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I personally can’t wait to hear the complaining next year when A&M joins the playoff to make it a 3 SEC team run. Mark my words, the other commissioners will give up their complaints when this happens and the playoff will expand. They won’t stand for the SEC dominating 75% of the playoff.
All of the detriments you mentioned are things that Kellen Mond did. Sure it drove us nuts, but he also walked us to the door of the cfp. A&M’s O line is substantially better than LSU’s and with all the pieces coming in next fall we may only need a game manager at QB, just one that has deep ball ability. Max seems to have that where Kellen didn’t.
According to my sources within the LSU program Lincoln spent 3+ hours at the Baton Rouge Country Club this week meeting with LSU officials and has accepted the offer. It won’t be announced tomorrow if OU wins tonite, they will wait until the CFP has been announced.
No, I just know when to chirp about my rival, and it isn’t the year they wrecked my team and are a historic number one while my team hilariously celebrates barely beating a terrible fcs team at home.
Kinda like you’ll always have Samford?
Hearing Dave South scream Aggies got the ball, A&M got it at the end of the Bonfire game still brings me to tears.
Please, the only SEC venue that is better than Kyle on gameday is Death Valley. Tuscaloosa the stadium empties in the second half, Neyland hasn’t been rocking since the current players were in diapers, Florida is a great atmosphere but is and Auburn are a clear notch below A&M and LSU. There is a reason those 2 end up on every pundits best atmosphere list.
This "alliance" should be taken about as seriously as the Pac-12 playoff chances
If they freeze out the SEC that sounds like a sure fire anti-trust lawsuit. 70% of the market conspiring to lock out the other 30% would attract every lawyer from Austin to Columbia. Now that they have publicized this, the burden would be on them to prove they are doing it to financially damage the SEC or it’s members. Not worried this will ever be put into practice.
Agreed. I think we need to use the sips' own mentality. They think because they were chartered first they get the rights to the University of Texas, despite opening years after A&M. Well now they are joining a conference where Tennessee had been open for almost 100 years before they started. Now and forever more t.u.
Farmer, this is going to be the Setup. Guaranteed if the vote ends up being 14-0 that was A&M’s condition, that we weren’t in the same division as t.u. We left them for a reason, I also think that was a request from Austin. Last thing they wanted was to go hat in hand to the SEC following “little brother” into their own division, to them it would be an admission A&M was right all along going to the SEC.
He isnt elite, and this is coming from an Aggie. Sure, he’s a decent qb and even had flashes of greatness. But as someone who watched in person as he pissed away the UCLA game I can tell you nothing has changed. He can’t make his progressions, if his #1 receiver isn’t open he has about a 5% chance of making the throw, he sits in the pocket way too long, missing open receivers to take a sack and his only marquee win was by way of some gracious officiating. Elite qb’s win games they shouldn’t. Mond loses games that were won. I always want us to win games, but we won’t do it with Mond.
Why would Hurts be rooting for UGA if that meant OU staying out of the playoffs? The article should read; whether at Alabama or OU Hurts will be pulling for UGA to lose...
Um, '99 A&M vs texas? How is this game not in the top 10?
A&M wins one of these 2 games. That will be our annual wtf win of the year.
You can't forget C&J's BBQ in College Station. Other than that it's a pretty stout list.
Jesus Christ, I swear every time one of you bama fans go full tard the tide should be forced to forfeit a game.