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Time for John Wick to hook me up with them fly GQ bullet proof suits, social event tactical please...
Cannot argue with the Hogs here, Track & Field has a pretty solid history.
Awesome! Kudos for taking care of his mama.
I would disagree that Jalen Hurts is the best QB in the country at this time. He is very good, showing great poise in the pocket and if he continues to develop as a QB then yes, that argument could be made. There are a lot of QBs out there that are very good throughout the nation.
Glad you were met with gracious fans, I'm sure the Hogs have some that are not as wonderful as I'm sure all fan base have those. I still need to make my way down to Gainesville as I'm trying to hit up all the SEC venues but not sure when the Hogs play there next and it's about time I head out to an East venue. Good luck this upcoming season, it's always much better when the Gators are on top and representative of the SEC, one of the top programs in my opinion as far as brand recognition.
Totally agree, I think our safties need to be upgraded. I'm not sure what young talents we have back there or ones coming in that would step on in. It just seems like the safeties are just a step behind on a lot of plays either diagnosing it or making the play.
He'll definitely get more carries in his second season and I think that will benefit him as well as RWIII. It will probably be who has the hot hand in a particular game. Both are good RBs and I agree that Devwah has more upside and he'll be stronger and faster in his second season in the system. We need our line to continue to improve to allow these RBs to do their thing, will make Austin Allen's job much easier as well.
Fitz is solid and came on second half of season, he'll be a solid player and doesn't get enough credit for sure.
How does Rawleigh Williams III not make 1st Team RB? I know I'm a little biased though but he did put up some solid numbers with a sketchy O-line throughout the season. I know there's not enough spots to recognize everyone, the 1st team RBs are solid as well and don't want to take anything away from them. Congrats to all the players.
Kelly's a competitor, hate that his senior season ended like this. Wish him the best on his recovery and he'll get a chance at the next level.
Dude, you can disagree and have your opinions but to body shame someone and call someone a hooker is out of line man. We don't need any of that mess here on the boards. Let's discuss football without resorting to putting down someone by their looks or appearance.
It didn't seem like a dirty play. The defender just got pushed down and happen to fall on Allen at a bad angle. Thankfully it wasn't super serious. Hogs O-line are horrible, if Allen can get some time and stay off of the ground, he'd be lighting it up. Hopefully he'll survive the season because most aren't confident in the Hogs backup QB at the moment.
One of the craziest games to watch, I'm sure Ole Miss is looking for revenge from that.
Might as well rest Fournette for the rest of the season and let him heal and be ready for the next level.
Not that this is an excuse, but I think with Denver Kirkland leaving early and the coaching staff not anticipating him doing so, really set a chain reaction on the O-line. Kirkland would have managed the LT spot and Dan Skipper would have been at his more natural position of RT. This would have then given more options to figure out the Guard spot and have Ragnow man the Center position. Either way, the staff should have had O-lineman ready in the pipes. Sam Pittman leaving also played a role in not landing one or two O-lineman that he had a leg up on in recruiting and would have helped out with talent and depth and provide more bodies to plug into the Guard spot. It is what it is and all schools go through all that so Hogs O-line need to just buckle down and get better or else we'll be seeing our backup QB sooner that we would like.
Not sure if Allen can survive the season at this rate, he's gusty, tough, and a solid SEC QB even with a pourous O-line. Unless the O-line gels and improves quickly, Allen will get hurt at some point this season with all the hits he's taking.
It might not matter how much the Hogs score if we can't stop Ole Miss from putting up video game numbers. Mobile QBs have been an issue for the Hogs this year. Let's hope Chad Kelly gets careless with the ball and the Hogs can get a decent run game going, if so, then it could be another shootout like last year.
Hoping the Hogs play spoiler again but just don't see it happening. Anything is possible but I don't think the Hogs D can stop Ole Miss offense and the Hogs offense won't be able to keep up. It would take a really bad game from Chad Kelly being careless with the ball and possibly giving the Hogs gifts and points that way. The Hogs O-line, which has been a struggle all season, would also need to play well and be able to run and do some ball control. Also, Hogs D will be without leading tackler Dre Greenlaw and the safety has been an issue on the back end. Still rooting for my Hogs but will need them to play their A game. Rebel fans that are traveling, enjoy your time in Fayetteville and be safe.
