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I've been thinking Dan Mullen is the new Mark Richt. A perennial 10 win disappointment, with less class. As a Dawg fan, I'm hoping he's there for 15 seasons.
I agree with keeping Monken in the lower half until he shows it on the stat sheet and scoreboard. I'd definitely have Bobo over Chaney though. We should revisit this post season and include the defensive and special teams sides as well. Smart near the top on defense and hopefully doesn't show up on special teams...
Funny you say Mullen is a better game day coach yet he has lost to him all 3 times their teams played, and he was boat raced in 2 of those games. Mullen hasn't been in a situation to make the same mistake Smart has. What is Mullen's SEC Championship game record? How many times has he been to the playoffs? He needs to win something before you crown him.
@TrueLefty That is a stupid thought process. Our 1st OC was hired for a significant pay increase and the second one was a complete disaster. How many head coaches have y'all had the last 4 years? As many OCs as we have now? Good luck getting bowl eligible and living in your glass house.
You sound like a butthurt Mizzou fan whose football team has fallen into oblivion. Do you remember when y'all were relevant? We don't either. How's that RB of y'alls working out in the NFL? Is he 2nd string? Do y'all even have a RB in the league?
The talent gap between WF and Clemson was an ocean, UGA and Clemson are fishing in the same waters. The thing people were seeing against better teams is more systematic of the team as a whole vs QB only problems.
A little surprised Stingley wasn't on that list. He might be the best player on this year's team.
Hey David, do you think God told Alabama's sweet Hawaiian prince to go pro? You still need to be trolled over that garbage, pie-in-the-sky article about Tua returning.
Chris, get off Saban's jock for the next two weeks. Tua is injured and ain't walking through those Bama doors anymore as a player. Get over it. It also isn't a good story for anyone that doesn't root for Bama. Best story is Burrow beating OSU.
It is kinda interesting he mentions trust but committed to a program that killed a player 2 years ago. Not sure that's the culture I'd want to join
His season wasn't subpar it just wasn't superb. He deserved it last year but got snubbed so getting it this year is fine. The Iowa kid can get it next year. To get most of these awards you really need two great seasons.
Also, aren't y'all the ones that lost to GA state? Memphis is the best team in your state. We also have taken the lead in our series. Must be brutal to think of that after the 90s...
I love the chirping from Vols fans. Y'all worry being relevant and we'll worry about being elite. Remember GA State?
Keep talking. How has that been working out for y'all on the field? We'll worry about being elite while y'all try to become relevant.
I never can understand finebaum because he's always got nick Saban's cock in his mouth.
No way he goes pro. He's a 4th rounder at best. His arm isn't elite nor his athleticism, he has intangibles but those won't make GMs salivate. If he stays and puts up some numbers (improves his downfield completion% and gets his overall completion% to above 65%), he will get back a sure fire first rounder. I think it will speak volumes if he leaves. All this being said, I'd leave for the fat payday when I was his age. Can't blame someone for making millions in such an injury prone sport.
Playing for the big one is better than most teams are doing. Who's your team?
I remember the score being on our side. You know who complains about officiating? The loser
I love the qualifiers for a great season for UF. Hope you guys win your game today!
Man all these things you state about UGA having no chance, who is UF going to crush this week? Don't y'all have a bye this week?
Also, that offense scored 45 points last time out. I guess they didn't find their offense and LSU didn't find their defense when they held A&M to 7 points.
That bad offense hung 43 points on your team. How bad is your defense?
I'll take UGA and 21 points all day. What's my limit on the bet? I want to max bet
It was largely decided by the score, at least that's what I saw.
Probably more likely than UGA winning by that score but if you spotted me 24 points in this game I've some gambling money.
We'll take the support from wherever we can get it, but I feel the same way about Dawg fans rooting for UF.
Definitely not a huge blow when you're the underdog. If we came in expected to win and laid an egg, then that would be a huge blow. I haven't seen any expert pick uga yet.
It had as much to do with Brenton Cox not keeping contain as Walker going down.
No kidding! They lost to Auburn 2 out the last 3 seasons and about to have a mass exodus of talent from their offense, but all is well in Bamaland. I'm starting to think this site more about comedy than football.