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So i think the differences here are pretty obvious, 1. Tua is a future franchise NFL quarterback that will likely make any team at least a 6 seed playoff. 2. Who has Clemson played!? In my opinion the winner of the SEC championship was the true natty, unless Bama got in as well in which case they likely would have beaten UGA the second time around. 3. Clemson is overrated, got a bye playing a crap Notre Dame, their QB is gonna get LICKED by this Bama Defense, and has not played anybody this season, the ACC is a joke.
The Flagship?! Thats funny guy. Keep dreamin. The record is 57-28 since we added a trophey. You won’t live to see a day State has the better record.
State showed its true colors as usual last night. A bunch of hicks with below avg test scores for students, and a staff okay with beating women a la one game suspension. Players act like dogs.
This article should really be about finding the best caption for that thumbnail photo, "Tuatagolavionla is goodquarter bacmk, somefin flew up myuh nose, guh tigias!"
The only thing ahead of schedule is him on the way out the door, yeehaw Cowboy
You really confound me sometimes, we missed two gimme field goals. That makes the score 43-33 and covers the spread. We threw a deep ball into triple coverage that resorted in a touchdown. Get rid of that and it's 43-26. You really look at a 5-2 team being worse than 1-6, even when the 5-2 just beat the 1-6 team on an utterly crap field in bad weather and the fans in favor of Arky? What are you smoking? We can sneak a win from Vandy guaranteed and go 6-6 at worst, Auburn is self destructing and we play them at home and they're a field goal favorite only, plus we have momentum and they have anything but, not to mention im sure most Auburn fans want us to win so they can fire Gus Gus. Egg bowl anything can happen, Nick couldn't get a completion to Calvin Ridley, (an exaggeration kind of) which means if they figure out how to stop the run then they can outscore em in a shootout. Big IF on stopping the run. How in the hell is Arkansas gonna stop Missouri offense? And Vandy stacks up well against them too so I really don't get the ramblings of a madman you're spiting here, doing worse doesn't get you a first round draft pick like the NFL so why root for your team to do poorly? Did you put Money on Arkansas and lose or something!?
8th looks pretty good where im sitting lol
It takes a lot for a ref to make a call in our favor so i don't condemn the Neymar flop.
A much needed win for the locker room. This game should not have been this close. Two missed EASY field goals, and a lack of discipline on the defense along with McGriff's continued incompetence gave Arky too much of a shot to win. Longo's play calling is atrocious, who throws a hail Mary on 1st and ten into triple coverage? Honestly idk what this coaching staff is smoking but they need to clean house after this season.
I think Luke needs to go now. For all intensive purposes our season is over, it was over when we beat Texas Tech. We repped the conference well and got a Power 5 win. Everything beyond that is meaningless given the sanctions. I would rather start building the team post-rapture now than try to salvage a 6-6 with wins over Arky and Vandy, which could happen regardless of whether Matt Puke and Co. are still trying to be "the cool parents" and not be disciplined, or by building the future staff up to be competitive.
Wildcard: They throw Ole Miss in to play offense only for LSU, they call the team the SeaTigers
The Tide last year had some lucky breaks and took advantage of a good opportunity getting the 4th spot to win the Natty, this years team looks like one of the "no doubt" teams. And that is crazy considering it still has to play a top 5 LSU team and likely a top 2 Georgia team in the SEC game. Anything short of another playoff and even winning it all will shock me at this point.
Geaux Long, I understand, I was a bit harsh. Of course, ours was an unrepresentative sample of Baton Rouge. However I did attend Ole Miss, though I must admit, I am out of state. Ole Miss has a fantastic accounting school, hence my choice of it.
This is pretty funny coming from LSU, Baton Rouge might as well have two different police departments to cover all of the tomfoolery and murder that occurs. Still have yet to see another visiting crowd that cheered when an opposing player got injured. Less people go Greek, every year their membership drops. Any snootiness you see is still not as bad as having glass bottles thrown at GIRLS by 50-year-old alumni and having your car keyed while people heckle you, the LSU experience.
I'll take being 3-1 after this Saturday. Easily coulda been 2-2 playing texas tech. At least the big red tumor has been removed from the schedule.
Amazing. I can't name a single figure at State, and they know everything about us. Jealousy runs deep in Fartville.
Wohohohohoho, Alabama is top rated?! Wait a second, weren't they last year? and the year before that? Have they not played in every Natty game since the playoff was introduced? Well gosh, I am shocked. I really did not see this coming. I was thinking they'd be top ten for sure but number 1? What about UCF?! What about Fresno?! What about Georgia Southern?! I guess firing Nick Saban to hire Ed Oregon really paid off for the Tide. Geaux Gators.
As a Rebel, I have to disagree with you just a tad bit. You have to give them a chance before you start saying how bad they are. Yes, Charlie Strong would have made us all more optimistic but Luke recruited well given the crap storm he inherited from Huge Freak. We upset Kentucky and State on the road, two decent programs and finished 6-6. Yes, Arkansas was a huge flop and we probably should have beaten Cal as well. But give him some time. Maybe he'll surprise us. And as for Davis, he took Mid Tenn to many conference championships AND the NCAA. I'm less knowledgeable about Hoops but I'm sure We recruit better than their team. So imagine what he could do with vastly more resources.
What's it like living off peanuts and toothpaste when you don't kill something for dinner in the Winter? Maybe you could eat a few more of those Egg Bowl tickets you found in the garbage after you took an L in November.
I didn't know you could cook meth outside of football season, guess you gotta put food on the table right my dude.
I find it interesting that she was originally from New Jersey. As someone who came South to go to school, I can honestly say the North is far more racist openly than the South overall, everyone acts like by not being in the South they get some sort of pass and stick their noses up at everyone below Mason Dixon.
Amazing to see all the State fans commenting on Ole Miss pages more than anyone, really says a lot.
well you clearly learned your lesson and took it seriously because you didn't post (hahahahahahahahahaha)like a six-year-old again, enjoy losing to Mullen next year
I did a small study on State fans. 8/10 comments from 6 prominent users were on Ole Miss pages. Get a life already