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Love the username! Assuming this is a Phish Hoist reference?
This is a win for Ole Miss as we get to keep our OC.
I completely agree. JRP is as explosive as they come.
And the coaching carousel in the age of Saban continues.
More importantly...Jeff Lebby just signed a 2 year extension with Ole Miss. Here we go!
KY whiskey...isn’t that the truth, UK-USMC. With your KY connections, know where I can get some Pappy?! Here’s to you and to the Marine Corp...The USN has to get their flight surgeons from somewhere!
"To win a bowl game after five years, not being in one, you know, contract extension, showing both sides' commitment to doing this thing, and like we said in the release, just getting started," Kiffin said. "It happened to get done this morning. It had been in the works for a while, and really good timing. Like I said, just getting started." Need any more evidence of commitment to our team?
“I appreciate Keith’s leadership and his commitment to building a winning football program,” Kiffin said. “While I’m proud of what our team accomplished this season, we have higher aspirations for Ole Miss Football. This is just the start, and I look forward to continuing to build a championship program.” Kiffin’s words... Does this sound like someone who is not invested in his job and looking to the future? Go start a fist fight and deal with your own problems. We are doing just fine up here in Oxford.
We were missing the #2 receiver in college football but you don’t hear ole miss fans making excuses for that. The better team won today.
Actually...we prefer bourbon up here in Oxford. Not to debase your article...but bourbon can have the same debilitating and histrionic effect as tequila. Here is to 2021! Hotty Toddy!
I hear ya... but man...OSU put a wallop on Clemson...I didn’t see that coming.
Good thing we offered a field goal kicker next year...Geeze.
It was amazing to see the rebels almost come back from a self-inflicted 6 turnover game to beat LSU. Hopefully they are less rusty against the Hoosiers.
It will be interesting to see how OM adjusts to losing a few offensive weapons and then incorporates some youth in the offense.
Outstanding day coach. Looking forward to the future with Ole Miss football. Watch out, rebels are making a move in the SEC (let’s be honest, this is good for a conference dominated by Alabama and friends.)
Not sure you are correct about the facilities, the expectations perhaps...that’s why our fans were cheering Kiffin after our loss to Bama...taking them 42-42 into the 4th and ultimately losing.
Oh boy...I certainly understand the desire to take Kiffin, he is already doing exciting things in Oxford and the recruiting is really starting to take off; however there would be a special place in h3ll for him if he were to do such a thing. Burning mattresses, flaming chicken-on-sticks and bipolar sorority beauties streaking through the streets with streaming eyeliner!
Great...just what Ole Miss needed, LSU with some new found confidence going into the game next week. Remember, it’s how you stand up and carry yourself AFTER you make the boneheaded penalty that loses the game that truly defines you. Just ask Elijah Moore. Nice win LSU, good to see your defense step up and make some plays. Now read all the rat posion this week and we will see you next week!
These young men want to be where the energy and excitement are building. Right now, it’s in Oxford.
Absolutely agree, classy post. The ups and downs of football in the SEC.
Nice to see the recruiting trail is starting to heat up.
Agree...but also feel it can only get better from here. The future is bright in Oxford.