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If he got hurt at georgia, he'll get murdered behind that Florida line. He's not going to Florida. He wants to play football not get surgery
@cola_cock can you post how to properly make a tin hat? Not everything is a conspiracy. ESPN has lost influence to Fox.
It's not the future of the game that's in trouble, it's your program.
They have a practice roster to pull from and they can adjust their roster weekly. The 53-man roster are the ones who suit up any given week. College has an 85 scholarship player mask that is set on a yearly basis. The 53-man roster is misleading when comparing it to college.
It will add 1 more game. 12 or 16 teams would add 2 games. Also, I probably would leave the "only" off when talking about games that will be that physical. These won't be little sisters of the poor teams that will be playing.
I like how you want to compare the education received from both universities, here are the us news and world report ranking for each school (public schools): UGA #16. UT #46. Enjoy your delusional world big guy. UT is a basketball school with a bad education
Stetson is staying and signing a historically lucrative NIL deal. Why would he pass on millions?
Stetson is returning. Do y'all remember the NIL rules? He'll make more at uga than he will as an undrafted FA.
Injuries are apart of the game. We were missing 2 of the highest rated wrs we have ever recruited for most of the season. Won't be the last time these 2 coach against each other, so we'll see if its a new trend or a 1 off, but for now uga are national champs! Go Dawgs!!
Who are you comparing the talent to? Toledo? Napier doesn't have a roster of SEC caliber players. More talent than UL but not as much as UGA, UA, LSU, TAMU or Ole Miss. Mullen was a horrendous recruiter and this is the most depleted UF roster in 20+ years.
He also played Franks over Trask. Mullen could have made me look good with Toney and Pitts catching my passes. His offense looked good because of the Jimmy's and the Joe's not his x's and o's. You should also review his antics and post-game pressers before you defend his intelligence. May the force be with you...gotta go, it's recruitin' season!!
I thought every draft has him as a top 15 overall pick. What does coming back improve?
Actually funny. True for most sec schools though
Shocking. Good luck to him, he was a joy to watch in college
How did those conference champions do when they played against the SEC? There is a reason the championship game has 2 SEC teams, it is a superior conference.
@ladonvol67 Curious if you feel the same way about Riley and Day? They both coach in inferior conferences but get their doors blown off when they play the cream of the crop from the SEC. Those 2 get a pass but Smart and staff need to be looked at? How many titles has Jimbo led aTm to? Or title game appearances? Enjoy your last year being relevant in a sport, basketball
If you consider making generational wealth by staying healthy and not playing in a meaningless bowl game greedy, then you'd be correct. I'd say pride is your problem, pride in your team, and pride comes before the folly. Maybe if there was a real payday for winning the bowl, then the kids would play.
The NFL has a draft which helps even the playing field for talent, recruiting does exactly the opposite
And UGA is playing for the title in 1 week. What will you say post-game assuming UGA wins? Will you concede they are elite or just say we've won more titles than UGA since 1980?
@truegrit-you want to say that sec isn't superior because of the bowl games. Here's a question, what was the sec record against power-5 opponent? Most of the sec loses came against group of 5 teams playing with a team that was a shell of the one that played the regular season.