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Recent Comments
Geaux Long, I understand, I was a bit harsh. Of course, ours was an unrepresentative sample of Baton Rouge. However I did attend Ole Miss, though I must admit, I am out of state. Ole Miss has a fantastic accounting school, hence my choice of it.
This is pretty funny coming from LSU, Baton Rouge might as well have two different police departments to cover all of the tomfoolery and murder that occurs. Still have yet to see another visiting crowd that cheered when an opposing player got injured. Less people go Greek, every year their membership drops. Any snootiness you see is still not as bad as having glass bottles thrown at GIRLS by 50-year-old alumni and having your car keyed while people heckle you, the LSU experience.
I'll take being 3-1 after this Saturday. Easily coulda been 2-2 playing texas tech. At least the big red tumor has been removed from the schedule.
Amazing. I can't name a single figure at State, and they know everything about us. Jealousy runs deep in Fartville.
Wohohohohoho, Alabama is top rated?! Wait a second, weren't they last year? and the year before that? Have they not played in every Natty game since the playoff was introduced? Well gosh, I am shocked. I really did not see this coming. I was thinking they'd be top ten for sure but number 1? What about UCF?! What about Fresno?! What about Georgia Southern?! I guess firing Nick Saban to hire Ed Oregon really paid off for the Tide. Geaux Gators.
As a Rebel, I have to disagree with you just a tad bit. You have to give them a chance before you start saying how bad they are. Yes, Charlie Strong would have made us all more optimistic but Luke recruited well given the crap storm he inherited from Huge Freak. We upset Kentucky and State on the road, two decent programs and finished 6-6. Yes, Arkansas was a huge flop and we probably should have beaten Cal as well. But give him some time. Maybe he'll surprise us. And as for Davis, he took Mid Tenn to many conference championships AND the NCAA. I'm less knowledgeable about Hoops but I'm sure We recruit better than their team. So imagine what he could do with vastly more resources.
What's it like living off peanuts and toothpaste when you don't kill something for dinner in the Winter? Maybe you could eat a few more of those Egg Bowl tickets you found in the garbage after you took an L in November.
I didn't know you could cook meth outside of football season, guess you gotta put food on the table right my dude.
I find it interesting that she was originally from New Jersey. As someone who came South to go to school, I can honestly say the North is far more racist openly than the South overall, everyone acts like by not being in the South they get some sort of pass and stick their noses up at everyone below Mason Dixon.
Amazing to see all the State fans commenting on Ole Miss pages more than anyone, really says a lot.
well you clearly learned your lesson and took it seriously because you didn't post (hahahahahahahahahaha)like a six-year-old again, enjoy losing to Mullen next year
I did a small study on State fans. 8/10 comments from 6 prominent users were on Ole Miss pages. Get a life already
He did beat that girl senselessly like an animal attacking its dinner. No one can deny that. Kid won't get drafted likely because of it.
Took you two days to get over the egg bowl hangover, i thought we'd at least be rid of you until the new year. BTW I don't know if you noticed since you only check the Ole Miss page but Dan Mullen left State so good luck winning any conference games
Dude give it up we all know you're the same guy who posed as an LSU fan, quit creating accounts loser.
Bad call, we need to pull a Tennessee
The short answer: no. The long answer: If the state of Mississippi makes itself more appealing outside of Oxford to a non-southern demographic then yes they will reach these heights again, however the state flag AT LEAST has to change and Starkville needs some culture.
Great article, absolutely on the nail. Should have been 8 wins, I'll take it honestly though.
The Egg Bowl isn't what Starkvegas needs, anyway. We'll send a toothbrush. Yee haw.
Bulldawgrock!!!!!!!!!!! Starkvegas!!!!!!!! Cowbell Nation!!!!!!!! DakAttack!!!!!!! StingRay!!!!!!!!!!!! Dawgsgon'bark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF.- See you in a year Mr. Chemist, good luck with your latest meth lab.
gotta love that state trolling lol, thank goodness they lost
State is a stronger program than Vols for at least a half-decade. Mullen does better the higher the pressure. The East is too relaxed for him to do well, he gets too comfortable. Tonight is an example of him not preparing the way he usually does, easily one of the top coaches in the conf. let alone the nation.
Dude just visit each city. Schools aside (Ole Miss 328 nationally in academics State at 550) Oxford is a better place to live overall, as well as visit. There are more good restaurants, there is more to do, the public schools are better, it has less crime, it is closer to a bigger city (Memphis) and consistently is voted a top retiree destination and the only city in Mississippi to be featured as a must visit in the history of the state. I see State license tags in Oxford at least twice a week on family vehicles, because even the alumni of state would rather live in Oxford. The only disadvantage they have is when their team loses and Ole Miss wins. One day a year. Worth it.
Matt is a nice guy but he just can't stack up against pressure. He is definitely worth keeping on but as HC it just does not seem his fit. Arkansas and Tennessee should be interested and give him a call this weekend.
The penalty was a non-factor, our kicker is fine. Worth it