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This is a loser move on Miami’s part. Fire your coach…don’t just let him read about it in the local newspaper while still employed. On top of the recent success he has had. Who would want to work with those multiple bosses? WTH?
Looks like we may be picking up a talented QB from UCF. Nobody can replace Corral, he has been incredible.
Y’all are building something special in Arkansas as well! We Are certainly proud of our team this year. Was great to watch. Now, let the SEC dominate in the bowl season.
Hoosier Dat (I get it…an IU reference on top of a Saints reference but it just seemed appropriate). They hire commands immediate respect. Good job.
Come to Ole Miss as an Offensive consultant and bring Arch to Ole Miss and personally oversee the development of the young QB! His uncles would thank you!
Now Ole Miss should hire David Cutcliff as an offensive consultant and personally see to the young Manning’s QB development….
Pederson would be an interesting hire. He has obviously won on the highest level with the worlds most critical fan bases. I wonder how good of a recruiter he would be.
Right, how about you build a house just because you have the honor of coaching in the SEC and making millions. Here’s a challenge, how about all the CFB coaches who are multimillionaires go back to their respective schools and combine forces to build houses and if you win the natty, you build an extra one? Don’t make all the other fans feel guilty that their team one and now some down-on-their-luck family doesn’t get a house. I’m not trying to be critical of the but how about these powerful programs do a story about how they all pull together and make their communities better? Then we all win.
Wouldn’t you just love to see that. Go swallow a sword or something else for that matter.
I don’t think he is going anywhere. Ole Miss is going to make him a great offer. After all, he can stay in the West and torture his old boss for the next few years. Suspect Napier is likely to be the next coach at UF and I don’t see Kiffin going to LSU with all the smoke of a possible NCAA investigation and his prior experience at USC. The injury stuff needs to be addressed by the NCAA. Recall early on Franklin of PSU defending his team’s apparent injury issues. Can’t make it an unsportsmanlike penalty because you can’t prove that they are not hurt. Can’t say we focus on the health of the player by protecting them with targeting calls and unnecessary roughness calls and then penalize players for laying down if something doesn’t feel right. But the player who is “injured” should have to remain out for a series to try and curb any apparent strategy to slow down the game.
I agree that ncaa fb needs to change its rules to combat this trend that is across all CFB. However, catch the ball man.
“These players are not payed”. Oh really? Tell that to your QB with his 7 figure NIL money.
“Poking the Bear”, Ha! Hey, don’t hate on our mascot! I mean…oh wait, we aren’t the Bears anymore. WTH. Look, you guys have done a great job the 2nd half of the season and you QB is lighting it up but don’t underestimate how complete of a team my Rebelblackbearlandsharks have become either. Should (hopefully) be a good game. Happy Thanksgiving
The Go Gators! At the end are for the 12 million he is taking with him. “Hey kid, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a college fb coach who gets payed millions for sucking at my job!” “Hey, Dr. we know you killed a few patients and we are going to fire you but here is 5 million for your troubles.”
I believe we will find a very focused OM team Thursday evening. Should be a good matchup.
Ok, so Ole Miss v Miss State fans will never agree. Then why isn’t anyone talking about your gun slinger for the award? Don’t say it’s because he is from State. How many Ole Miss players have won the award…I’ll answer it for you…0 Let’s just put this silly argument to bed and plan on enjoying the Egg Bowl. If the coaches can be civilized, so can the fans. May the best team win. :)
Manning should wear this FCC violation as a banner of courage. Regarding the Eagles fan and their apparent disgust…completely agree that their kids have seen and heard way worse…especially if they have ever been in a parking lot after one of those games.
Have you even been watching football this season? The guy has a rocket and is insanely accurate on long passes. Geeze…
Freeze was a good coach while it lasted. Sure, there were some mistakes and he was in over his head. No golf balls…hopefully no whiskey bottles…
Nope, Corral is a leader and leaders accept when they have made mistakes (bad pass in the red zone, etc. Our coach gave Auburn props. Take your win and don’t be so sensitive.
Not a surprise at all. Lebby will unfortunately not likely be the Ole Miss OC next year. Best of luck!
Is there possibility of NCAA sanctions at LSU? If that is indeed true, I wouldn’t expect Coach Kiffin to make the change to LSU, especially with his experience at USC and his arrival just before their NCAA sanctions with bowl ban and scholarship reduction.
Here is an idea, focus on ole Miss Football and create your own legacy at UM and close the book on this pattern of coach jumping. Ole Miss is due, we have the college game day experience, we have just been waiting on you, Coach Kiffin.
Say what you will but this is about Eli. You are not an Ole Miss person so I don’t expect you to understand. I guess his number retirement as a Giant earlier this year was about Arch as well?