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I have to say his freshman year made me think he's more talented than Trevor Lawrence, but he definitely digressed last year. I don't think he is overhyped, he's just that good and last year was a team result. If QBs weren't so valued in the modern game, he'd definitely be the first off the board this year.
I really do hope you are comforted by a close loss. Only a loser compares loses
Didn't know football was another name for horseshoes and hand-grenades. Losing close on the scoreboard is losing, getting mauled is losing. Enjoy your close losses jackass
Where would the institutions be without the players? Stop with the stupid "they get enough" garbage. What if a kid went to Harvard and got paid because he/she is a phenom with computer programming? Should they just give the money they worked for to the institution if they negotiate a contract outside of the university? Not paying the athletes is just archaic
Kinda like having a guy with a 56% completion rate and a 2-1 td/int ratio year at the number 4 spot. Careful throwing those stones in your glass house
I don't think they read it either. Not sure even negan reads it...
Nah. We should include it. Why not? It gets smashed in your face if your team loses, so throw it in your rival's face when your team wins, especially when they get curb stomped in their game.
So you made no major personnel changes on the defense but expect major changes. Interesting
The games are too long and so is the season. MLB is great but folks don't have time to invest. Make each game mean more and more people will watch. Its saturated like adds online and folks don't pay attention to it anymore
You know what they say about Bama and education... Nothing... Enjoy a trophy case you did nothing for except root for a team.
I actually agree with you. I think y'all will bounce back faster than UT to competitive form, just couldn't resist ribbing a division rival. Good luck this year, its the first step in the journey back up!
Its anonymous people on a sec football message board, what else would you expect? This banter happens on GameDay too.
Its the first one that will be worse! Congrats USCe! A gamecock, despite being low quality academically and bad at football, can still serve a purpose. Don't you go dying on me now!
LOL. Is Tennessee a basketball school now that Vandy inched ahead in football?
So you basically struggle to comprehend basic English and a linear thought. Got it.
Bamatime here cojones' quote that is responding to, "Fact, EJ is a dual threat QB who was a strong accurate downfield passing game. Fact, the offense is not being revamped as all the relevant coaches and players have been in the system for a few years." My original statement said it will be revamped so...
Hey boy wonder is English your 2nd language? When you say Mullen won't revamp his offense, you are saying he wants personnel to fit his scheme. I think he'll fit the offense to the players but you think he'll run essentially the same offense with a drastically different QB. Y'all will be much more inclined to run the ball because EJ doesn't possess Trask's accuracy. EJ might be able to spin it but its not accurate. Keep up the genius work for all the uf fans. Im sure your posts make them as proud of you as we are of Negan
Fact: EJ completed 56% of his passes last year and this years receivers are not as talented, so that number will probably drop since Mullen won'tchange the offense to better match his personnel. UF may have a few blue chippers but they aren't first round talents. Your rbs weren't great last year, and you added a 5star that couldn't handle the work and competition at his previous school (coincidentally all of your former 5 stars are that way). Regarding not being surprised about holding uf under 10 points, that wasn't an opinion of what I think will happen, just a statement of not being surprised. Learn some reading comprehension skills before we discuss the ignorance in this conversation.
I think statistically they all will be better. More games and less sec games equals better numbers. Compared to 2019 numbers may be different...
You are revamping an offense to suit the skill set of running QB and we are built to stop the run, advantage UGA. You don't have a passer who is accurate nor the same high level skill players to relieve his inaccurate passes, so you'll need to establish a run game against the best run defense the past 2 years. Try using some facts rather than innuendo before you comment on someone else's knowledge.
UGA hasn't gotten weaker. We've won our division more than Bama over the past 4 seasons...
I'm not sure about the Clemson game but I feel very confident UGA will curb stomp uf this year. They don't have the perimeter weapons nor qb to be an aerial assault team this year. Having a running qb and better running back won't cut it against the dawg D. I wouldn't be surprised if we hold them to less than 10 points and we hang 30+ on them
Agreed. Saban could swap rosters with Vandy and still win the game.
I thought Neon Deion was coach at Jackson State. How does know how well Meyer is doing? Do you think Meyer makes it through the 2nd year before he is having heart problems on the sidelines?
I love how they essentially bring back everyone from a historically bad defense, including the DC, yet they will be improved across the board. Remind me, what's the definition of insanity?
This is correct. As a dawg fan, Grantham is Kirby's greatest asset against the gators.
He also has a major drop-off after year 3...historically. Maybe he change that
Not great logic as a devout follower of Saban. He is the goat of college football coaches but "his" defense has fallen off a cliff the last five years. It either matters who calls the plays or Saban has really fallen off as a coach