valley?
I don't think Auburn will put up 10 points against UGA. Not sure UGA will get to 30 either, so I like the bet.
You ended it correctly RWS. Apologies for not rolling out the red carpet here in the classic city, but its called home field advantage and we aren't trying to be nice hosts. In all seriousness, I will say Auburn fans have been exceptionally nice when I've visited and have shown hospitality since my first trip to the plains.
Auburn is the backup school for the Georgia residents that can't get into UGA. Why give up a free education to a higher ranked school?
More of lighting in a bottle. He is about on par with Malzahn. What has he done since famous Jameis?
Y'all had some posters that were thinking quite the opposite, but probably not majority of the fan base felt that way. Good luck except when you play UGA!