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Yep, unlike the UT fans who throw golf balls and mustard bottles…here comes the whiskey bottles. Oh and there is nothing quite like el natural so here is some Plan B instead of condoms from above suckers!
Well, I am happy that we are keeping Kiffin but can say that Freeze to Auburn is going to create some more chaos in the SEC. He is a good coach who will undoubtedly make up for his past transgressions. Slam dunk hire for Auburn. You will be a competitive Auburn under his leadership. Congrats AU.
Right! Kiddo with the fire extinguisher. Indeed. All of this is great for the SEC.
Liberty…I understand how you feel. Now, if Auburn were to pull out a win over Alabama…sit back with some popcorn and watch the drama unfold.
Right, all the “He’s Gone” stuff, etc. this is great for Ole Miss, now let’s go conquer the transfer portal again and give them H$ll!
For everyone wishing to see the Lane Train to Auburn, you will be disappointed. Being reported that he as told his team/coaches that he will be the Ole Miss coach next year. As I mentioned yesterday, if he turns down the Auburn money then he has truly changed. He will continue to coach the Rebels until one of the really big jobs opens up (Alabama, etc). Until then, looks like the Lane Train is rolling in Oxford. Happy Thanksgiving.
Nope, if Kiffin leaves for Auburn…it’s still the same Lane. He said in his introductory press conference that he was committed to building an Ole Miss program for National Championships. Now during our period of success, when we are close with a great group of talent returning next year…if he drops us like a prom date for Auburn…then he is the same Kiffin. Now if he stays despite the AU pressure and funds then he has indeed changed. What will it be? Guess we will have to see since our coach won’t commit. I am getting tired of the whole saga. Bring Freeze back, give that guy another chance. With NIL, at least what he got us in trouble with is legal now (aside from his trouble with his wife).
Prior to this morning I was leaning towards the “Lane is leaving” bandwagon. However, I read that Auburn offered him 6 yr/$75 mil deal. That is crazy money right there. It explains some of LKs behavior, especially if he is staying at Ole Miss. There will be a counter by OM but with that kind of offer, anyone has to think about it. Ultimately, he may choose to stay after OM offers him quite a raise, he has the admin supporting him and he doesn’t have to suddenly start over at another school. If his ultimate goal is to coach one of the big boys (Alabama, TAM, etc) then taking this Auburn job likely puts that further down on the agenda. However, this doesn’t mean that as an Ole Miss fan that I am thrilled will all of this coach leaving stuff. This is the second rough year in a row where everyone wants our coach. I guess we will find out soon enough and be able to move on. Regarding a replacement, if LK leaves for Auburn, I would be on the Freeze returning to OM bandwagon. After all, the NCAA things that got him into hot water are now legal with the NIL stuff. Now, how his wife feels is a different argument all together. Whatever happens, this OM fan is tired of being dragged through the mud.
Love it! Even Juice got in on the action. Gotta love this time of year!
Finally…somebody said something classy on this board. Gotta make up for mr dog pirate cannon boy up there. Thanks to all my fellow veterans.
Who knows…maybe Cadillac Williams wins at Auburn…then he is the next head coach.
By far, one of the most levelheaded comments on the coaching carousel I have read yet.
Lane Kiffin on “Prime Time”: Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders has also been mentioned in connection to the Auburn opening. Kiffin was asked how he think Sanders would do at a bigger job. "I think he'd do great," said Kiffin. "I think that's a great name and they should hire him. Great recruiter, great name. This is a different world we're in now. Recruiting has always been important, but now you have the portal, so you have kids...you can change a roster faster than you ever could before, and you can lose a roster faster than you ever could before. The ability to hire, like Deion, and have that name right away and portal people wanting to come play for him right away, you can flip a roster where before, realistically, it would take two to three years to truly turn a roster around. You can do it immediatley. You see teams get depleted and just look completely different the next year. Like our team. Picture our team without the portal. Take those guys out of there and look what it looks like."
Mississippi mourns as one today. So very sorry to my MSU Brothers and Sisters. Tragic loss.
Here is the legitimate truth… all of you who say Kiffin is leaving Ole Miss have no idea. You don’t know what the man is thinking. You all talk about the better jobs out there. But the reality is this is just your desire. You want to see him leave Ole Miss because you can’t stand that he is having success, and that Ole Miss is having success. So here is an idea…get your popcorn ready…because he and the Rebels are coming for you…and there is nothing you can say or think that will change that.
I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I certainly hope he’s right, and agree with much of what he has written in here. Oxford is indeed a special place, and unless you’ve spent time there walking down Jefferson Avenue, or through the Square or through the grove, then you really have zero appreciation for it. He’s gotten everything he wants. He’s got an administration that supports him. Auburn is a dumpster fire right now… hopefully they won’t go out and hire Hugh Freeze…that would be a headache for everybody in the SEC. Nice win…one game at a time. Hotty Toddy!
Classy post. UK certainly has a lot to look forward to. UK is a well coached team, had some bad luck and we took advantage of those mistakes. I would be concerned playing UK moving forward.
A win is a win and an improving offense under a young and developing QB and a legit defense won this game. To suggest that UK is a better team is silly. The talented UK QB couldn’t protect the ball. Oh and MSU…we will see you in November.
Nice write up. Feeling good about our Rebels. Really feel our coach and his staff, including our Co-defensive coordinator, Chris Partridge, are doing an amazing job. Great win against a quality and highly coached opponent.
Indeed. Ole Miss is a special place. I’m happy with the trajectory of our program. My father and I shared a very special bond with Ole Miss football and although he is gone, I still have a collage of pictures next to me when I pour my bourbon and enjoy Ole Miss football. Many in the SEC share this joy but Oxford is a unique and wonderful place, no matter what the haters say.
Too bad there isn’t a top ranked QB talent transfer out there for sale…
Yep…that GT coach seat is red hot. Let’s get into some SEC schedule and see how our running game is then. Although, despite our QB scenario, the Ole Miss team looks solid. Time will tell.
This is hilarious…. And now for the next blockbuster film involving a a kid down on his luck…needing a break. Move over Michael Oher…. Enter dramatic music (or Widespread Panic) “He was down on his luck until one keg party changed his life.” (Insert scene of kicker doing a kegstand). Yea, I see potential here.
Apparently to every team who passed on him. Big mistake…
Your right. I felt the same way about last year. Let’s go SEC…the rest of these tools need to jump on the Rebel Train! Hotty Toddy!