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People, I think you have set the bar too low for a "good effort". He didn't even read the article before posting. At most he only rates a pitiful effort.
Mizzou, you certainly have a one track mind and inability to read and comprehend. You are the only one I've seen that has mentioned a player running into Blelema. Where did this come from? What is clear from the sneaky sideline spy cam is the ref's left hand under Bielema's right armpit, holding and probably pulling him back from getting involved. If you can't see this then you are far too blind to be commenting on any videos. Other angles have shown that the Bama player pushed Bielema's arm away, while the ref had hold of him, causing a little loss of balance. No big deal to normal people, but it causes severe mouth foaming in the haters. The dance was for the turnover and finally getting to the red zone, a pretty big deal at that time. Again no big deal to mormal people, but also a real mouth foamer for the haters. Why don't you chill out over a few drinks with your football coach?
You guys must be really blind. Even with my vision I can see the refs left hand grabbing Bielema's right arm near the armpit and pull him back. Clear visual evidence that he did not flop. This was just a cheap hit job by a sleazy wantabe reporter. Bielema does enough for real to get into trouble without having to make crap up.