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Better late then never I guess. Much needed addition to our anemic defense.
Only in the SEC does a governor come out and discuss the dealings of a university. Like the Alabama governor asking for people to wear masks and socially distance so that we can have our beloved college football. Gotta love the SEC. college football is certainly top of the list.
She has obviously never been in the parking lot after an Eagles v. Cowboys game. There are drunk idiots everywhere...we just sound a little funny in Oxford.
Oxford and Ole Miss are a great place with tremendous upside. I just don’t understand the discussion about a better opportunity coming along...but what do I know...I am an Ole Miss guy.
Just wondering if the Manning connection would hinder a Freeze move to TN. Archie was intimately involved in the Freeze hire at Ole Miss. Food for thought. He does appear to know how to win wherever he is no doubt.
Corral looked lights out for the Vandy game...he had an amazing game against Alabama, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. The last game was vandy... Hopefully he can keep it rolling down the stretch. My guess is Plumblee will stay at OM for the fast rising baseball team.
Isn’t that the truth. Sounds like a rough stinger. We don’t need any more special jersey numbers to hand out...#38
What’s everyone mad about...social distancing broadcast!
Ole Miss win v. Arkansas in 2001???...unfortunately you are incorrect...Arkansas won that game. It was brutal...then, if I recall, Arkansas went on to break the 7overtime record with an even longer game the following year.
Alabama is simply a methodical beast...no doubt about it. I find it simply amazing that they have continued on this trend for so long. Brutal... keep your chins up, tough year for first year programs.
Question is...what will Ed say when he is fired from LSU...
Only problem is you can’t understand him regardless of if he is drunk or not...
He wasn’t dancing nearly as much as Rebel nation after he hit the road. With that being said, I think he is a very likable personality. Hopefully he continues to have success at LSU, obviously a much better fit.
MSU Leach air raid??? How do you figure?
I’m sorry...are you talking to me? Please don’t take things so seriously. Not sure what you are referencing...if you are looking at my username...I was a flight surgeon I the United States Navy...would you like to poke fun at that...
Comes down to clock management with two questionable call/non calls.
We can all complain...poor “my team”. At least we are sitting around, drinking beer/whiskey and enjoying/cussing at our screens. Can’t we all just get along... SEC...SEC...SEC!
Here is where it truly matters. “Ole Piss” as you pricks like to say is in a major rebuilding year, coming off an NCAA colonoscopy, new coaching staff, majorly devoid of talent, especially on the defensive side. However, good ole Gus has been there a while, you have had some good recruiting for years and you almost get beat by “Ole Piss”. Well, I would say the Auburn Tiger-Eagles have bigger problems. With that being said...go put 48 points on the Crimson Douche Bags in the Iron Bowl and win the West, please!
Right... because fingers just randomly react to air molecules and then the returner naturally runs toward the ball that he didn’t touch. Blown call...blown review. Auburn is the luckiest team in college football. Congrats.
Florida just reported 5 new COVID cases... oh boy...
The “hater comment” was meant for the payoff comment above. Whoops. Regarding our defense...it appears to be worse but we also have played some serious offenses in the first few games...but first in O and worst in D...
As a fellow sufferer...I hope you are wrong. I would like to think that Kiffin would want to build a quality program here and stay. I mean, he already took his dream job and got left on the tarmac. I just want to believe... “Why not Ole Miss” this time...
This reaction speaks to the Ole Miss fan base as a whole. We are a tortured, beat down group who haven’t won a national Championship since the early 60s. At this point we are content with anything resembling competition. The thought that we won’t be able to recruit in Oxford is a fallacy. We will recruit and our defense will improve(can’t get worse).