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I'm pretty sure Monken decides the depth chart at QB. Everything stops with the HC but the OC has the most input what the depth chart looks like.
The difference between Lawrence and Fields in 2018 was significant. Fields looked lost half the time and he wasn't ready for big time SEC ball, Lawrence was playing Syracuse and GT in the ACC. Completely different situations. I agree that in hindsight Fields was the better choice but during the games he didn't look the part with the chances he got.
Ole Miss almost beating Bama Mizzu beating Florida
Y'all will probably play on October 31st. Too much money on wlocp.
The gators definitely need to pack the stadium...enjoy cousin Eddie Florida. That comment didn't age well and it hasn't been 1 week
2 things from a UGA fan's perspective: 1) Grantham's defense gets set too late and thats why they are consistently out of position. It happens too often they are signaling coverages in the secondary until (and sometimes after) the ball is snapped. Needs to be simplified. 2) Brenton Cox is not good at maintaining his lane and setting an edge against the run. He's definitely talented but I'm sure he's easily coached. He relies on talent and instinct instead of assignments too often.
I couldn't agree more! They still control their own destiny but its all doom and gloom in Gainesville. I do like to watch the gators squirm but the season barely is 25% over and they are talking like their playing for the citrus bowl. Go Dawgs!!
This was intended to be a response to rico and not the article btw
For them to play 12 games they'll need to win the east. Definitely still in play and they do control their own destiny but not looking great after their loss. Go Dawgs!!
Lecounte doesn't need to sit. His penalty happened in the first half. I think you'll really believing your going to win is adorable. Go Dawgs!!
Are those Vanderbilt players? I've got commend you for being the first Vanderbilt fan I've ever seen on a blog. Why haven't y'all fired Mason yet?
You mean this and everything he did this off-season. I'm glad for Cade and even happier to stop hearing about this garbage. I think he's very good but not a complete game changer for UTs line. He got beat quite often at UGA. Go Dawgs!
I'd take Auburn and the points. We seem too unsettled throughout the entire offense. I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. Go Dawgs!!
I get that you are a UF fan, but how is Spurrier 2 of the items? He quit during the middle of a season as a head coach. I've met Spurrier several times and he's actually a pretty cool dude (I'm a massive UGA fan that hasn't missed the WLOCP since 1996) but will never respect him again as a coach.
I'm a UGA fan and I'm still pissed for what he did to your program (essentially forcing y'all to hire Dooley). It was a desperation hire because of the short notice he gave. Y'all have a better coach now than Kiffin though but its been a long way back to being competitive again. Go Dawgs!!
Spoiler Alert No one cares. Just happy to watch our team play!!!
Joe Marks, we dominated it when your grandparents were here and we dominate it now. Y'all worry about getting to a championship game and we'll worry about winning it.
One thing you are conveniently neglecting is Smart won the SEC and went to the NC game in his 2nd year. I'm not saying Mullen is a bad coach but he definitely isn't the second coming of Spurrier. He may be the second coming of Richt though, 10 win seasons and preseason hype but not consistently elite.
Love the name and you are correct about Stingley. He may be the best player in the nation but nobody will throw at him. Go Dawgs!!
You do know these are unpaid college kids. You can't fix stupid...allegedly. You strike me as someone who is great at parroting another person's ideas but probably not great at analyzing and generating an original thought.
I'm a Dawg fan and can say emphatically that Derek Stingley Jr is the best player on college football. Trevor Lawrence is maybe the most important player but Stingley may be the best CB to ever play the game. Kid is an otherworldly talent. Also, it is interesting that UGA doesn't get more love for its defensive players. Only 1 made the list, but as a UGA fan im glad to see this. Don't want the kids to read their own press too much, they need to stay hungry and stay focused!
The reason to not play is a deadly virus. People only concern themselves with the players but there are massive staffs that make these big football machines go and there are lots of at risk individuals apart of those staffs. Stop being so selfish about football and be apart of the solution.
Blep: Your faulty logic is you include asymptomatic cases in your death rate. How many flu cases that are asymptomatic are included in the total flu cases annually.
Not trying to tell you what to do in life but my afternoon drunk self keeps reading gouda dawg
@poopy kicker Is it better to have talent and not develop it or just not have talent? What is funny is looking at the rankings and thinking you are closing the talent gap when in fact there is an ocean of difference between the #3 ranked class and the #9 ranked class. Also, it was a lot more than 7 points.