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Kid's just gotta wait until 2 or 3 current Bulldogs break the law and get kicked off the team. His chances are actually really good!
The reigning Champions of Life shouldn't have a culture that's a "disaster".
The "Reverend" calls himself a "college graduate from a reputable university". Doesn't know the difference between "Dribble" and "drivel".
Thankful that Saturday will probably be the last we see of Vol fans on this site until next February when they start talking again about how this is their year and they're "back".
^^^ Stated as a completely impartial observer, of course.
This guy's got a face on like he just smelled corn dogs.
Again - worry about beating Alabama and handle your own business.
Tennessee would LOVE to see Florida leave the conference. Might actually give you a chance to win one.
Congrats on all those National Championships in the 1930s and 1950s. Oh, and all those Heisman Trophy winners... oh, wait.
Who's scared now? "Waaaaaaaaaaah, we don't WANNA go to Gainesville!" "Our fans DESERVE to see our classic rivalry against South Alabama" GTFO!
Dear Tennessee fans and coach and AD: Maybe you should worry more about handling your OWN business - not what Florida is doing. You're so convinced you're going to lose to Alabama that what Florida's doing is your biggest concern. You broke the streak but the Gators are STILL in your heads. HAHA! Go Coach Mac! Screw the haters!
Florida is NOT giving LSU another home game. Too damn bad if you don't like it. And don't act like the lost revenue on Nov 19 is a huge deal. You're paying Les Miles more than $5M to stay home and not coach your team. It's obvious money isn't an object.
LSU wants this game to be played only on THEIR terms. Sorry, the home team gets to dictate the terms. That being said, there's no reason they couldn't have played tomorrow or even tonight. The weather is pretty nice in Gainesville right now.
So many Vols weighing in on this. Sounds like YOU'RE the ones who are scared.
Can you imagine the hype if they ever win something more than a regular season game?
Good thing for Tennessee, they'll never have to worry about this problem.
I'll bet you slayed 'em with that jorts joke back in the 90s.
Isn't that what you said last year... and the year before... and the year before... and the year before... etc, etc, etc.
Why would a QB with Big 10 experience be intimidated by playing at Neyland? The last two Sun Belt and MAC teams that visited didn't seem too scared.
1. 45 points. Reached. 2. Checkerboard pants aren't cool 3. See you Sept 24 for your 12th beatdown in a row.
What else we know: 1) He was 8-4 against Fat Phil while coaching the Gators 2) Peyton never beat the Gators 3) You can't spell Citrus without UT 4) Gators have won 11 in a row currently against Tennessee