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Definitely not a huge blow when you're the underdog. If we came in expected to win and laid an egg, then that would be a huge blow. I haven't seen any expert pick uga yet.
It had as much to do with Brenton Cox not keeping contain as Walker going down.
No kidding! They lost to Auburn 2 out the last 3 seasons and about to have a mass exodus of talent from their offense, but all is well in Bamaland. I'm starting to think this site more about comedy than football.
Out of touch garbage again. Bama is sitting at home watching other people play what they live for and UGA is the unhappy fanbase. Good analysis...keep riding that broke down Bama bandwagon. Dawg nation will watch their team play in another big game with a chance to win their 2nd sec title in 3 years.
This is crazy talk. The talent is there, they just need some continuity in the coaches box. You can't turnover the entire staff and expect to stay at the top. They will be better next year but their offense will be a dumpster fire compared to this year's offense. Alabama will be a contender for years to come, but they have lost the benefit of doubt they've enjoyed over the past decade. Go Dawgs!! Beats LSU!!!
Quit with the facts, they just get in the way of his narrative. Florida wasn't a contender this year either...
It's the only way for these Homer's to put Bama in the top 3.
This website is such a bama homer. Bama lost and they are still ranked above the team that beat them. Get off Saban's jock and take a serious look at the teams. Bama hadn't beat anyone of note this season but you people kept wanting them in the playoffs. They are now 0-3 in their last 3 games of consequence. The talent is still there but the coaching carousel of the last 4 seasons has taken its toll.
Correction: Mark Richt had lost control of the team.
Isn't the egg bowl this week?
Surprised 1-5 isn't "Because we're Alabama!"
I hope Auburn stomps a new mud hole in Alabama. I'm really curious what these Rammer Jammer homers will write about when Bama isn't the best of 5 years ago.
Your logic is garbage. You are a hater without any real substance to your statement. You confuse the media with a fanbase. What the media writes isn't what the fanbase is thinking. Most of us understood that Fields was too talented to ride the bench and just didn't want to see him at Auburn or Florida.
Any year you beat your four major rivals, Florida, Auburn, Tech and Tennessee, is a successful year.
How many tds did Burrow throw against Auburn? Less than Fromm and UGA won by more playing Auburn at Auburn but we are trash. I guess we'll find out how bad we are in 2.5 weeks.
How can you say that LSU beat Auburn and UGA only outlasted them? UGA beat them and LSU outlasted them. UGA gets no respect for beating the same team at Auburn by more than LSU did at home. Also, it's funny to watch you people ride Bama's jock every week. Their best years are behind them.
You know what's really funny is he's 3-0 vs Florida and won the east every season he's been here. LOL. LOL. LOL. Enjoy a qb ranking and not playing anymore games that matter. LOL.
There you go! That's the attitude.
I remember when UGA was more worried about uniforms than winning football games. Mullen is the Mark Richt of Florida football.
He also took a moral high road then loved a team that had a racist (Riley Cooper), a woman beater (Chris Rainey), a murder (Aaron Hernandez) and Tim Tebow. Let's not forget Brandon Spikes eye gouge. Yeah that sounds like what gator fan would cheer. A morally bankrupt fanbase taking the high ground.
Here's a prediction from a Georgia fan: UGA wipes the floor with UF. The gators are are an undisciplined, pile of garbage. Y'all will lose to LSU and UGA by more than 2 scores.
They are undefeated in conference play...
We were playing a team around the ilk of Georgia State. Except we a lot. Let us know when you put out the dumpster fire that is vol football.