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are you kidding me? We lost. Get over it. Ole Miss has the better team. How dare you stoop to such a low level? Once this game crosses over from football and into attacking individuals human lives, lives that are precious no matter what FOOTBALL team they associate with, you've gone way over the line. Take off that Maroon and White until you can better represent the University you say you support. Sorry Ole Miss fans, and y'all played a great game.
Well that's disgusting and unprecedented. I speak in favor of MSU's production team when I say that I know that every video I have seen has been created with the highest quality editing and production. I also know that every hype video has been a far cry from any sort of pornography. They are just videos that get fans excited for the next game. This Ole Miss hype video was produced very well, as well. It gave me chills when watching it. I think your university as well as most of your fan base would probably blush at your disturbing and grotesque comments. Instead of focusing on the positives of your university, you have turned around and thrown out a particularly unintelligent insult lacking in wit and humor. Speak like you graduated from the University you so adamantly support, not like a second-rate fan with zero connection to your university or its standards. On that note, I look forward to the meeting of two SEC powerhouses. I hope Chad Kelly grows up a little after receiving the discipline of our front 7. I hope Ole Miss fans are struck with speechlessness after our (I do not play for the school, correct, I however pay tuition which helps to make our program possible) violent thrashing rips out their vocal chords. I hope all of Ole Miss loses its hearing after the loud ringing of Hell's (cow)Bells ruptures their eardrums. And I hope Ole Miss solves its identity crisis (which is easier said than done, just dress up your black bear in a Col. Reb costume with a shark fin on its head instead of the hat).