Hog fan here, sad along with y'all Tiger nation. I was privilege to see Mike last year when I visited LSU for the LSU/Ark game. Thoroughly enjoyed my time there in Baton Rouge and got to see Mike's crib and it was pretty cool. Heart hurting with y'all.
Agree, it was a bad call but the Hogs were clearly outclassed in that game. I'm surprised Allen survived and was able to do what he did even with all the pounding that he took, it was brutal, Allen is tough and kept fighting. On to the next game with a chance to get a win against a good Ole Miss team.
Hogs will need Hurts to have a bad game as well as have a few breaks go their way just for a chance to be able to keep it close. Bama is by far the more talented team and with the Hogs issues up front on the O-line, I don't think Allen will have enough time to do any damage passing. If the run game can get going then it would definitely help out but trying to run against that Bama front is going to be tough. Just hoping the game stays close and doesn't get out of hand.
Nervous cause I'm not sure the Hogs O-line can give Allen enough time to do any damage. Add that to the fact that Frank Ragnow, one of the more experience O-lineman, missing prep time this week due to his dad's passsing, RIP Jon Ragnow. Will be interesting to see what kind of game plan Enos dials up to counter that Tide defense. If the Hogs can do a decent job w/ run and pass protect, that will at least give the Hogs a small chance but otherwise, could see Bama running away with since Hogs struggle w/ mobile QBs and Hurts have some mad skills. Hope it's an entertaining game. WPS!
I'm just concern whether or not Allen can survive the season if D-lineman keep pounding away at him because the Hogs O-line still not gelling yet.
Knight is tough to stop definitely because he's so mobile and can do a lot of damage with his legs. His completion rates could definitely be a bit higher but as long as he takes care of the ball, A&M should be tough to beat. The concern for the Aggies is how will Knight perform if the Aggies fall behind and he needs to make plays with his arm. Regardless, Aggies are a tough team to beat, seems like a more complete team this year.
Lattimore is such a class guy from all I've heard. Great running back talent as well and hate that his career was cut short due to injuries. Wish him the best and he will be successful in whatever he does because of his work ethics already displayed in working his way back from injury and trying to get back on the field even though it didn't work out. Seems like he'll be able to impact and influence a lot of young men in a positive way that he'll coach and work with.
The Aggies D was relentless, exceptional athletes on that D-line. Allen definitely showed some metal to him. Some of the throws he made were solid. Hopefully he stays healthy as he's only going to get better being that it is only his fourth start as a QB.
I knew the Hogs O-line would struggle a bit since the Aggies front line is pretty tough and legit. Austin Allen is tough and he'll continue to do well and continue to get better, it's just his fourth start. O-line really needs to improve or Allen won't make it through the season. Aggies are a tough team, Hogs will continue to struggle with these mobile QBs in the league that can also throw. Aggies will be tough for anyone throughout the season, Hogs got out physical at the point of attack. Still have a chance to make it a good season if Hogs continue to improve.
I think Hog nation feels the weight of this game for several reasons. First, the Hogs haven't beaten the Aggies in the Bielema era. Second, winning your first SEC game with the momentum the Hogs have going could propel this team and program to new heights. A loss won't necessarily mean the year is done with but a win would be a huge momentum gain giving the fact that the Hogs usually start the season slow and picks up steam later in the season. The Aggies will be tough and hopefully the Hogs can pull out a big win. If so, then it'll be a huge recruiting pitch as well as lots of media attention. Go Hogs! WPS!
It's going to be tough for the Hogs to pull this one out. Aggies have some solid players. Hoping Trevor Knight makes some mistakes and allow the Hogs to go up early. Not sure how the Aggies O-line is this year but if the unit doesn't hold up well against Hogs D-line, then Hogs may have a chance to force Knight into mistakes. Either way, hoping for a good game as these teams usually go at it pretty well. Aggies DEs does worry everyone and Hogs have issues on the right side of the O-line, will be interesting to see how the offense game plan to counter that.