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I have no idea what you are talking about. I love my Rebels. I just think are a moron that makes stupid comments and is not a good representative of our Flagship. Now grow up and put some logical thoughts together before you post.
Now you are trolling Nick and the media. If you're a real fins-up fan, why do you never comment on our post but always troll another team or their fans?
Agree! Looks like he wanted someone who knew how to play the game.
Similar to how long will UGA put up with not winning a natty with kirby?
Please shut the hell up. If you care about our school, remove yourself from this nonsense.
He is a good coach, but you are right Bjork needs to go and Vitter to right the ship.
By the way, I'm on here once each day. How many times are you on here? Are you unemployed?
You know all about hate. You add nothing to any conversation. Give it up. HS grad. You have the IQ of a 7 year old.
I'm really not sure what the hell you are talking about. There are not many Ole Miss stories to check out right now. You should know why if you were a real UM fan, but you're not. You are some low class a ss. Go away.
Your perception of his video reeks of rascism, ignorance and immaturity. It couldn't be more cliché of an uneducated white redneck.
You comment on the article that I read. You are trolling me.
Please leave. You are so disrespectful. Leave. No rebel would be like you.
Dude, what the hell are you talking about. I set up this account so I could represent our rebs. You are such a douche.
Y'all please know that this idiot bunker buster does not represent the way most of our family feels. He mus have been hit too many times or is just plain stupid. We would have gotten our ass handed to us if Fritz had not gone down. No doubt. Go away you embicel.
What's wrong with you? And why are you trolling me? No true Rebel likes your raging comments. Are you really a leg humper, El Capitan?
You and the guy above you post on almost every article. What is y'all's probably. Do you two like talking to each other?