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I can only imagine how hard it is to try and keep up with the inner workings of multiple teams, but I am not sure these are really the 10 most critical questions. Even if they were, I think there are several spots where you mentioned people that I am not convinced will have as big an impact as others. Eugene Asante might get beat out by Cam Riley and DJ James is strong, but overlooking Jaylin Simpson could be a mistake. Just my two cents. We all have our opinions.
If Harsin was truly calling the WR rotations the second part of the game, I would bet that he felt the moment was just too big for Coach Corn and he wasn't ready to make personnel choices. Obviously, I doubt we ever find out the full reason, but no coach should feel like he has to take over the functions of a position coach because that coach isn't doing a good enough job.
I have zero concerns about the guys who transferred. The only loss was probably Mark Antony Richards, and he was just too buried on the depth chart. The others were lazy which is why they left. Didn't want to work.
Bo Nix is too high. Roger McCreary is too low.
By this comment I am taking it that you think he is better than the four listed ahead of him? Ok.
Jay Jay Wilson was not a significant contributor last year at all. Doesn't make sense to go through all that trouble for someone that won't impact the outcome of the game. Just doesn't make enough sense to be credible in my opinion. Probably the only football player in his class, otherwise a more high profile player would have been a better choice to blame this on.
Jay Jacobs is now the assistant AD at UF if I am not mistaken. Regardless, I think most Auburn fans have a good respect for Gus as a person, but I think most of us were also ready for a change. We wish him well, but we are more excited about the Harsin era. No one is crying. While the money Gus received is huge, anyone who thinks these SEC schools flinch at the money are heavily mistaken.
Not saying it wasn't a blown call, but the "his reaction to go and get the ball" argument is poor. Most people who have a ball skirt by them would turn and run after it. Now the player that has the ball in his hands and gets stripped and then fights to get the ball back is where that argument would hold water, but a ball that squirted past someone trying to pick it up would almost always lead to an instant reaction like that. (again, not saying he didn't touch it, just that the logic is flawed)
I think it is funny that you say you can't wait for the Auburn game. Obviously Auburn is not really good this year and we have benefitted from blown calls, but to wish for a game to happen against a team that has nothing to lose hasn't really worked out for you guys in the past against Auburn.
"Auburn’s defensive line depth could soon be taking a hit", while this is technically a true statement, to say the defensive line is "taking a hit" because a walk-on who really got no playing time is transferring is kind of a joke. That is like saying ESPN took a hit when they lost Danny Kanell.
He actually started at Auburn and then transferred. Maybe he realized this stuff won't be tolerated there. Kinda funny that your attempted slam backfired a little bit since you didn't know any facts.
I somewhat agree, but the flaw in your logic is with two of our biggest rivals. Mark Richt was let go because he couldn't get over the hump. Not saying Kirby has delivered a natty, but they are consistently in the hunt. Les Miles similarly couldn't get over the hump and now LSU is ranked number one most likely going into the playoffs. Could Greene and the trustees find someone to get us over the hump or would we go down the road of the other teams you mentioned? TBD.
How much of that record was the defense though. Just asking.
I understand that the mistakes are correctable, but at the end of the day, it was Wyoming. Shouldn't have been close enough for that to happen regardless.
Corbin didn’t even play. He is out for the year. You must be a big fan.
Not every five star is a home run recruit. There are busts that show up to school thinking that their ranking entitles them to a starting role. Bama gets more highly touted recruits than most, but to say that some of the rankings aren't based on factual skill is false. Plus, your statement lends to there being no need for development or coaching if recruiting rankings win championships.
Not saying this kid isn't worth it, but a jump that much makes you wonder if the rankings are based off of what school(s) the kid is being courted by or committed to.
"but matchups against LSU, Georgia, and Alabama loom large down the stretch." I am really worried about that 2nd matchup against LSU down the stretch. I was hoping we wouldn't have to play them again.
Pretty sure this bill was sponsored by an Auburn congressman who wants an Auburn vanity plate for the state of Florida. I think throwing the UCF Natty side in was the only way to get this thing to pass. Not real happy to support the BS going on here in Orlando, but I will definitely order an auburn vanity plate.
Not sure, but are you referring to the first touchdown where your player fell down because he was tired and tried to fake an injury to slow down the game? That was ridiculous. Auburn had a player do that a few years ago and it is just a bad look. Glad they didn't stop the game because he was tired.
He didn't say Auburn was playing as well as everyone, just as many talented players. If you don't realize that UGA has had as much talent as anyone in the SEC the last few years, you are delusional. The Bulldogs just haven't been able to utilize it until this year. Don't confuse "talent" with how good a team is. You should know that better than anyone.
The scoring defense numbers are a little skewed in my opinion since the Auburn defense technically gave up zero points as well. The only points scored were off an offensive fumble returned for a TD. That has nothing to do with the defense. needs to adjust.
I guess I am confused by the word "upset". With Auburn being picked to challenge Alabama for top spot in the West, is it really an upset if they beat LSU? And while Alabama is the dominant team in this conference for the last several years, can you call a rivalry game an upset if the teams finished 1/2 in the west last year and everyone is predicting the same this year? I guess you can since technically #2 is not as high as #1, but just seems like a little weak content. Call me crazy, but I consider it an upset when the gap between the two is more than one spot in the division.
I know we have a lot of players with the last name Davis (including 3 WR's from last year's team), but can we put a picture of Kyle Davis rather than Marcus Davis?
Guys, I think highly of Woody, but if Stidham wants to come, I for one welcome him with open arms. If Woody is everything you think he is, he would have come in and won the job this year. There have been other Freshman QBs that won their starting role, but Woody didn't. I have all the confidence in Woody, but I have more confidence in Stidham.