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You are the biggest child on here. You're ad homoien.
You two are like lesbo gurls. All lip and no meat.
With Scott in charge it's going to change. Him and Mullens are going to destroy the gators chomp.
They will be doa after 5 games..... O works out a 3 mil buyout because he really didn't think they should have hired him anyway.
Matt Luke should be on our DL. He is bigger than most of them but not as smart.
You didn't know Chit. You always post crap about things after the outcome. You were singing his praises up until the moment he got caught.
You really don't know much about any sports, delumptard.
Actually, you're just crazy.
Coach, fan base and state. Who would ever want to play in Tennessee? That's like playing in Ar-Kansas.
We should sign him....he'd be making the same thing.
Numbnuttts, we have Memphrica 2 hours from us...
Dumbass, I commented on the article. You don't have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.
And we got a porn star and some guy that wants to play for jimmy hardbra.
When Auburn has a 7-6 total this year, that will produce a good chuckle.
I thought we were one the most hated teamsover the past few years. How is A&M even on the list. Don't you have to be relevant to be on this list?