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Fromm can and does throw the ball , he just hasn’t beencalled on to pass until the running game is slowed by teams who play with the defense loading the box and the offensive line can’t keep the defense off him long enough to get the pass off .
After reading the comment from Jax Dawg about The Long Strange Trip It's Been recruitment of Robert Ng#$%^chi and it's ending with his signing with Ole Miss , Ole Miss ?Yeah Ole Miss which in those days of not so long ago when the mighty SEC East with the winner of the three team slugfest's between Georgia , Florida and Tennessee would be the usual Conference Winner on a rotating basis , except for an upset by LSU or Alabama every three out of ten years , but Ole Miss ! After the initial shock it would come to mind now and again when the teams met on rare occasions or catching the weekly 12 AM SEC game . But Jax Dawg brings it all back to remind me , I the Robert's and the Aubrey Soloman's shine ad triffle with the fans dreams of glory and 7 years later we can't spell your name if it even crosses your mind ! So just let it play out and root root root for home team if they don't win it's a shame but just a game !
Fromm is going to help the 2017 team , either by winning the QB position or by pushing Eason to improved play with the competition . He may not have as strong an arm and I emphasize may , but has that leadership quality every coach wants in a player but can't be coached , they either have it or don't . He can make any pass on the field with touch , is not afraid of competition , like so many young players do these days and most importantly to me he loves to be a Georgia Bulldog !
Jason ? secc ? This is a man/woman with insight into UGA football must be taken into account ! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will soon be calling because he will fit right in with their team of writers knowledge and spelling .