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So will the Big12 and Pac merge now? What happens to Stanford and Oregon?
Agree. Give the guy 2 more recruiting classes. He should be knocking on the door of the top5 of class rankings by year 4 if he is the right coach. Also, I can't imagine the locker room atmosphere if you don't take of the guys already in the program. I'm curious how ut handles their new qb...
I'm sure yall paying some kid from California $8mil will help put the locker room on solid ground. Probably won't be a problem for all the players who have been working and building the culture he is about to raid. Nothing like building team chemistry by paying someone who has yet to practice more than half the teams parents make collectively
@gig em. That is some shakey logic used to explain the sky rocketing of aTm recruiting. Why didn't all the other programs see the same bump in recruiting? Why did ALL the recruits choose the same school? That is quite the statistical anomaly...
Is owning losing 4 of the last 5 and behind by 10 wins in the overall series? Interesting view of ownership.
For this site or the 2022 football season?
That's true every year for the last decade
? Alabama is central and Georgia is eastern. Am I missing something?
I bet transfers before his 3rd season. Not at all a comment about this kid, just a cynical view on modern college football. The transfer portal has ruined recruiting.
They have a large hungry fanbase that doesn't mind spending money. Why not prop them up in the off-season to get more clicks and reads? It's not necessarily their opinion, it's about job security for the writers
Not to be cynical but with the portal, who cares about commitments? Happy to get a solid player but won't mean much if he transfers before his 3rd season. Also, being honest, if he flipped from uga, it'd be "we didn't need him" comments but now he's underrated and all-world. Gotta love fanatics. Go Dawgs!!
I still think it's Jared Lorenzen. The hefty lefty was amazing. I will never forget him completing a pass he threw behind his head as he was getting tackled and he was impossible to sack solo. Hime and Peyton Manning always had career games when they played UGA.
In his defense, OU hasn't won any big games in 20+ years.
The reason is he wasn't open. Talented receiver but didn't fit well with the scheme
It does speak volumes about how strange that sounds. Y'all still haven't made an sec championship game. Auburn is far more of a blue blood than aTm.
It does, as does our basketball facilities. There is no chance we can attract top recruits to our current dump
He has the identical record as Sumlin and not looking better than 8-4 this year. He sounds like a used car salesman when he talks. Not sure how has kept his job so long.
There is no question that your alumni support is 1st class, but definitely not deeper pockets than UTa & TAMU, regarding major college programs. Michigan and OSU would be strong contenders as well. All that being said, money and support won't be what holds Florida back.
I'll leave it to the guy that has $100 million on the line to worry about it. What that media bullsh!t will generate NIL money for him and his teammates will be check and mate for recruiting moving forward. The media will always be there when we are playing for championships consistently
I read Hutchinson is sucking air and came in out of shape. I thought he was the far more prepared pro than Walker, odd such a pro would come in out of shape...
aTm is adamant they didn't cheat and I actually believe them. But they need to drop this charade that they didn't pay the recruits. Kids aren't showing up to free fall down draft boards and go 8-4 consistently. They committed to money not aTm or Jimbo.
Its not outrageous, unwarranted maybe, but definitely not outrageous. Do you really think Jimbo just caught lightning in a bottle last year on the recruiting trail? Y'all paid well for the class. Own it. Enjoy it.
@BamaTime Saban's acquisition is unreal and will continue to be as long as he is the coach, my question is what will be there when he does eventually leave? 4 years ago, I'd say a program even I Jeremy Pruitt wouldn't screw up but now it won't be nearly as stocked with developed talent.
Gab- Y'all are sec Champs. Congratulations. Keep telling yourself how if so and so were there it'd all be different. Quick question, what happens if yall don't win the championship this year, Young and Anderson are gone and you missed on Arch? You make a lot of the fact Metchie and Williams were the real HP that drove last year's team and your top 2 wrs this season are transfers, that leaves the Bama future where exactly? No current year development because of the transfer players. To further paint the picture, where does this leave the program when Saban is gone and y'all aren't attracting the best assistants in football and players aren't lining up to play? Could be a scary precipice you are standing on. Not saying coach is leaving but the program will on shaky ground with this new talent acquisition process he has whenever he does finally retire.
I don't think athletes care about the fan comments, but that has been Saban's pitch. Y'all are uber talented but how long before the recruits stop lining up since your starters are from other schools? Also, if Bama was so talented last season why did the loss of 2 players cost yall a championship? Y'all were more talented with a better coach but didn't win. Weird
It's from the uga fanbase or rival fans, nothing to do with Bama or its athletes.
It's Bama, they are super deep and uber talented. Just ask any of their fans, they love to explain it incessantly. Unless of course it's the championship game, then the one player made all the difference and was the reasonthey lost the game. It's an interesting dynamic in their mental makeup. I would be curious to see future transfers and commits if he opts for Bama. What happened to being developed and trusting the process at Bama? The team has consistently dipped into the portal the several years to find the difference makers instead of having the next man up mentality. Bama fans, you can only talk out of both sides if your mouth for so long before people (athletes) stop listening to you.
That's because of the regression of talent on that side of the ball, having players stay around longer to improve their draft stock. Having an older unit might not always be a good omen.