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It is comical for them to rave about having a superior coach who is 1-3 against Kirby. So yes we should let them yap and enjoy a good laugh. UF will see the humor on October 30th
I will say it was more of an 18 year run. Been in a bit of a drought since 2010...they will remind us of 1980 drought I'm sure
One thing he has done is amass a 3-1 record against your true genius of a coach. You what other fanbase liked to talk about having a superior coach that couldn't recruit? Georgia Tech. Y'all are our new GT
Probably while he was reliving his inferior coaches 3-1 record against Mullen. Enjoy your semi-decade victory
Auburn, where 5 stars don't go. Interesting how all those 3 stars at uga have beaten AU routinely over the past decade.
What about the other 3 losses as a hc going head to head? I think I'll take the better recruiter that is 3-1 in head to head matchups
He doesn't count against the 85 man roster. Nor does Rochester
My new nickname for Tennessee is North UCF
Interesting that half of your top 6 hailed from the B1G. Could it be an overrated conference with OSU the most overrated of them?
Enjoy the last victory for a few years. Soak up the 44-28 limelight. You guys face some dark days ahead. Mullen is a less classy Mark Richt. He'll make you think you have a shot, but will face plant in the end. His teams aren't disciplined and will just not show up to a big game and lose another you should win (OU was a no show and LSU shoeldn't have been a loss)
I personally thought this was a great spot to be in for any hire. A fanbase that is hungry to win but has lowered expectations for any immediate success. A place that will support their program financially and you'll be a giant builder if they returning to their 1990s form
UGA fan's perspective on that coup of a hire was amusement. It was like when Grantham was hired by Louisville, all we could say was thank you and good luck!
Thats what a team that actually expects to compete would think, but the gators are worlds beaters and can't be bothered with facts.
Yeah they will. Arkansas was screwed on 2 of those loses and the 3 sec wins is the most they've had in awhile. They are a team on the rise, Texas is in rebuild mode
There is talent on the team for a group of 5 school, not sec talent. I think Vanderbilt has as much talent as UT
Funny. Its been a while for us, but we never face planted like UTk. Enjoy the next 3 years of striving to get to .500 while we are competing for championships.
Same reason they hype Notre Dame and Oklahoma, helps with the national audience. We know these teams wouldn't be nearly as competitive in the SEC but it makes their large fanbases think they would be. Its all about the money. I'm sure Penn State and Michigan will be on the cusp of something special, as well as USC and Oregon. None of them are but their fans are good for the sport.
At this point would you trust UT to make a good decision for it next HC? Hell they don't even have a AD yet
I personally think they just need a legit AD and then keep the boosters and fans out of the way. This is actually a solid looking job, with the right administrative support, if you think about it: 1) Fanbase with lowered expectations 2) A fanbase with a lot of resources that are hungry to win 3) A lot of possibly disgruntled players have already hit the transfer portal so it will be essentially a clean slate when you take over as coach. 4) I still think there is value in the schools history for getting recruits. A lot of kids do like football history regardless of what folks say.
Funny. Uga won the sec in 2002, which means TN should be in contention next year. Do you honestly think they're anywhere near competing for the SEC championship dude?
I'm a huge UGA fan and I agree. UTk, Nebraska and Michigan will all return to a similar level of their 1990s selves. To think anything else is asinine at best
Its called player development. By your logic, the players from the 70s are better than the players of today. Also, our center had some troubles with a shotgun snap, which is kinda crucial at the position.
Yall can give up 30 points/game and 450 yards and that would be a tremendous turnaround. Still won't make you a competitive team but vastly improved on d for sure
@therealcojones: Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the needs beat FSU this year? How does that happen with less than half the team?
I don't want to get on a soapbox but your clown-show of a coach has set your dumpster of a program on fire and is 1-2 against your #1 rival.
He also is fighting the perception that its the system and not his talent
@NASA-gator I take it you aren't one of the rocket scientists at NASA. UGA has a commanding lead in the overall series and the over the last decade. Y'all played football outside of Spurrier and Meyers you know?
Not to mention Najee in the backfield in a single back set. Good luck stopping that